Hilarious Title Contraption

We get asked what “HTC” stands for pretty often. Some have suggested the letters mean “High Tech Computer”. Others have noticed the curious coincidence that HTC happens to be the initials of one of our founders, HT Cho. There have been some clever guesses as well – “Happy Telephone Company” is a pretty good one.

We’ve changed a lot over the years, but for us those letters have always symbolized innovation. We’ve changed some big things, like smartphones with the first Android phone ever, and some small things. What hasn’t changed is our relentless focus on creating the next great smartphone.

So let’s have some fun with those three simple letters with the HTC Generator. Perhaps the real meaning of HTC will pop-up. Here are a few of our favorites from the generator:

Hypnotic Talking Cat

Photo by Chris Erwin

Hysterical Tourist Crab

Photo by Brad Perkins

Hilarious Tyrannosaurus Comedian

Photo by Mike Souza

Do you have your favorite “HTC”? Let us know in the comments.

  • Peter Yew

    High Tech Communicator

  • Peter Yew

    Here’s To Change

    • HTC Social Team

      Change is good! We’re all about pushing innovation, Peter.

      • waqas

        dear Team,
        i need windows 6.5 on my htc hd2 currently i am running nexus hd2 4.0.4 android, i need windows rom
        and how can i install window 6.5 back.

  • Samuel Horne

    HTC – ‘Huge Technology Changer’

  • Владимир Суворов

    Hitech Taiwan Company