Creative Sequence Shots with HTC Zoe


Eric Krebs recently shared how to take a sequence shot using HTC Zoe. If you have the new HTC One, this feature allows you to stitch a series of actions in one photo. We challenged some customer’s around the world to send their own creative sequence shot and we received some very clever examples:


Eric Sze, New York, I Scared Myself


Ashrit Shetty, India, Moving Rupie

Snapping the wife

Craig Fish, Scotland, Snapping Me, Snapping You

Two mes talking to me

Ahmad Abdel-Aziz, Egypt, Talking to Me

Heather Warner, Delaware, A Hazard to Herself

Have a better one? Share it with us in the comments!

9 Responses to “Creative Sequence Shots with HTC Zoe”

  1. avatar Ahmad Abdel-Aziz says:

    I loved all the featured examples.
    My sequence shot is featured, woohoo :-)

  2. avatar Ashrit Shetty says:

    Thank you for featuring our photos :) Congratulations to Ahmad, Heather and Craig.

  3. avatar Ankit Khandelwal says:

    This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try that on my ONE!

  4. avatar Guest says:

    nice! I hope I can get HTC One.. T_T

  5. avatar Aleksandar Petrović says:

    Really neat, but something with sports would be cool :)

  6. avatar Jasper Makkinje says:

    Haha, some nice shots in there :) I always used to try to get someone in the same picture twice using panorama mode. This makes it much easier!

    Now to get my hands on One…

  7. avatar Sandra Monteiro says:

    Really nice pics here! Can’t wait to try some sequence shots, tried twice but they were awful!

  8. avatar Arun Kumar Nechlani says:

    Amazing pics guys, congrats to all of you :-)

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