Change is the only constant


We all see the forces of change at work in our daily lives, and this is especially true in the mobile industry. Smartphones are touching people’s lives in ways that are constantly changing and could scarcely be imagined just a few years ago. HTC is proud to have played a definitive role in shaping today’s connected mobile world.

htc-g1-to-htc-oneWe’ve done that by creating innovative products that challenge the status quo and re-imagine what is possible. From the dawn of touchscreen wireless PDAs, to the world’s first Android smartphone, to the critically acclaimed HTC One of today, HTC has constantly changed the way you stay in touch with the people, information and content you care about. If there’s one constant in HTC’s 17-year history, it’s our eagerness to embrace change.

Now it’s time for HTC to change the industry once again. Since I joined HTC late last year, I’ve spent my time getting to know the company inside and out. HTC has already driven a dramatic shift in the smartphone experience this year. The introduction of the HTC One brought people amazing improvements in design, sound, content and mobile photography. But we need to do better in getting the word out. You may know HTC as the “Quietly Brilliant” company. We still cherish Quietly Brilliant as one of our most important internal values. But we also recognize that the world is constantly evolving. It’s time for HTC to step up and take up the mantle as a vocal and energetic champion of the very idea of Change. Change is in us. Now it’s time for Change to be in our name, too.

Today we are announcing an exciting new concept behind the HTC brand, the Change platform. This Change platform celebrates HTC’s unique, maverick approach to product design, innovation, and how people everywhere use mobile technology.

To kick off this new brand direction, we are excited to announce that we are working with one of the leading change-makers in entertainment, Robert Downey, Jr. If anyone has served as an agent of change to an industry, Robert Downey, Jr. is it. He’s a natural fit for HTC because his rebellious approach to acting and film-making mirrors our own disruptive impact on the mobile industry. He is the perfect partner to launch this bold new initiative with us.

Here's To Change with Robert Downey Jr.

But Robert Downey, Jr. is just the start. There is much more to come. Change is a long-term campaign that will itself change and evolve over time. We are committing to an unprecedented investment in marketing activities built around the idea of Change. You’ll see us use a variety of tactics and channels to highlight the ways that HTC has changed the face of the mobile industry through innovations like HTC BlinkFeed, BoomSound, and our UltraPixel camera with HTC Zoe. You’ll see our messages of Change pop up at retail, in print, online, and outdoors.

We’re excited, but we also know first-hand that change is never easy. We are clear on the challenges we face, both internally and in the marketplace. Over the past year, we have taken dramatic action to turn things around. We’ve streamlined our product portfolio. We’ve delivered compelling and innovative new experiences – not gimmicky features or the same-old same-old. Change is the latest example of how we are better aligning our marketing strategy to support sales.

If you want to change the world, you have to take risks. Those companies that are too afraid to fail just end up playing it safe. They will never really make a difference in people’s lives. They will never bring about true change, and in the end they will just fade away.

Change plays to HTC’s strengths. We know we can’t compete with our much bigger rivals on sheer ad spending alone. So we will shift the terms of the battle by competing on creativity and innovation instead. We are going to make the name “HTC” stand for playfulness, originality, innovation and spontaneity.

We’re confident in our ability to succeed. HTC is still a relatively young brand, with a heritage rich in innovation and great products, great people, and great customers. We are optimistic about the future. The Change campaign will help ensure that HTC continues to bring about positive change in people’s lives for years to come. We hope you enjoy the ride. It’s going to be fun.

  • Kevin McDole

    Keep up the good work. Your products are a joy to use.

    • Darren Krape

      Great to hear you are enjoying your HTC!

  • TRNR

    Even though HTC is a relatively young company, in the short time they’ve been around they have definitely shown a great amount of innovation and spearheading when it comes to new products and experiences in the mobile industry/market. It’s unfortunate that many of HTC endeavours have been met with skepticism or have been compared to other companies who don’t even try to make products more usable or better for customers. I applaud HTC though for pushing through as well as creating this campaign which I believe will capture everyone’s attention. I will always see HTC as one of the leading industrial companies out there, as they continue to push the envelope to give us products that are nothing less than stellar!

    • Darren Krape

      You’re making us blush. =)

  • Madmarcolino

    I’m ashamed to take pictures at night with this device ….. looks good in front of him even medium-low-end devices ……!

  • Eugene Cornelius

    Great to have some insight from the CMO and where #HTChange is going! Good things and times ahead!! #TeamHTC

  • Eugene Cornelius

    Very encouraged to see that the Top Management is coming out and stating that Change is something that HTC is going to be looking to work on and move ahead with! HTC always has made quality devices, and I’m pulling for #TeamHTC to regain its status as a major player in the Android (and Mobile) industry. #HTChange

  • Aleksandar Petrović

    Changes. Aaaah, good to see HTC is back 😉

  • Ayla

    I always loved my HTC Desire – that started to show cracks (constantly freezing the system etc) after a few years, so decided I wanted a new HTC: a HTC One X. Only it stopped working after two weeks! Such a shame, because I loved the phone. Shows its one downside right after it broke down: the fact that you can’t open it up yourself to see if it’s the battery or not. So I guess not all change is good, unfortunately!

  • Darren Krape

    Hi Felipe, We’re always working to add new features to BlinkFeed. Unfortunately, I don’t have information on specific feeds or dates. Google+ is one of the more popular requests though.

  • Darren Krape

    Thanks! I think you might have me beat on the number of HTC’s owned, and I work here. =)

  • Jan Buchta

    Few days ago I bought my first htc one sv
    I will stay with Htc for long time. Great job and good luck 😉

  • Dave Reeder

    I totally agree with your mission.

    I get the feeling that the people at HTC have real passion for what they do. This is shown through the innovation and quality of your products. You may have larger rivals but that doesn’t stop you operating a successful business based around quality and innovation and winning new customers while keeping the old ones loyal.

    You need to get your products out there for people to see and play with too.

    Keep up the great work, on my 2nd HTC phone now and wouldn’t buy anything else!

  • Darren Krape

    Hi Akin, we’re working to bring the HTC One to more and more places. Hopefully we’ll be coming to your university!

    • Akin

      Cheers mate. I promise I’ll thank you if I see HTC campaigns at LOUGHBOROUGH university, UK!

      • Darren Krape

        Oh nice! I have a good friend that went to the Loughborough engineering school.