• Jan S

    hi, how do i choose which zoe’s/photos are part of an event? they are grouped by day by default, but i’ve got events that last several days, so at the moment i can’t figure out how to create a highlight reel of an event spanning several days and locations.

    • Raymond Calbay

      Hi Jan, try merging events albums – then you’ll have a bigger pool to select content from. Press & hold an event folder, and then tap “Merge to”. You’ll be prompted to give the album a new name. Hope it helps!

      • Jan S

        Thanks, but for some reason, when i merge events, the subsequent highlight video only uses still pictures not zoe’s anymore.

        • prontophoto

          Have you tried using the little overlapping arrows icon at the bottom of the screen to create a zoe using a different mix of content?

          • Jan S

            yup, tried that and no luck, it still uses still images instead of the zoes.

  • prontophoto

    Hi there,

    From the text above:

    ” When you’re satisfied with the video, upload it to HTC Share*, an online service that’s perfect for quickly sharing Video Highlights and photo collages.”

    I have been trying to share a 30 Zoe highlight clip via HTC Share, however when I try to do so I get a message:

    “Video is not supported. HTC Share is unable to upload video file.”

    Why is that? It works fine with photos…



  • Orkhun

    I am trying to share my photos with HTC share but keep getting HTC account problem I was using HTC before I get my HTC One and I had an account I added it to my nee phone without a problem but HTC share doesn’t work?

    • http://about.me/jkiss James Kiss

      I’m having the same problem. I wrote to CS but they didn’t really help.

  • Roxana Gtw

    When i rename my photo akbum, my zoe photos doesnt work anymore 🙁

  • Matt

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been really impressed with the video highlights feature, and was actually what tipped me over the edge when deciding between an iphone and the one. I know that I’d be willing to pay for additional music/themes for the highlights. If you are worried about taking time away from other projects, I’d just make those packages cost a bit. A lot of photo editing software (like aviary) is done that way where you get a number for of filters for free, and then have to pay for extra. I’d definitely be willing to pay a couple £s for a set of themes if that made the difference between getting a themes and not.