Personalizing your HTC One Home Screen

With HTC BlinkFeed on the HTC One, we changed the way we interact with our smartphone’s home screen. Because you customize your BlinkFeed with your social networks and the content that matters to you, it means that everyone enjoys a home screen that is unique to them. Of course, the standard Android home screen is still a core part of your smartphone and we offer lots of ways to tweak it to make your HTC truly yours.

We recently asked you to share your home screens and we received some fantastic responses.

Here are tips based on your HTC home screens that you sent us:

Customize your wallpaper

Watki went super-minimalist to ensure his wallpaper of “best cat on the planet” was getting the deserved attention.

Want to feature your special feline (or canine, or any other photo) on your home screen? Changing your wallpaper is easy:

  1. Open the notifications panel by sliding down from the top of your phone. Tap on the settings icon (the gear-like icon in the top right).
  2. Scroll down to “Personalize”, tap on it, and then choose “Wallpaper” at the top of the list. You’ll get three options: “HTC Wallpapers” (several wallpapers that come with your phone), “Live Wallpapers” (wallpapers that show photos, the weather, and other animations), and “Gallery”.
  3. If you took the photo using your smartphone camera or downloaded it to your phone, choose Gallery. Tap on the album you want, then tap on the photo you want to use. You can then position and resize it, and, finally, tap “Done”.

Manage your connections with widgets

Adding widgets to your home screen is a great way to monitor your phone’s performance at a glance. For instance, a great way to boost your battery life is to only enable the wireless connections you’re using. So, if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or using Bluetooth, use a widget to make sure to have them disabled. No need to navigate? Disable GPS with another widget.

Matthew showed off the Bluetooth and GPS widgets on the home screen of his HTC Droid DNA.

Adding widgets to your home screen is easy:

  1. Open the app and widget drawer by either pressing and holding on an open area of your home screen or by pinching inward with two fingers.
  2. At the top of the top the drawer, make sure “Widgets” is selected in the drop-down menu. The default option is “Apps”.
  3. Scroll down until you see the widget you want and tap on it to add it to your home screen.

There are many widgets included in your HTC to manage your data and power. You can see a selected of these below.

Home screen data and power toggle widgets

Tell time, your way

If you prize neatness above everything else, Seb’s beautifully organized home screen might be the inspiration you need.

Front-and-center is HTC’s minimalist analog clock, which you can add using the same process as adding the data and power widgets.

Are analog clocks your thing? We’ve got you covered with a bunch of different styles.

HTC Sense analog clocks

Perhaps you prefer the exactness of digital, we have several to choose from, including HTC’s iconic flip-clock.

HTC Sense digital clocks

Have an awesome home screen? Share it with us in the comments.

  • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

    Nice! Is that a custom launcher?

    • Ramiroquai

      HI Darren, the launcher is ADW. Thanks for the comment!

  • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

    That bridge is awesome looking. Where is it?

  • Guest

    Here is my current look: http://tjuuv.deviantart.com/art/No-5-23-07-2013-387425565 – As minimalistic as possible.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      That looks sweet. I love minimalism.

  • Xia Zhu

    this is mine: http://i.imgur.com/LlYvmxH.jpg

    using the paralax iOS7 effect, so it moves around as I tilt my phone
    very awesome

  • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!