HTC One with Nexus User Experience

Response to the HTC One has been phenomenal with reviewers praising the gorgeous design and innovative features. We’ve paired the stunning all-metal unibody with innovative HTC Sense features and the result is something truly remarkable.

Now, we’re excited to offer HTC fans and admirers alike a new experience on what we think is the best hardware available today. Starting June 26, Google will offer a special edition of the HTC One with a “Nexus user experience” through the Google Play store.


This special edition device, priced at $599, will be available in the United States (initially) and supported on GSM networks. Out of the box, this special edition HTC One will run Android 4.2.2 with subsequent software updates provided by Google.

We will continue to offer the SIM unlocked and Developer Edition phones direct from HTC.

See below for how each version stacks up:

SIM Unlocked Developer Edition Nexus experience
Memory 32GB 64GB 32GB
Unlockable Bootloader
Yes * Yes** Yes***
SIM Unlocked
HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US)
Operating System HTC Sense HTC Sense Android 4.2.2
Price $599 $649 $599
Availability Now on HTC.com Now on HTC.com June 26th via Google Play

* The SIM Unlocked HTC One 32 GB version Bootloader can be Unlocked via HTCdev.com
**The HTC One Developer Edition ships Bootloader Unlocked
***The HTC One special edition bootloader can be unlocked by standard method for “Nexus experience” devices

  • Swapnil Chitnis

    You’ll see, this is going to sell more than the Sense version!

    • http://scifimafia.com Brandon

      At $600 a pop, I doubt it.

      • from562

        are you slow? the google edition is the same price as the normal HTC so why wouldn’t it?

        • radiotrib

          because 99% of all cell phones and smartphones are not sold at retail. They’re sold as part of a contract and only appear to cost a hundred or so not 600 … This is for the must-have guys and the tech geeks like some of us here.

        • Chris Hannan

          Because the Google edition version is not available on Sprint, nor is it subsidized on any of the US carriers.

        • http://scifimafia.com Brandon

          Because the margin of people who buy unsubsidized phones is ridiculously tiny.

    • Steven Bell

      Doubt it very much so, its sold through the play store only. Mainstream consumers wont look at this much.

    • Apa Chen

      I’ll buy a “true” Nexus if I want a stock Android. Because Nexus is made for stock Android but One is made for “Sense Android”(Just like GS4 is made for “TouchWiz Android”).
      But I love Sense Android more than stock Android.

  • Russ

    AOSP support?

  • Mohammed Iqtedar Chowdhry

    Want to sell my nexus 4 now! 🙂

    • from562

      same here!

  • ghostmac

    I’m hoping consumers that are “In the know” will be voting with their wallets and show handset manufacturers that most people no longer want, Sense, TouchWiz, Motoblur, etc. .

    • http://www.jasondunn.com/ Jason Dunn

      What you’ll find is that most consumers wouldn’t know stock Android if they were looking at it. 🙂 What consumers what is a great phone and the particular OS, even the version of it, simply doesn’t matter to them. What matters is how well the phone works. This edition of the HTC One is for a small segment of customers who want the best hardware on the market with Google’s stock Android experience. It’s a niche market, but an important one, and HTC is happy to address it with this release. You’re welcome to say you don’t want Sense on your phone, but presuming to speak for the rest of the market is a bit…cheeky. 🙂

  • Curtis Hogg

    I can only assume this will not be available for Sprint customers, which makes me sad. This is basically _exactly_ the combination of hardware and software I want… just… I need it on Sprint.

    • http://www.jasondunn.com/ Jason Dunn

      This version of the HTC One isn’t compatible with Sprint, you’re right. If Google asks us to make one that is, we will of course. Let them know via their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/GooglePlay

  • JJ

    I’d rather get the developer edition for $50 more and have double the storage capacity. You can always put whatever ROM, including vanilla Android, on it that you want.

    • Leigh

      The developer edition is a great option for $50 more i agree 🙂 And you have the flexibility to do what you want on it, including vanilla

  • xnay

    HTC still hasn’t managed to supply the stores with enough One units so on June 26 there will probably be like 5 phones for sale in Google Play store. And 3 of them crappy built, and another 2 with dead pixels.

    • SoSouthern

      The stores in my city told me they won’t be getting any for display. Kept saying online purchase only. Then tried to sell me the S4.

  • http://twitter.com/7Syon Eclectech

    I’m seriously thinking about selling my Sprint HTC One and making the leap to T-Mobile for this.

  • kc821guam

    HTC finally catching up.
    You’re doing it right.

  • steve

    Will HTC release the new ROM for existing ONE owners to flash?

    • Roy Psy.D., M.D.

      No. If that was the case this would not sell.

    • nicedudex26

      they will but not now later

  • Neal Quimson

    Is vanilla going to be available for the developer edition? I have the developer phone and I want to get vanilla flavor in it

    • Leigh

      We understand people would like to have access to the
      software for the dev edition, but we don’t have any details to announce at
      this time. Stay tuned.

      • Ayush Sharma

        Will the international version be hardware compatible with the nexus edition One? I guess what i’m asking is : will it be possible to manually flash with the nexus ROM on the international unlocked HTC One?

      • steve

        any existing owner would like to have the option to flash this update, not just the dev edition owners. its another opportunity for HTC to embrace this type of thing (as it has often done before) rather than watch it happen ‘unofficially’ anyway

    • Azaraith

      2nd. I’m gonna be miffed if my dev edition that I shelled out for can’t run it because it’s locked to a sub-model of the phone.

  • Ezhik

    So you could call it… HTC Nexus One?

    • Apa Chen

      HTC Nexus One, again?
      HTC One Nexus!

    • Mathieu

      It’s not a Nexus.
      It’s the Nexus Edition of an existing phone (stock Android running on the same hardware).

      • Ezhik

        Perhaps, but I am not passing up this opportunity.

  • Roy Psy.D., M.D.

    Instant tent pitched in my pants.

  • chandradithya

    fastboot oem unlock ?

    • Leigh

      That is the correct command to unlock

  • Chris Brown

    As a long time HTC customer, I am disappointed that HTC didn’t offer this version at launch with the standard Sense OS options, so loyal and early adoption customers had all the options to consider. I already bought the HTC One with Sense. Can I trade it in to HTC for a Google Edition??

    But most of the write-ups on this Google edition are predicting a FAIL and further indicated this a flawed business strategy for both HTC (and Samsung) to offer their flagship devices without the software that differentiates them from the commoditized hardware offerings in the marketplace. There’s also no guarantee that these devices will get updates as rapidly as a true “Nexus” because of carrier agreements.

    It is confusing as a customer as well. For techies, they’re familiar with the Nexus line. But for the average consumer, its confusing to have the same device with different OS. Not to mention the contradictions out there that said that neither the HTC One Google Edition or the Samsung S4 with Pure Google were going to be sold on the Play Store as a way to mitigate any confusion on what is a Nexus and what is not. Now, we’re seeing that these devices WILL be sold through the Play Store?? Aren’t these devices just AOSP and not a true Nexus? If not, then what’s the difference???

    I feel like this offering was simply a knee-jerk reaction to Samsung’s announcement at Google I/O. HTC seems to be all over the place in its product strategy in the past which cost it dearly. I thought the “One” was the plan to bring the house back to order yet HTC seems to be going back to its old ways. Maybe the loss of all those HTC executives lately has left the company with a lack of leadership and steadfastness.

    • Neal Quimson

      I understand how you feel chris… but back in to business, if you’re the president of the company you would like to make your product stand out. Thats why sense, touchwizn and alike exist. It makes the phone different from the competition. I too already have the developer edition but still would like to get a taste of vanilla. Hoping that htc will release a flash for it.

      • SoSouthern

        I don’t care for all the skins and stuff they throw on it. Make an app instead so people will have choices as to what skin they wnat on their phone.

        Make a phone with great hardware and a great battery. Seems Motorola is the only one taking battery life serious. HTC makes great hardware but powers it with a weak battery.

      • Jason Borden

        So why does HTC make windows phones then?

        There are lots of ways to make your product stand out without mangling the OS. Release your enhancements as apps, include different hardware options or a phone optimized for certain use cases, such as a waterproof phone, several day battery, ex. RAZR MAXX, tablet integration, ex. the Atrix, Infrared, ex. the S4, quality customer support, i.e. AppleCare, or something that nobody has done yet.

        Consumers want a phone with good battery life, easy to use, runs all their apps and looks good. Developers want phones to be updated so they can use the new features of Android without sacrificing some of their customer base. I want a phone that has both and doesn’t feel like an iPhone knockoff. NOBODY wants sense, touchwiz, etc as they stand; it just hurts the entire ecosystem. Customers don’t mind value added features, as long as they actually add value and don’t cause them to have to wait 2 years for updates. If they do, there’s no value added.

  • Spiridon Leptopoulos

    i think HTC should let customers pick ROM by flashing the phone with the help of HTC pc software of course(the thing you update your phone and such). Same price but also the early adopters will be happy since some might feel that they made a bad decision of buying it instead of waiting.

    • Spiridon Leptopoulos

      Also right now it will void your warranty. I think they should make it possible through the PC software to allow the users to pick if they want to switch between sense or google experience. It will be easier for the normal users that dont want to root and such but also keep the warranty.

  • SoSouthern

    Maybe I’m not reading this right but it’s not compatible with T-Mobile LTE then right?

    And what’s up with the black one? It’s either release the black one for T-Mobile or I’m just going to wait for the Motorola X.

    • Leigh

      T-Mobile LTE is supported

      • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

        Right, but AWS HSPA+ isn’t (even though it’s gotta be “in” the phone).

        • Adrayven

          Huge letdown.. can’t use in most t-mobile markets really w/o AWS HSPA+ on the damn thing.

          Well, guess I continue to wait. 🙁

          • SoSouthern

            Same here. I don’t understand how these companies can’t get this right. It’s 2013!!

  • Grimmjow

    Moto X coming soon this summer. Hold your horses!

    • from562

      Not till October actually

    • nicedudex26

      Moto X is a big disappointment don’t hold your breath

  • Leigh

    No information to share on availability outside the US at this time

  • Leigh

    We understand people would like to have access to the software for the dev edition, but we don’t have any details to announce at this time. Stay tuned.

  • aeonchokopie

    Как вы не понимаете, что две уебищные кнопки – это провал?

  • mjolnirxz


  • nixanbal

    What about beats audio and the camera enhancing software by HTC?

    • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

      Hugo Barra said it will come with Beats Audio. I’m more curious about the camera, i.e. will HTC make thier camera app available for download/install?

      • himeshkaul

        something like that i think…

  • Kufat

    So there’s no support for HSPA on AWS? That’s a bummer for T-Mobile USA customers living in areas that haven’t had their spectrum refarmed (from HSPA on AWS to HSPA on 1900, LTE on AWS.) Looks good otherwise, though.

  • Marco Pereira

    I really Enjoy my HTC One, but if i can get the OTA updates from Google directly and not wait for AT&T/HTC to release them that would be amazing to have the latest version of android on my phone. I really hope I can flash a stock RUU rom using HTC sofware without having to root. Worse case I don’t mind rooting but would love to be able to obtain OTA from Google. The only thing from HTC i will miss and will want to instal is the pictures APP for the ZOE software and maybe the camera app.. Other then that I don’t care about anything else.. Oh and i do Enjoy Blink feed and would love to get that setup too, but not the least of my worries.

    • SoSouthern

      Yea I went Nexus then HTC and then had to go back Nexus because of the promises of updates and they never come. HTC needs to work on the customers and not the corporations. That’s why Apple is capable of commanding their own moves.

  • himeshkaul

    Trust me people, HTC with Sense is one of the most elevated Android experience. I installed Stock JB 4.2 Launcher by Google on HTC ONE, was more of Nexus experience than a “ONE” experience. Personally the only benefit to my, if I buy Google edition that is, since I already have HTC ONE with Sense would be prompt updates by Google, thats it, nothing else!

    ONE With Sense = ♥
    ONE With Stock Android = Okay, even Nexus people have it, whats new?

    Thanks you for reading this!

    • Marco Pereira

      I agree with you 100%. The only reason I would want the Nexus experience is to get the updates quickly i love he sense features.. That is why even if i went with a Nexus vanilla android experience I would still install some Sense apps that i currently enjoy such as Picture app for ZOE’s, camera app, Blink feed etc…

    • Leigh

      Thanks, I rather prefer Sense myself 🙂 Zoe, Boomsound, Blinkfeed are what i want.

  • http://geeknjoy.com/ Чубака Иванович

    What about amazing HTC Zoe in One Google Edition?

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperElvisfreshlyATT Freshly_Snipes

      Stop bitching and be happy. If you want Zoe you have the option of NOT getting this version and getting the other.

      • Marco Pereira

        How is he bitching about anything? He is asking if the Google Edition could possibly have the HTC Zoe feature built in. Learn to read before you comment.

  • Adrayven

    I think this is a big miss if they don’t include AWS HSPA+ (T-mobile).. Yes, it supports T-mobiles LTE, but thats only JUST rolling out.. Which means most T-mobile customers would only see Edge service on such a great device. Very disappointing.. T-Moible’s 1900 Re-farming is moving, but you can’t count on it.

    Ahh well, neeeeeext!

  • jonathan3579

    Look, I absolutely love my HTC on T-Mobile but there is a serious glaring omission here – no HSPA+ on AWS. We, T-Mobile users, will be seriously handicapped without it! I’m in a network refarmed area and also have LTE but this is totally unacceptable and not thought out. I understand the decision with the Developer Edition because it is 64GB and AT&T has an exclusive on it but this… This is just a bad move, HTC. Unfortunately, many people will choose the Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” because of the decision you’ve made.

    • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

      T-Mo 1900 is pretty good here in Chicago but it sucked everywhere else I went in the Midwest so in the end I caved and just added a line to my wife’s AT&T account (a holdover from the iPhone exclusivity and we get a good corporate discount, not under contract so I can quit any time). The One just rocks on AT&T’s LTE network and it seems to be everywhere I go, and even in rural Michigan I was getting HSPA so their network has certainly improved over the last couple of years. I’m using my T-Mo account with my Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia ZL. I really like T-Mobile as a company but if LTE doesn’t show up in force soon I may consider dropping them when my contract expires in October.

      • jonathan3579

        Their 1900 MHz spectrum here in Houston isn’t terrible but it could certainly be better. Hell, if you drive around you’ll frequently see LTE drop to “4G” and then will come back again in another area just a couple miles away. Needless to say, I’m not totally sold on the whole refarm or their LTE network (which they claim is completed here) so having more frequencies just makes sense. The ONLY reason I stick with T-Mobile is because of their pricing and the fact that I rarely travel outside of large cities.

  • JeffColorado

    Still don’t want it (lack of SD and no removable battery is a deal killer), but this is definitely a move int eh right direction. I hated Sense with a passion. HTC should just make good hardware and stop trying to re-invent the wheel on software.

    • http://blog.zevdesigns.com Zev

      It’s unfortunate that you seem to have no idea what you are talking about.

      Research the benefits of a non-removable battery.

    • Marco Pereira

      I’m not worried about storage and battery. For me 64GB on at&t is more then enough even 32GB is great oppose to what Samsung offers 16GB or 32GB.. As for battery i’m not worried the battery life is great and I can always purchase a Mophie and put it in my travel bag in the case I need extra juice. I don’t like bulk and will not use the Mophie but in the case battery gets low I can pop it on 🙂

      • Michael S

        In a similar way, you can get a tiny cable and pop in a regular flash drive. Not exactly the same as charging up a battery, I get that, but it does mean I’m less worried about storage. (Do an Internet search for USB OTG)

  • Bizzle9

    I HATE the button configuration. I haven’t made up my mind if that’s a deal breaker yet.

    • Marco Pereira

      Me too I wish we had the typical 3 buttons. I hate not having a dedicated menu button and having the dots menu taking space on most apps.

      • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

        I’m noticing the three-dot menu overflow button less and less these days, seems the app developers are starting to catch up (even Twitter!).

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      After owning the Nexus 4 since it came out and switching to the HTC One, I can say you’d be doing yourself a disservice to avoid getting the phone over button placement. F

      After a week, it’ll become muscle memory and you wont even think about the placement anymore..

    • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

      It’s not a dealbreaker 🙂 It’s actually amazing how fast you get used to it, when I pick up my Xperia ZL I keep hitting the multi-tasking button thinking its “home”.

  • kauthor47

    None of these are available in black? What a shame.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      People always find SOMETHING to complain about… -_-

    • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

      Black? Forget that, I want Red! 🙂

      • keltypack

        Blue would be sweet! How about the old iPod Nano colors!?

  • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

    While I do find this interesting especially from the point of what it may mean for future devices, I gotta say I’ve had my One Developer Edition for over a month now and there is no way I’d put stock Android 4.2.2 on it. I still have my Nexus 4 that I was using prior to getting the One and Google *still* hasn’t fixed the Bluetooth stack in 4.2.2, which is a total mess, and the camera app is marginal at best.

    The One’s 4.1.2 Bluetooth works perfectly (i.e. I can pair my Pebble watch and a Bluetooth headset at the same time with no issues), the Sense camera software is awesome (no way I’m giving up Zoes and highlight videos!), and there are a few other Sense apps I prefer (Calendar, for example).

    As for updates, my DE One has already received one update from HTC (and I’m hoping there’s one in the works to fix that annoying bug where accessibility breaks the lock screen).

    I’m curious to see how the Nexus Experience works out on the One, but unless there’s an APK pack you can install that lets stock Android take advantage of all the hardware goodies in the One I can’t really see myself switching off Sense (I always have my Nexus 4 if I want stock).

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      If it comes with Beats Audio (which it does), I’m hoping HTC will keep the functionality in the IR remote app, and also tweak the stock camera software a bit. I think those are most people’s main concerns…

      • http://captainevo.tumblr.com CaptainEVO

        Yeah, good point about the IR, I keep forgetting its there, but I do use the TV app sometimes ’cause it’s handy and actually works pretty well, considering I use an A/V receiver and a DirecTV DVR. My Sony ZL has IR too, but its remote app is “dumb”, I have to switch devices to change the volume when watching TV, where as the HTC app understands I’m using the A/V receiver for TV volume.

  • Androfan

    Since the sim unlocked version and google edition differ in software, I think it would be helpful if we could have two RUUs — one stock android and the other with sense. If someone wants to try stock version of android, they could flash the ROM without rooting. Not everyone roots their phone while it is still in warranty. Also, people outside the US can purchase a sim unlocked version and switch to AOSP version which may improve sales further. I mean it would be nice if we had some choice….

  • SoSouthern

    Guess no comments from the company?

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi SoSouthern.

      I know Leigh, the author of the post, has been responding. We will continue to review comments and respond throughout the day.

  • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

    Please make it available in Middle East!

  • reneMAC

    how about 4.2.2 with sense for existing HTC One owners!?

    (sorry its a bit off topic)

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi reneMAC, we know there is great interest in Android 4.2.2 and while we are working as quickly as possible, we have nothing to announce at this time regarding updates.

    • keltypack

      I was burned by HTC’s update process–actually lack of updates. That’s why I have switched to a Nexus device.

      I would prefer the latest OS rather than the sluggish whiz-bang skin. HTC (HW Manufacturers) should have apps for Sense (or other skin) that users can install or remove based on personal preference. They could even have apps that are specific to HW, but they need to make sure that I can uninstall any crApp that I don’t want. I am intrigued by the “Google experience” HTC One, but I will wait another cycle before I can trust HTC again. (Former owner of the HTC Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Evo Design.)

  • hurric

    when’s it coming to Canada

  • FlexPlexico

    Sell it in Denmark and all the other countries that cannot buy hardware from Google Play.

  • bL4Ck

    It would be great to have an European online hub where to buy it directly, without having to wait for each country to get it singularly.

  • vndergrovnd

    Can we please have a black Google edition HTC One?

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      At this time, we are offering the Silver Edition for the Nexus Experience.

      • Vincent B Castro


        Will the Nexus Experience HTC One be released with support for LTE Asian bands?

      • John Adair

        just bought new HTC One with Sense. Should I ask for a refund (14 days grace period) so I can replace with HTC One with Android 4.2.2 when it arrives. Don’t want to be stuck with Sense & 4.1 as already feel cheated moving from my Nexus 4. The One is a thing of beauty though but regret losing 4.2.2

        • vndergrovnd

          HTC said that they will try make an option to switch to the stock Android rom instead of Sense for early HTC One adopters, nothing is set in stone though…

  • Christopher Pole

    Will existing HTC One owners have access to the ROM so we can use Android 4.2.2 also?

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      While we’re currently working to deploy Android 4.2.2 as quickly as possible, we have nothing to announce at this time.

      • Alecirious

        So, no. 🙁

        • Guest

          Have nothing to announce at this time does not mean no.

        • nicedudex26

          they will give out rom as a choose but not right away

        • Benjamin P

          Well they were pretty fast to deny a HTC One Google Edition would happen! If enough people pressure them into it like this..then anything is possible! Thumbs up HTC for listening to your customers!!!! 26 sleeps!!!!

        • Lee Roy Robles

          Technically no. Because HTC cannot confirm (or should I day condone?) Unnoficial flashing of ROMS.

          But yes. Developers can always port 4.2.2 to the One. As soon as the nexus exp is released. Just say goodbye to your warranty.

          • Alecirious

            That’s always an option. It’s not like it will be impossible to just put this version on the pre-existing ‘One’, but to have HTC actually supply it officially would be a major support for the community.

  • Sashank Narayan

    No, they won’t. They’re proprietary HTC Sense features and won’t be part of AOSP or vanilla Android.

  • Jeziel Garcia

    Will the nexus experience have HTC’s camera software or any tweaks to make the One’s camera better?

    • http://www.jasondunn.com/ Jason Dunn

      No, it will have the stock Android camera software. HTC Sense includes our camera software experience, and this version of the phone doesn’t have HTC Sense.

  • http://qnz.tumblr.com FabianQNZ

    You should have done that 3 months ago. I hope you can rescue the company with this step forward. Sell the One with pure Android in Germany and I’ll buy my first smartphone outside the iPad and iPod world.

  • Dimitris Bouss

    Give 2 RUUs for people that bought the original One, so we can have both options. That would be more than awesome.

  • Surya

    Will the HTC One Nexus edition be offered on carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile on a contract basis?? Basically an offer similar to the normal HTC One with Sense 5.0 that’s available for either $199 or $299 if I were to take up a 2-year contract.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      This HTC One Special Edition will be available directly through Google Play.

  • avidr13

    get a case for it problem solved.

  • http://www.jasondunn.com/ Jason Dunn

    Let Google Play know you want it to come to Canada! https://twitter.com/GooglePlay

  • domatau

    GO HTC!!!!

  • Jose Bonifacio

    HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz – Does this mean it will not work properly with Tmobile’s HSPA+ network? And will it be available in black?

  • ss_tsubasa

    Please release the nexus edition of the HTC One in Singapore too. =)

  • ReschDMD

    Is the photo supposed to be the “Nexus Edition?” the virtual buttons are NOT stock Android…”HTC” instead of home, home instead of recent apps, back button design is different.
    That is fine if this was a quickie photoshop for a press release, but it is *not* stock/vanilla/nexus Android if you tweaked the virtual buttons even slightly
    I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7 in front of me to compare…

    • FausticSun

      Those are hardware buttons, not virtual.

      • ReschDMD

        hmm- hard for me to tell from the photo and I have not played with a HTC One in person in a month.
        So they are basically the equivalent of the Galaxy S4’s buttons just under the screen?

        • Sashank Narayan


  • disqus_RK0IsRjnGq

    Why has price of the SIM Unlocked version increased from $575 to $599?

    • nicedudex26

      because Google puts the price

    • Leigh

      The original price was an introductory offer for the unlocked version of the new HTC One. The
      current price of $599.99 is the standard price and is very competitive in the
      market. It’s still a great value for the award-winning smartphone!

      • Ashton Whitcomb

        do carriers charge way less per month when you use an unlocked phone off contract? Its hard to find such info on their websites because they always funnel you to buy into a contract. Best US carrier option for this phone? gotta justify the high upfront cost vs a contract handset

        • Leigh

          Not necessarily. A good option though, which I’ve used, is a prepaid MVNO like StraightTalk. It’s $45 a month flat for unlimited everything, no contract.

  • Angga Kho Meidy

    When can we know whether this version will come out in other countries (specifically in my country, Indonesia)?

    • nicedudex26

      i hear they will but not now they going first to see how it will do in the us its under testing the water then they will go worldwide

  • Asanka Amarasinghe

    Is it possible to get stock android ROM directly from HTC if i already have HTC stock ROM installed?
    If not please make this option available, I would love to ditch the BlinkFeed & HTC Sence!

    • nicedudex26

      they will give you the choose soon but not now in tell they sell some of the htc one nexus

  • yongliu

    I was planning to buy a google edition galaxy s4, now I have to think again, damn it!!

  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    Why don’t you sell the One Nexus Experience with 64GB?

    I can guarantee you that almost all geeks will simply buy the developer edition, then flash the pure google ROM!

    • nicedudex26

      they will later if they see demand for it

    • ss_tsubasa

      yes, 64GB version stock Android on the HTC One will be more relevant.

  • Juan Carmen

    to be totally honest on this post, this is quiet a sad idea for the early adopter of the HTC One. As myself and many others who do enjoy sense but fear now that since the nexus edition is out, the HTC DEV team will not roll out updates to the sense and will soon lose interest. Please HTC honour your faithfull Buyers by quick UPDATES!!!

    • Androfan

      I think the google edition gets updates directly from Google.
      Correct me if I am wrong

    • Pavel M

      The whole thing is that HTC abandons users quite quickly. I had a couple of updates on my phone and after the last update the phone is extremely slow. I’ve replaced some Sense stuff with alternatives to make phone usable. I think I’m not the only one frustrated by that. So I think people like me will never ever consider HTC with Sense disregarding how good a new HTC phone can be. I think they realised that they failed the old users. This is probably a new last chance to sell at least their hardware to those users.

      • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

        Hi Pavel, what phone do you have?

        • Pavel M

          Incredible S

      • Ashton Whitcomb

        i’m in the same boat. Gingerbread Desire HD, its crawling now… very erratic and buggy

  • Vincent B Castro

    Please release the nexus experience HTC One with support for Asian LTE bands.

  • nicedudex26

    HTC you should send out an update to make the Htc logo as a menu botton.

    • Hari Uday

      the HTC logo is a logo, there is no way it can work as a button. The hack was done just above the HTC logo. So it aint happening 🙁

      • ludmila

        no there is away to make it a botton they just have to send out an updated

        • Hari Uday

          Really? I followed the steps as demonstrated by XDA geeks and it itself did not become a button

          • ludmila

            did you follow all the steps?

      • MooseStuff

        The touch screen extends to the buttons and covers the area between the two.

        • Hari Uday

          Oh I see, Thanks!

  • nicedudex26

    they should put it in the play store for htc one nexus owners to download them

  • kosiara

    That’s really awesome. I’ve been waiting for this. For about a year I’m only interested in AOSP phones – that’s mainly because I bought the Galaxy S3 I9300 with Exynos processor which HAS COMPLETELY NO SUPPORT. Samsung really s**cks! HTC one already has good builds of cyanogenmod. Thank you HTC for making pure Android experience model!

  • Sashank Narayan

    That’s not a bad idea, except that most people won’t buy at such high prices and that would really defeat HTC’s intention of pushing Sense forward, and won’t justify the money and resources put into developing it.

    There’s also a technical problem with that idea, and this is what many people don’t understand. HTC Sense, Touchwiz, and other manufacturer overlays are more than just a launcher. They’re very tightly woven into the Android framework. Launcher is just a normal app which can be downloaded and installed to the device, but the notification/status bar is part of the system framework (SystemUI), which can’t be changed without root access and even then it has many dependencies on the Sense framework. It’s not the same as theming, because Sense is not a theme. It is a deeply customised layer on top of the base Android system. So the notification/status bar cannot be packaged with the launcher and also cannot be distributed as an independent app.

  • Jose Bonifacio

    Will it be available in black?

    • Leigh

      As the post states, it’s silver only.

      • Jose Bonifacio


      • Jose Bonifacio

        Why not offer it in black too?

  • Jose Bonifacio

    Most probably, this device won’t work with Tmobile in your location, which is a bummer. Tmobile’s refarmed 1900/2100 HSPA+ network is very very limited… same with it’s 4G network.

    • ludmila

      it works on t-mobile LTE

      • Andy Kwan

        The T Mobile version support both T Mobile LTE and UMTS Band IV AWS

        • Jose Bonifacio

          But I have to “root” and “flash” the Tmobile version to be able to get rid of sense and just run pure android jelly bean… Which will then invalidate the warranty.

          • Andy Kwan

            Let see if they will have a T Mo option when they put it up on play store.

          • Jose Bonifacio

            Yeah, let’s hope there’s a version compatible with T Mo. However, based on the official specs above, I consider it unlikely.

      • Jose Bonifacio

        But Tmobile LTE is only available in a few cities.

  • Andy Kwan

    No UMTS Band IV?

  • Guest

    No one mentiones if IR will be supported out of the box ?

  • Davor Bertovic

    No one mentions if IR will be supported out of the box?

    • philos64

      HTC One Nexus Google Edition – only for US – Without IR – No Beats Audio switch and No HTC camera features

    • NovaG

      The IR blaster hardware is
      there, but whether or not developers will be able to tap into it is an
      unknown right now.

  • http://mobilepricesnews.com/ Mobile

    HTC abandons users quite quickly. I had a couple of updates on my phone and after the last update the phone is extremely slow. I’ve replaced some Sense stuff with alternatives to make phone usable.

  • Kevin Kerr

    Why is there no 1700 MHz band? That was a big mistake for both the unlocked and developer’s editions. If it only works on AT&T, then there’s no point having an unlocked phone. I assure you, any person who would purchase a developer’s edition or Nexus experience One would have sufficient common sense not to let AT&T steal their money.

    • Jad

      The device supports T-Mobile 1900Mhz HSPA and LTE (band 4). T-Mobile has already refarmed several major markets to 1900MHz in an ongoing rollout. Their 1700MHz spectrum is being converted for LTE with coverage for over 100M users estimated by mid-year and 200M by year end.

      • squrel23

        Is there a way to determine which areas are reframed 1900Mhz and which are 1700Mhz areas?

      • Jose Bonifacio

        Major markets doesnt mean it covers majority of the Tmobile customers.

        • http://blucz.com Brian Luczkiewicz

          Actually, that’s exactly what major markets means. Virtually all of the most populated cities in the US are refarmed for 1900mhz, and most of them will have LTE too within a couple months.

          • Jose Bonifacio

            Where is your source? Is there an official TMobile statement for this? Is there a map of refarmed areas? Did they say they will refarm all of their 1700 frequency to 1900 to cover ALL customers?

          • http://blucz.com Brian Luczkiewicz


            The city list came from t-mo. It includes all of the top 10 US cities by population, as well as other relevant cities for smartphone early adopters like Boston, Seattle, DC, and San Francisco.

            The 1700 frequency never reached ALL customers to begin with, so simply refarming won’t cause the 1900 to reach all customers. There is good reason to believe based on current trends in their behavior that they will eventually repurpose all of their existing AWS space for LTE, which basically requires them to make HSPA+ available via 1900, but no-one is going to make you a guarantee.

            If you already live in one of the cities that’s on that list, This phone is no problem. Many of them will be the first to get LTE, too. If you live in a less populated area of the country, T-mo was never really for you to begin with, and Verizon/AT&T will have better coverage for you.

  • Sanjay Dangeti

    isn’t a black coloured phone there in nexus edition?

  • Jason Grima


    I’ve been a fan of HTC hardware since I bought the HTC Touch Pro back in 2008. SenseUI is alright, but since HTC failed to update the Desire HD after months of promising it would get ICS, I’ve been hanging out for a move to Nexus UX for HTC’s great hardware… Great work HTC!

  • Lubos Lagin

    Will be possible to change my HTC One to pure Android, when Nexus Edition will be out?

    • SoSouthern

      I would like to know as well. Sense has to go.

      • Jordan Blatchley

        I just got THE ONE, its like effing Neo its so good, and I like Sense. That said, I nearly got the ageing Nexus 4 because its updates, Android, UI are so incredible. They have to give us the option. If only I had waited till the 26th.

  • http://jordanjpayne.com Jordan Payne

    @HTC If this becomes a downloadable ROM that I can install on my Developer Edition, please link to this post when released.

  • Jose Bonifacio


    • Lakehood

      Black Nexus Experience, please.

  • James E Mitchell

    OMG, why the hell did I purchase the Sense version?!

  • Ordeith

    I will wait for ONE with the Windows Phone user experience.
    Android can lag off.

  • SoSouthern

    With all the high profile people leaving HTC, is it safe to assume that you guys are looking for people with some common sense? You guys release some great hardware and then shoot yourselves in the foot with the software and by releasing watered down devices.

    I wouldn’t mind being an employee for the common sense department, if you’re hiring.

    • http://htchien.tw/ Ted Chien

      I think you can find it on the HTC Career page on the LinkedIn website.

  • Janettwokay

    I’m glad HTC is offering options. I love my new HTC One and wouldn’t dream of giving up BlinkFeed and other features, but it’s nice to know that if my feelings ever change in the future, I can go the Android route. Thanks, HTC!

  • Ishaan bakshi

    Can you buy a htc one nexus edition or sim unlocked model and take it to India and use a normal sim card of India and it will work

  • Kenneth R. Leitch

    I have the Developer Edition. Can we flash it to have the Nexus experience??!! Please.

    • PhoneGenie Phonegenie

      you have the developer edition, Load the Nexus Experience onto it,

      • Kenneth R. Leitch

        How do you do that? Is this equivalent to the HTC One Nexus Experience?

        • NYCHitman1

          Unlock bootloader, root, and flash away.

  • Graham Thomson

    I’ve go an HTC One on Three in the UK. Will I be able to UK the Nexus ROM? Also, can . Change my current ROM to get updates direct from HTC instead of from Three?

  • Majok

    Can I make HTC Ons S for Nexus Experience? How?

  • Mandala Eko


  • Jose Bonifacio

    Release it in black version please.

  • jinxed123

    When the stock android device will be made available in Germany ?

  • Irvin Vazquez

    The missing Sim card is not actually missing its inside your phone already. It’s the LTE sim sitting direct use sim cards on their phone they are CDMA

  • thereasoner

    Awesome phone now in two great flavours! I’m happy with my Sense 5 version but i sure would like to play around with the Nexus ONE. Would be nice to have a dual boot option, nothing like having your cake and eating it too.

  • mike

    I already have an HTC one, can I flash to Nexus image onto the phone?

  • PaulMaddux

    souldn’t it have already gone on sale? it’s 4:00 am in Memphis TN and I want you to take my money!

  • NYCHitman1

    Hardware will be active, but no software tweaks avail – afaik.

  • x942

    Where’s the AOSP source code? I want to take a look at it.

  • Neal Quimson

    can I flash my developer edition with the Google edition kernel? Is it safe?

    • Perry Kahai, Ph.D.

      It should be possible theoretically.

  • Peter

    Its great that there are now two unadulterated, i.e. no crummy AT&T overlay, versions of HTC One, the pure HTC Sense and the pure Andrroid but… What sort of manufacturing process and what sort of distribution strategy allows you to make the best android phone in the world and then undermine yourselves by not being able to supply the BLACK version from either HTC or Google Play???!!!

  • Peter

    Why is the BLACK HTC One NOT AVAILABLE on your own website?

  • BR Shrinet

    Guys, I am in KUWAIT and i have HTC One (801n) OS Android version 4.1.2, how i can
    Unlocking Your Bootloader and get Android latest version installed on my phone?
    Thx @brshrinet

  • EarlyMon

    The blogosphere erupted yesterday claiming that the sky is falling and that updates won’t come through Google. One writer dismissed the quote here because this is just a blog. The irony of that was hilarious. Will HTC please set the record straight?