Creative Wallpaper for Your HTC


After being inspired by our most recent collection of wallpaper, Scottish photographer (and HTC customer) Craig Fish created a new set of kaleidoscope background images for HTC smartphones. Craig combined his creative eye with his HTC One and the app Camera MX, to create the unique set of photos featured below.

Craig says that tree branches, with or without leaves, monuments, modern architecture and even bowls of fruit make great subjects for kaleidoscopes. Let us know which image is your favorite.

You can follow Craig’s work on Facebook and Twitter.



14 Responses to “Creative Wallpaper for Your HTC”

  1. avatar Rafał Żółkiewicz says:

    Great job Craig

  2. avatar Harold Goldner says:

    Try using these wallpapers with Opotech’s 3d Image Life Wallpaper for a spectacular 3D effect of the icons floating “in front of” the wallpaper. Who needs iOs7?

  3. avatar Ahmad Abdel-Aziz says:

    Awesome, Craig.
    Very creative work, my friend.

  4. avatar Hilda S Laboy Plana says:

    Good job Craig!

  5. avatar Patrick says:

    I have always enjoyed Craig’s creations. Congratulations on the feature.

  6. avatar TRNR says:

    Amazing, truly amazing work!

  7. avatar NightAngel79 says:

    Pretty Awesome!

  8. avatar Herr_Lehmann says:

    Great work Craig!

  9. avatar Amy Barseghian says:

    Love them Craig!

  10. avatar b1acktiger says:

    Craig is a talented photographer. I’m not surprised to see his photos here. Well done craig!

  11. avatar axi27 says:

    Nice, definitely adding to the collection.

  12. avatar Tiger_VIH says:

    Красота! :)

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