HTC One Pre-Orders Open in USA


From expert reviews and unprecedented early registration, to this week’s victory in TechnoBuffalo’s Mobile Madness 2013, one thing is clear; you can’t wait to get your hands on the new HTC One. And now the wait is almost over! The new HTC One will be available in the US at AT&T, Sprint and Best Buy beginning April 19, and through T-Mobile later this spring.

Better yet, you can pre-order the HTC One today through and receive free delivery.

Can’t wait until the April 19 to experience the new HTC One? We’re taking it directly to you with the HTC One Live Experience Tour. You’ll be able to catch the tour in eleven major cities across the U.S. with three different experiences; the HTC BoomSound Lounge (including exclusive concerts by by Pharrell in New York, Grouplove in Chicago, and Manchester Orchestra in Los Angeles), HTC One Showrooms, and HTC One Cinema Experiences. Be sure to check out the HTC One Live Experience in a city near you.

27 Responses to “HTC One Pre-Orders Open in USA”

  1. avatar JoSo says:

    pre-order today only ?

  2. avatar HarrisNYC says:

    Sure yeah, try ordering it. It’s been down since it “opened” this morning!

  3. avatar James Vogel says:

    I called and pre ordered

  4. I can’t preorder mine, when i proceed to do the payment the page doesn’t load

  5. avatar HTVu says:

    There is no sign of the Black version anywhere. Any estimate on that?

  6. avatar Jon Cochran says:

    Is anyone else having issues pre-ordering the T-Mobile version? Before it was “sold out”, the shopamerica site was throwing an 8X into my cart every time I tried to pre-order the ONE. Come on HTC, fix this mess.

  7. avatar EvolvedApe says:

    I have pre-oprdered, but wanted to ask if HTC will be releasing kernel source for the unlocked versions?

    Also, Android 5.0 is going to be unveiled soon, are we going to see it relatively promptly on the HTC One?

  8. avatar Roope says:

    Here in Europe delivery delays keep extending. Phone ordered on March and deliveries start in June. This is totally unacceptable. Thank you HTC. It is such a great phone but I had to cancel. Hopefully fellow Americans are more fortunate.

  9. avatar Omar Mohammad says:

    i hope the dev edition will come with the htc regular rom as someone was telling me that it wont so please confirm thanks. Also i was worried that if there will be regular software updates on the dev edition version of htc one because i have preordered 1 for me. Thanks.

  10. avatar EvolvedApe says:

    O.K., I am just canceling my order for the HTC One.

    The reason is that there has been no response here, or anywhere else, from HTC regarding releasing kernel source for the unlocked version, nor is there any talk of planned updates (KLP is to be announced in a month).

    I love the hardware design, but when the One is released with OS 4.1 about the same time when OS 5.0 is being announced, HTC really needs to assure potential buyers that there will be timely updates to OS 4.2 and then to OS 5. Also there needs to be some certainty that kernel source will be released quickly.

    This is an official HTC blog: there should have been someone responding to pertinent questions and making sure that potential purchasers are kept informed.

    Unfortunately, given the lack of response from HTC, I personally am not reassured. So, I am canceling my order.

  11. avatar Marsha Mais says:

    Ok so with pre-ordering begun, and the release on the 19th of this month, what about the trade up program? All due dates were set for March? Are we still eligible and if so what steps do we need to take to avoid any delays in receiving our rebates in a timely manner? I still plan on getting mine on the 19th regardless. But that trade up program does help a lot.

  12. avatar Jared Abel says:

    I preordered mine from Wirefly, my only worry is that these delays everyone’s talking about will cause me to not be able to take advantage of the trade up program. I haven’t seen anything saying the US shipments will be as delayed as Europe, but if they are, HTC should allow us to show proof of an order before the date instead of sending in our old phones postmarked by that date.

  13. avatar Fadye V says:

    I want to pre-order the Unlocked 32GB but there are no color options. Is it only available in silver or will I be given the choice to choose the color before it ships? It’s the only thing keeping me from pre-ordering

  14. avatar Paul Hsu says:

    any words on htc one black edition in the usa?

  15. avatar Paul Hsu says:

    trade up program is good for peoplewho has good smart phone before. For people who got soso phone and want to trade with this nice design and good looking phone is useless. HTC should give more promotion toattract more clients.

  16. avatar Merri-Anne Smith says:

    Why can’t HTC stop playing games with their comparison of phones on their website? I currently have an HTC EVO and am prettty happy with it and wanted to compare to new HTC One. Should be simple enough however for every comparison point they mix up the description enough to make it ridiculous. You should clearly be able to standardize whether to use mm or inches oz or grams. -come on it makes HTC company look shady. I hope to check back on site to see some sanity is applied.

  17. avatar LeFreemason says:

    The end of HTC is near. Making fools of us. We are still waiting on the ONE here in Europe. It’s a shame that it keeps getting delayed. Does HTC know how to make money? I don’t think so! Fucking S4 is almost here and with the money that Samsung has, most of the android buyers will see trough everything else and just buy a S4. So thank you HTC for giving us pictures and letting us pre-order without something to hold. HTC makes nice devices but at this moment HTC deserves to be bankrupt.

  18. avatar Riliwan Sanni says:

    I ordered my htc one on April 20 and so far i have not received an order confirmation from htc and my phone has not shipped yet, still in picking and packing stage since Monday, can someone please explain to me why???

  19. the one in black for tmobile …..pretty please…been an htc fan since the advantage..frist 5″ phone.and they…whos laughing now…..waiting for the htc 65″ hd tv…android..and sense tv…with the beats ..bluetooth …. surround sound..minimum 500w….. go this route…you guys have always been the best… true innovators….galaxy with a..s pen…wow…been there…got 3 flyers..years ago… .nows the time to take it to the limit…GO HTC

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