Announcing the HTC One mini


HTC One mini

People love the HTC One, from professional reviewers to the 94% of owners who would recommend it to a friend. It is the best phone we’ve made so far and we want to bring the HTC One experience to even more people.

So, we are proud to announce that the HTC One has a new family member: the HTC One mini. Everything people are praising about the HTC One, including BoomSound, BlinkFeed, and the UltraPixel camera, feature in the HTC One mini – all in a beautiful and compact, aluminum design.

Coming in Glacial Silver and Stealth Black, the HTC One mini will be available in select markets in August, with wider availability in September. Learn more on the HTC One mini product page.

Is this the phone for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

22 Responses to “Announcing the HTC One mini”

  1. avatar Aaron Hamilton. says:

    If this wasn’t £380 I would so buy it. I guess I’ll just have to get a used one on Amazon since my parents won’t pay a £27 a month contract.

  2. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Jonasz, We don’t have pricing details yet, but it will be lower than the HTC One.

  3. avatar The_Badger says:

    That bezel is very distracting..

  4. avatar Piyush says:

    Both the full scale phone and this mini versions are too costly. And then the gimmicky “Ultrapixel” camera is not so good after all.

    • avatar Bobby Dewitt says:

      You must not have used the camera…

    • avatar Xuan Chew says:

      Lol. I’m using HTC One. And the Camera is awesome.

      • avatar Piyush says:

        It’s good, but only for your social networking needs. A 4 megapixel is after all still 4 mega pixel – you stretch a bit and you lose. There have been tests on the internet which show you really can’t zoom into text using this for example, as much you can do with a Samsung S3 or S4. Again, you can argue (as many others do) that if I need a cellphone camera to be any better than my facebook needs than I should buy a DSLR, but I really don’t understand that logic. Why is a cellphone camera *not supposed* to be any better than a facebook camera?

        It’s still good, but I will just wait for the next version, when along with all the extra light they have, they also have decent amount of pixels.

        • avatar alfred says:

          its 4ultrapixel not megapixel..

          • avatar @RSDMad says:

            Alfred, thank you. I think when folks see the pics side by side, the conversation stops. The HTC One takes very good pics. When there is any motion at all, it just rocks.

          • avatar Piyush says:

            And do you understand what that “ultrapixel” is? Why don’t you read a bit? That’s why these companies come up with techno sounding words every once in a while :)

          • avatar HTC Social Team says:

            Measuring camera or image quality by megapixels is referred to in the photography industry as the Megapixel Myth. Good picture quality is not dependent on MPs but the camera sensor and pixel size, because bigger pixels gather more light. Check out this link to shed a bit more light on how the HTC One’s UltraPixel camera produces amazing quality photos:

  5. avatar brion james says:

    Same product smaller package, awesome unlike other manufacturers who give you a smaller phone with smaller features.
    Nice ONE HTC.

  6. avatar Corey says:

    I like it but it looks like it doesnt have the polished aluminum edges like the One….but if it does, I,m getting One Mini also…Then Me and Jane can play in the bush together with our HTC family of One’s.

  7. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Minith, unfortunately we don’t have pricing details since this is still being worked out. It will depend on the market of course, especially with carrier subsidies. Sorry I don’t have more to share!

  8. avatar Niklas Jutzler says:

    In Germany the release will be in the first half of august

    The lowest price for preordering it is 409€ = 352£ = 537$

  9. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Dusty, let me check on that for you. I should know soon.

  10. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Dusty. We haven’t announced plans for the HTC One mini in Australia yet. Best to follow our HTC Australia Facebook page for the latest info:

  11. avatar ifilis says:

    If HTC is going to stop supporting it after 18 months, as it did with HTC One S, then I’m not going to support this company any more

  12. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Reni, Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with our customer service. I will escalate your issue.

    • avatar Reni John says:

      @dkrape:disqus: HII..
      Looks like your company is not in good synergies with me. Even your escalation did not work. I am yet to receive any official mail from HTC about my phone. M running out of patience,Its been seven days… Apparently you people are compelling me to go to the Indian consumer court of justice.

  13. avatar Darren Krape says:

    Hi Jarryd, You can check out the specs for the HTC One mini here: and the HTC One here:

    Basically, the screen is 4.3in on the HTC One mini and 4.7in on the HTC One. The Verge has a really nice comparison:

  14. avatar HTC Social Team says:

    We know capturing moments and sharing them is very important to our customers. We’d love if you shared some of your favorite summer moments with us here: #SummerOfOne

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