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You’ve just pulled out your HTC smartphone, but what are you going to do with it? Are you looking for news or updates from social media? Perhaps you’re just checking email or text messages? That’s exactly what we want to hear from you; what type of information you’re seeking. Take our short survey and let us know how you use your HTC to stay connected every day.

25 Responses to “Stay Connected Using Your HTC – Tell Us How”

  1. avatar Ahmad Abdel-Aziz says:

    News via Feedly RSS Reader, Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), Chatting with friends via WhatsApp, phone calls and business email are how I use my HTC for.
    And it’s the best smartphone to do all of that.
    I have taken the survey, above.
    Thank you.

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    My HTC device is like my little information sidekick, I use it in every aspect possible to stay informed and to share my view of the world.

  3. avatar Terry West says:

    Love the HTC One, coming from a Samsung Galaxy III! Mostly, I use stock SMS/MMS, then for social there’s Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, and some on Facebook. Didn’t think I’d care for Sense, but after TochWhiz on the SGIII, I love it!!

  4. avatar Mike Bazaluk says:

    HTC One, use social media a lot, blinkfeed very useful for summary info. Phones powerful enough to run apps allowing me to do my work remotely if I need to, its like having a spare arm :-)

  5. avatar nickmgray says:

    I really want the news version of the HTC One to be water and dust resistant. I use my phone during my workouts, but I’m always afraid that it’ll die on me due to excessive moisture buildup. It would also be nice to take the phone on our frequent beach and boat trips during the summer without having to store in inside a plastic bag to keep it dry.

  6. I like BlinkFeed a lot, but I can’t use it (at least easily) with a third-party launcher. You guys should consider making it a stand alone app so we can open it just as any other app and not resort to have shortcuts to the Sense launcher in a third-party launcher just for BlinkFeed.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. avatar Parvez Ahmed says:

    I’m totally satisfied with my HTC One and just can’t have enough of it. I would like to add one suggestion though that’ll help us HTC One users live with it a tad bit easily. Please add the “Auto-rotate on-off” feature in the notifications bar or incorporate it in Sense UI in such a way that we can switch it on/off inside an app itself without having to exit the app and use the widget. The auto-rotate can get really annoying at times.

    Apart from that, life’s good thanks to the super sexy One.

    Keep up the good work HTC. Cheers!!!

  8. avatar Bp kc says:

    Awaiting for Larger Screen 6″ HTC ONE, the present screen size is similar to HTC ONE as 4.7″ too small.

  9. avatar Vinzenz Ager says:

    HTC Sync Manager for Mac is a mess! Crashes all the time and works too slowly. Please update!

  10. avatar Hugo says:

    i would like to see more integration of google+ in blinkfeed and gallery for example because is my most used social app and where i store my photos as a backup! Also it would be great to customize more blinkfeed with feeds of our choice from other sources, like flipboard and google currents let us do it.

  11. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Tom. I’m a heavy user too, which does have an impact on the battery. I typically don’t need to charge twice a day though. Check out some of these battery tips which may help.

  12. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Jono. Great to hear you love your HTCs and thanks for the feedback. We’re always looking to improve.

  13. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Barbara. When it comes to network issues, those can be hard to diagnose. I’d suggest contacting our customer support team:

  14. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Thanks for the feedback. That would be pretty awesome!

  15. avatar Levent Cinar says:

    Instead, I would like you to ask us if we would like to see the american 64gb exclusive or the chinese variant (with 2 sim card and micro sd slots) of the HTC ONE in europe or worldwide instead.

    Those exclusive announcements made me angry and sad at the same time. I’ve waited so long for this and then I had to buy a one x+ instead. You could have avoided this and all those who sadly bought samsung just for that reason. Still, for my part I hate samsung and have always bought htc.

    One recommendation, i’d like blinkfeed to also have smaller tiles or custom sizes (editable by the user depending on his favorite sources) to make better use of the screen estate, otherwise it’s just too much scrolling.

  16. avatar Ed says:

    Please update our sensation Xe to jelly bean. I love it’s response but want it to be buttery smooth and maybe the update might fix screen hangs (it happens once in awhile).

  17. avatar Garfield Hanchard says:

    Loving HTC from day one and this love won’t stop . Got a few disappointments on the way but I still know that it’s the best phone maker. You have been doing good so far , my only request is that you hurry up the sense 5 update for my one x+ please please

  18. avatar Son Nguyen says:

    I have very few complaints about my HTC ONE. Here they are:
    -Add a fit to screen option to the email app. This is the sole reason I don’t use it.
    -More Highlight themes. I know this is coming in 4.2.2 which I’m still waiting for on AT&T
    -Higher MP camera. I recently took a major vacation and didn’t feel comfortable just using my One to take pictures just in case I wanted to enlarge and print a photo. I wound up buying a point and shoot camera to supplement my One.
    -Battery life is decent but I would like about 20% more life out of it.
    -Option of removing Facebook photos from the Gallery
    -More control of the led notification light. It would be nice to assign different colors to specific notifications.

  19. avatar y2kmady says:

    when will update for android 4.2 be avaliable india ??

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