Putting the HTC One to the test at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival

London 30C (91F). In the midst of one of the warmest weekends in years, we braved the hot weather and went out to the Yahoo! Wireless Festival to test the features of new HTC One. Our ‘mission’ was to take the new HTC One to a series of festival events – testing its capabilities in real life situations and seeing if it would live up to the expectations of festival-goers.

We got to Wireless just after noon, tickets in hand and packing a fully charged HTC One. After all, it was going to be a long day.

Capturing with HTC Zoe and sharing with HTC Share and Highlight videos

The rides were pretty great too

We wandered around the festival, putting the camera to the test; from long shots to close-ups of artists on-stage, from fun and attractions, to the festival-goers themselves.

HTC Zoe mode was also great for capturing everyone dancing in the crowd during the day and into the night. We also created an HTC Highlights video with our favorites pictures, videos, and Zoes of the day.

Check out the HTC Share from the festival.

We also tested apps to capture some unique photos with the HTC One. The wicked kaleidoscope image below was captured with Camera MX, a perfect complement to the quality HTC camera hardware.

Taking a kaleidoscope photo with Camera MX

Staying networked with HTC One and BlinkFeed

Who goes to a festival and doesn’t update their Facebook status? As far as we’re concerned, posting, tweeting and uploading images is just part of the fun – as well as a great way to keep our followers updated.

Cellular coverage was decent, despite the heavy use, and Yahoo! helped out by positioning WiFi ports throughout the festival grounds. Luckily, browsing, posting and uploading was really quick and easy, right from HTC BlinkFeed on the HTC One – especially while waiting in line for food!

The food also rocked

In the end, it was a great day. We had loads of fun and our HTC One performed beautifully. After taking more than 100 pictures, 6 videos, and dozens of HTC Zoes we still had a quarter of the battery left to update all our social networks on our way home – bringing the Wireless Festival to life for all our followers.

Photo of the HTC One, taken by the HTC One