Manage Photos Better with the New HTC One

Loving the new camera on your HTC One so much that photos and videos are piling up in your gallery? Here are some tips on how to select the best frames, get creative with them, and organize your albums.

Keep the perfect frame and discard the rest

Gone are the days when special moments happen so fast that you can’t capture them. With HTC One, you have different options in Gallery to “freeze” such moments:

    • HTC Zoe: Open an HTC Zoe photo, tap once on the screen, and then find the frame you want to extract. You can do this by dragging the white dot along the blue progress bar at the bottom. This allows you to move through the individual still photos to find the best shot. Tap “Menu” > “Save frame”
    • Burst shots: After taking continuous shots, select the best-looking one from the batch, and then tap “Best shot”. This will delete other shots you don’t like.
    • VideoPic: While you’re playing a video in Gallery, tap the camera button to capture a still shot.

Retouch or enhance your photos

After selecting the best frame, try out Gallery’s editing tools to make your photos look even better. For example, to minimize shadows on your subject’s face, open the photo, and then tap “Edit” > “Retouch” > “Lighting”. Drag the slider up, and then tap “Done”.

And how about photo filters? While viewing a photo, tap “Edit” > “Effects”. Select from a variety of preset effects to create a custom filter to get your desired effect. To do this, press and hold a preset filter, and then drag it to “Custom”. Tap an effect to customize it or tap the plus icon to add more, and then tap “Done”. Or, tap “Save Preset” to use the effect you’ve created and keep it in the preset list.

Using custom camera filters on the HTC One

To compare the before and after photos, tap “Menu” > “Show original” and “Show effects”.

Manage your Gallery events and albums.

You just got back from that dream vacation and want to make your friends jealous by showing them your amazing trip. But you probably took so many photos that it would take hours to view them all. Here are several tips on managing your events or albums to make it easy to get to your favorites.

Highlight or star your favorite photos: Tap the “Highlight” button while viewing a photo. In Albums view, open the “Highlight” album to see all the photos you’ve starred. (Frequently viewed or shared items are also automatically added to this album.)

Creating folders in the HTC One gallery

When you take many photos within a period of time and location, your gallery will automatically organize them into “Events”. Here are some ways to manage your events:

  • Merge events: In Events view, press and hold an event, tap “Merge to”, and then select another event to combine.
  • Split an event: In Events view, press and hold an event, tap “Split to”, tap the items to move, and then tap “Split”. Select an existing event or manually create a new event (when you tap the plus button) for the selected photos and/or videos.
  • Show or hide albums: If you have manually created events or albums, you can show or hide albums in Gallery. In Albums view, tap “Menu” > “Show/hide albums”. Clear the albums you want to hide, and then tap “Save”.

How about you, do you have some tips and tricks to share? Send us your thoughts!

  • Dean M

    In one of the HTC One commercials, it shows a girl taking several
    pictures of a skateboarder, then combining them into one picture of the
    skater across the picture. Is this a feature on the One, or is this just
    showing how you can edit your picture after the fact using Photoshop?

    • Chris

      you can actually do that on the phone. Take a Zoe shot, then go to edit, retouch , then click sequence shot. The phone will compile the zoe into that sequence your looking for …

    • mazdajdavis

      Watch some tips and tricks videos on YouTube, this phone has a ton of features but their not obvious or easy to find. Doing some research will help a lot. Also this IS hands down the best phone camera ever. I’m coming from the HD2, then the Amaze 4g 2 of the best camera phones until this one. The big difference, the other phones did well in auto mode this one does not, again tips & tricks videos or google search. To get great pics you need to be in night mode in low light, back lit when the subject is back lit, know when to use HDR. If you spend some time learning how to use the camera you will get the best pics you have ever taken, it just doesn’t switch in automatic like other HTC phones before it. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

    • Arun David Berty

      It’s an inbuilt feature. You just have to make sure you take the shot in Zoe or burst mode. Then go to edit -> retouch -> sequence shot to create a sequence shot. HTC also gives you the option to choose which frames you want.

  • Mark Davies

    So I have an amazing Camera on my HTC One but I cannot email photos!!!

    IOS gave me the option to scale my phones to high, medium, low or original
    However, with the HTC mail app I can only send the full file meaning each photo takes about 2.5 mb
    And When I’m only emailing phone to phone it seems a massive waste of my and other people’s data…. So now I’m not emailing as many photos as I did with my iphone

    Same applies for videos, I can only email a 5 sec video
    IOS let me do 1 min

    This is a serious flaw for people who have limited data plans and don’t want to clog up their/others phones memory

    Come on HTC you have such a great product, let us share the photos!!!!!

    • Nevin Thompson

      The thing to do is to enable auto-upload to Dropbox or Google Plus when connected to WiFi.

      • Mark Davies

        I understand this will work

        But it’s a work around really, and a bit of a pain
        I’d like to send at the moment, not wait until I get home

        Can I click on a video and get it to upload and. Share the link at the same time?

  • Mafiazoe Rapper

    c good i m live haiti..give me one please je veux tchater sur un HTC

  • Nash24

    When i take photos in day light it gets more light in the corners of the images due to which it looks white.
    Is there any setting to change this pls help. It makes the image awkward. The exposure is way too much.

    • Arun David Berty

      Try using HDR. Even I had problems with exposures in daylight using normal mode.

  • Murat Kurtuluş

    I have htc one. The worst camera, I have seen. I used hd2, sensation are better than htcone. Do you really think think htcone has good quality camera? Please open pics in computer or print. Also please look picture’ssize. Don’t say lie Htc.

    • wizi

      I think you should read more about the technology that HTC uses for their camera. HTC has been telling us +1000 times.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Murat. A lot of the quality of any camera is how you use it, and the HTC One has a really solid camera, especially in low-light. I’ve seen some amazing shots submitted in our “Summer of One” page: http://blog.htc.com/soo/

      • Murat Kurtuluş

        Have you ever tried to amplify those pictures that you took with htcone? I mean i compared it with iphone 5. I used totally same stuff but results were so different. Its was brilliant allthough iphone 5 didnt need setting..

  • Marco Sjöberg

    One Issue i found when using Zoe is: You have the possibility, like stated below to save a frame with “best shot.

    HTC Zoe: Open an HTC Zoe photo, tap once on the screen, and then find the frame you want to extract. You can do this by dragging the white dot along the blue progress bar at the bottom. This allows you to
    move through the individual still photos to find the best shot. Tap “Menu” > “Save frame”

    This action however does NOT discard the the other photos, like burst shots do and you can’t delete ony photos from Zoe.
    I think BOTH these capture modes need the ability to save or delete one or more frames, and Zoe definitely needs a “best shot” option to save one frame and discard the rest.


  • sam

    how can I remove facebook pics from my gallery app, you guys made good phone coming from samsung galaxy s3 but your blinkfeed is annoying because i can’t get rid of it and gallery is even more annoying with my facebook pictures popping up in there. Change these features so users aren’t forced into living with them on the phone. Plus get rid of the little setting bar on the bottom that pops up when using apps, like facebook, its a pure waste of screen real estate when apps usually have their own setting button built in. You guys did great job overall with sense, its minimal and fresh but the things I listed above can be a deal breaker for me in the long term. thnx

    • TRNR

      To get rid of the Facebook photos from your gallery just go to your sync settings and delete your Facebook account. You will just have to add it again, not difficult. To avoid seeing them in your gallery again though, do not “pull down” in the Gallery app or that will refresh it and the photos will appear again.

      Hope this helps!

  • Amir Fayyaz

    HTC one simply loaded with a brilliant 4 ultra megapixel camera.
    It’s matter how anyone use this.

  • TRNR

    I thought I knew all there was to know about the photo editing function, guess I was wrong! The ‘Custom Effects’ option is amazing now that I’ve found out about it. Definitely will be giving this a try more often.
    Thanks again Raymond for these useful tips!

  • Dharmaraj Rathod

    Same issue with all these users here 🙁


  • Dharmaraj Rathod

    Just to enlighten the camera issue to all new one devices


  • santosh reddy

    i lost all my pics(automatically) that i have taken using camera in new htc one.

    • santosh reddy

      plz some one help me

      • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

        Hi Santosh – Are your photos disappearing from your device? What exactly happens after you take a photo? You can always get in touch with our customer support staff here: http://htc.com/support/

  • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

    Hi Yash, You should have it, but it is a little hidden. I put together a short video to demonstrate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyVuKO7t4gs

    Let me know if this helps!