Managing Email and Messages with HTC One

Reading and responding to messages is one of the top activities we do on our smartphones. Whether your managing email or text messages, sorting through the noise can be confusing. Here are some tips and tricks for using your HTC One (or other HTC device) to tame the messaging beast.

managing-emailManaging Email

Overwhelmed by the volume of email in your inbox? Use the search filter in the Mail app to reduce the clutter. Tap the search icon at the top of your mailbox then select the settings icon. From here you can select which parts messages to search or filter your mailbox by specific criteria such as addressed to you, have attachments and more, making it easy to sort through your email.

You can also enable tabs for Favorites, Unread, Marked, Invites, and Attached mail to make it easy to quickly find relevant email. From the mail app tap “Menu” > “Filters” to select and arrange the order of your Mail app tabs.

Managing Text messages

Text messaging easily rivals email as a primary form of communication. Much like email, it’s easy to let your text messages become a disorganized stack. Here are a few tips to help you de-clutter and protect information in your text messages.

One way to reduce the clutter is the enable group messaging. This will let you send messages to a group and see all the replies in one stream*. To turn on group messaging go to “Settings” from the Messages app then select “Multimedia Messages (MMS)” > “Group Messaging.”

managing securebox

Sometimes you might receive sensitive info, like bank account details, in a text message. On your HTC One, you can protect this information by keeping private messages in your secure box, which requires a pass code to access. From the main Messages screen, press and hold a conversation thread and tap “Move to secure box”

In addition to the Secure Box, there is also a block box option for unwanted messages like spam or those from blocked contacts. From the main Messages screen, press and hold a conversation thread and tap “Block contact.”

Managing Replies

managing-replies-nextwordpredictionTurn on the word prediction features of your HTC Sense keyboard to see suggested words as you type. Additionally, HTC Sense will make suggestions for the next word. Enable word prediction by going to “Settings” > “Language & keyboard” > “HTC Sense Input” > “Advanced” to turn on word prediction features.

If you have your own shortcuts for phrases (such as, “ttyl” for “talk to you later”), you can store them in the personal dictionary by going to “Settings” > “Language & keyboard” > “HTC Sense Input” > “Personal dictionary”. Tap + to add a new phrase and shortcut.

How about you? What tips do you have for managing email and text messages?

*All devices in the group conversation should also support group messaging to join the conversation.

  • Michelle Stirling

    The only gripe I have with my new HTC One is that Unread text messages don’t appear differently to Read ones, so at a glance I can’t see which messages I’ve read and which ones I haven’t. On my previous phone (HTC Desire S) unread messages were bold and read message weren’t which made it very easy to distinguish them.

    • Herman

      Look to the left of the txt, should be a blue mark along the side, before picture. It does show which msg hasn’t been read.

      • Michelle Stirling

        Thanks Herman, I’ll look for that. The fact that I haven’t noticed it suggests that it’s not enough of an indicator 🙂

        • Herman

          Your welcome and no it isn’t not enough of an indicator. Wish they’d have stuck with the bold unread text. I know it’s there and still forgot to look for it at times lol

  • http://mkarbi.me/ mKarbi

    if HTC mail app supports flagging in Gmail, I’d used it for all my email accounts. It also needs the ability to change colors of the accounts. The colors themselves disappear when the mail’s been read; so it’s difficult for me to know which email is for which account.

  • Soso

    I think it is a worst as I had tested, have a me.com account and unfortunately have to use other application because the HTC One email client works int at all. Hope you come and fix it soon.

  • Petro

    I so miss the old email widget..Loved that you could see all emails sent in a glance..without even having to open the widget. Why can’t HTC have this as an option in the HTC hub?

  • Kermit Frosch

    Would be nice to be able to turn off or change the sms delivery confirmation alert.

  • Vincent C

    With my Samsung S3 there is a setting in the message notification that with the unread sms/whatsapp messages the message alert will repeat at a time interval that I set(eg, every 2 min) until the new message is read, but I cannot find this feature on my new HTC ONE, does anyone know how I can get this feature on my ONE? Thanks.

  • Chris Hurst

    I really would like to be able to set custom text messag tones for certain contacts. I miss that function from my preclude phones. Seems like that would be a standard feature on today’s phones. Is there a way to do it or a app that will do it?

  • Son Nguyen

    Why no fit to screen option? This is the only reason I don’t use the stock email app.

  • Abhay Hemmige’

    Everytime i try to configure Email using the native app that HTC One comes with, for Yahoo & Gmail it is giving me an error message saying no response from server. I would appreciate if any suggestions are given to help me configure my email :)…