HTC One Available in North America

It was an amazing day Friday as the new HTC One began selling in the United States and Canada. We spent the day with our our carrier partners in both countries as customers claimed their all-metal superphone. New owners immediately started sharing their experiences on Twitter and they’re definitely impressed:




Especially here in Seattle, we joined our partners to greet customers with snacks and show off all the features of our newest superphone. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create our HTC Share of launch day.  Good times and great cookies were had by all.  Check out the fun in our photo gallery, then share your stories about how your using your new HTC One.


  • Ordeith

    Quick! Get it before the injunction!

  • Bibek Pachhai

    I wish i could buy the htc one but i can’t because I’m locked in a two year contract. If only htc launched it earlier, I would buy this phone in a heart beat. I miss my htc sensation 4G. 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.benaway William Benaway

    I picked mine up and was a little disappointed with the Boom Sound

    • Freddy_Ace

      Disappointed? Could you tell me if another smartphone that sounds this good? You’ve gotta remember that this is a smartphone after all!

  • Amit Roy

    When are you guys coming to India???

  • Sneha

    hi..How do I cancel the order??..At first the estimated shipping date was 29th April but now it says 23rd May!..I wont be around to receive my shipment then..

  • Setentaydos

    I bought the ‘HTC One Unlocked’ from your store. I got an ‘order confirmation’ email and immediately after that I got an ‘order cancelled’ email. However, the system did charge my credit card. Why did this happen? I already contacted support but haven’t got any answer…