Six of Our Favorite Android Apps for the Summer

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is here, so the days are long and the temperature high. It is also a time of cook-outs, vacations, and getting out to enjoy some nice weather. Here in Seattle, we survived six months of drizzling rain and gray skies, so we’re excited to finally soak up some sunshine.

In celebration, here’s a collection of Android apps to help make this summer one to remember:

1. 500px

500px App

It is a big world and there’s a lot to see. Sometimes the hardest part of traveling is choosing where to go next. Fortunately, browsing 500px, a new photo-sharing service, can provide plenty of gorgeous inspiration. Do a quick search for “travel” and share where you want to head next. Plus, the big and beautiful photos look great on the HTC One‘s high resolution screen.

500px on the Google Play Store

2. Duolingo

Duolingo Application

Travel is always easier when you speak the local lingo, which makes Duolingo, a new language-learning app, great for summer travel preparation. It starts from the basics, with your first “bonjour” or “hola”, and through a series of fun challenges you progress to more difficult words and phrases. It is fun and educational, always a great combination. J’apprends français. Vous?

Duolingo on the Google Play Store

3. Tripit


Few things take the stress out of travel like Tripit. This fantastic app brings together all your travel plans: from flights, to hotels, to meeting notices and more. Simply forward your confirmation emails to Tripit and it organizes everything into a single itinerary. The pro version will track frequent traveler points and even send you text messages for flight delays or cancellations.

Tripit on the Google Play Store

4. Mobile data management

Data monitoring

Traveling overseas and on a limited data plan? Check out the mobile data management features on your HTC One (and other HTC phones). Here you can create a system alert when you hit usage milestones (say at 200 MB of data) and then a hard cutoff when you reach your limit. You can also see what apps are chewing up the most data. This feature can be found in Settings > “More” in the Wireless & Networks section > Usage.

5. Amazon Kindle


Sometimes the best thing to do in nice weather is, well, almost nothing. Few things are better than an ice-cold drink and a good book. But this is 2013, so why limit yourself to one book when you can have an entire bookstore in your hand? So whether you want the latest summer brain candy or need to brush up on your Plato, you’ll likely find something to fill your sunny summer days in the Amazon Kindle app.

Amazon Kindle on the Google Play Store

6. Paper Camera


Summer is when your Facebook and Instragram feeds fill up with photos of beaches and sunsets. Make yours stand out from the crowd with Paper Camera’s fun filters that give your photos a hand-drawn appearance. Check out the clever new “comic book” or “film noir” options. Best of all, the filters are applied live so you can see exactly what shot you’re capturing.

Paper Camera on the Google Play Store

These are a few that we love. So what are your favorite summer-related apps?

  • Aleksandar Petrović

    Paper camera seems nice, will give it a shot. 🙂
    Great article btw.

  • Areeha Arshad
  • Emma Waldron

    Tripit is great!! So are the trip advisor city guides!

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Agreed. I’ve found some fantastic – and unexpected – new places using Trip Advisor city guides.

  • maansingh

    I bought htc wildfire almost 9 months back through rediffshopping and it is giving me truble from day.