Round-up of HTC One mini reviews

When reviewers first got their hands on the HTC One many immediately fell in love, calling it “gorgeous”, “beautiful”, and “powerful”.

The HTC One line-up grew by one a few weeks ago with the announcement of the HTC One mini. Reviewers are now turning their praise on this newest addition, singling out the beautiful hardware design, unique features, and impressive performance.


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what reviewers are saying:

GSMArena – “We like the mini trend – a taste of premium features in a compact package.  The HTC One mini faithfully recreates one of the best mobile phone designs ever and does it without shedding too many features.”

Engadget found the HTC One mini a particularly appealing device in the mid-range segment, highlighting the “beautiful” design and “excellent” camera. Their conclusion is the HTC One mini is a strong mid-tier phone compared to its rivals.

Phones 4 U – “It certainly makes a striking first impression, and the device has the same ‘wow’ factor of its bigger sibling.”

Pocket-Lint also called out the HTC One mini’s design, calling it “outstanding”, and praised the “capable” performance. They also liked Sense 5, calling this version (shared with the HTC One) “the best yet”. The result? A solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Expert Reviews particularly liked the HTC One mini, saying it was a mid-range phone that was “great-looking” and demonstrated competitive performance compared to rivals . The final score: a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

If you’ve checked out the HTC One mini, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Tejas

    when it will be avilable in market

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Tejas – Availability varies from market to market. Best to contact your carrier for specific information.

  • ffakr

    I went with the HTC One after seeing some favorable reviews. One of the selling points was a reviewers claim that the keyboard worked better than the one on the Galaxy4s.
    My previous phone was an iPhone5 which was lost [stolen?].

    My impressions are not rosy.

    The battery life is absolutely terrible.
    A 40 minute drive with Waze on will drain most of the battery power. I’ve applied the update which is supposed to decrease GPS power draw and I’ve not noticed any benefit.
    Where I used to run Waze all the way into work in the morning on my iPhone5, I now launch it when leaving the house to get route times and I immediately power it off after we pick our route.
    The most power-hungry app, until I downloaded Firefox this morning, was HTC Sense, which I don’t appear able to run without. It’s the software that controls text/gesture input.
    At best, with fairly low usage, it’s a charge-every-night phone.

    The UI and hardware design, in general, leaves a lot to be desired.
    My wife was also up for an upgrade so I got her the Galaxy4s. The battery life is better. The Galaxy is noticeably lighter, though the difference on paper seems negligible, but perhaps most importantly.. it seems like a much more polished device.
    The power button is on the side.. which is much easier to access with one hand than the top button on the One. It’s got a home-button on the bottom like an iPhone which I prefer to the home and back buttons at the bottom of the touch screen on the One [going for those leads to interacting with the foremost app too often]. The touchscreen on the Galaxy seems more responsive.. I have to tap some small buttons, particularly in corners, several times on the One to get them to register properly.
    In general.. the whole UI seems more polished and less intrusive on the Galaxy than the One. It took too much effort to just get rid of the news widgets on the One.. the news that never seemed to update nor reflect the subjects I initially chose to view.

    Software-wise, HTC leaves a lot to be desired.
    They’re still not offering anything past Android 4.1, though they were promising an update earlier this year. I took that into consideration when picking the One over the v4.2 Galaxy.
    The HTC Sync software on the Mac is absolutely awful. It’s not threaded, so the interface locks when you do anything, like import an album. This is made worse by the inability to easily select a number of songs to import at once. Why no ability to sync to fill device or sync to a size limit like the iPhone?

    Worst of all, the photo sync doesn’t interact with OS X or iPhoto. Instead of using Apple’s public APIs to sync photos, the HTC Sync app copies photos directly into the iPhoto photo directory on the Mac and then HTC hopes that iTunes updates its self. It doesn’t work. I’ve had my iPhoto library corrupted several times before I disabled photo syncing. Corrupting your iPhoto library means moving all your photos out of the way, letting iPhoto make a new data directory, then copying [copy not move] them all back in. If you don’t pick through them all, that means all your deleted photos and all your revision [of edited photos] come along too. ..not to mention, it means you better have enough free space on your drive for two copies of your photo library.

    Until HTC address some big issues, I’m telling people to avoid the one.

  • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

    We’ll let you know if there are any updates. Best to contact your service provider for specifics.