HTC Home Rover Life Hack

LifeHack_SubmittedWinnerAfter seeing the HTC 8X advanced baby monitor earlier this week, Ashrit Shetty, a 19-year-old Mumbai resident, shared his own creation with us. Using a radio-controlled vehicle, smartphone tripod, small speakers, and two HTC smartphones, Ashrit created the perfect communication tool for anyone who prefers to stay in bed while ordering breakfast or talking to someone in another room; the HTC Home Rover.

Here’s Ashrit’s recipe for roving communications.

Required ingredients:

  • One radio controlled vehicle (RCV) with a large base to mount your phone. (Ashrit recommends using your own RCV, not your kids!).
  • One small tripod (or any other support system you create to secure your phone on top of the RCV).
  • One set of small speakers (unless you have the new HTC One).
  • Your HTC phone. (Ashrit used his HTC One X+, however any HTC smartphone will do.)
    One laptop, tablet, or a secondary phone.

To assemble your HTC Home Rover:

  • Remove the outer body and all other unnecessary parts from your RCV. This will ensure you have enough room to mount your phone and speakers.
  • Secure the tripod to the top of the RCV. Ashrit used an HTC One X mini-Tripod.
  • Make sure the mount is securely attached to the RCV; you don’t want your phone to fall from the mount while the RCV is moving.
  • Connect the portable speakers to the car. Why speakers? You want to make sure the person in the other room will hear you. If you have an HTC One, don’t worry, BoomSound will provide the required volume to ensure you’re heard.
  • Once everything is connected, perform a final quality check to make sure everything is firmly attached. Then launch Skype or your preferred video chat application on the roving phone and connect to the video chat client on your laptop, tablet, or secondary phone.

Now you’re ready to send your very own robot everywhere you want without moving from your bed! Pretty cool idea.

Thank you for sharing your life hack with us, Ashrit! You can follow Ashrit on Twitter – @AshritShetty – and share your own life hack ideas in the comments below.

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    Great idea Ashrit

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    19 years old boy !!!??? Really good idea !!!

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