Using Kid Mode on your HTC

Are your kids always grabbing your HTC phone to play games or watch YouTube? Do you like to keep them pleasantly occupied (i.e., quiet) on long trips? And do you want to allow your kid to play with your phone without worrying about them messing with your personal info, files, or settings?

The Zoodles Kid Mode app on your phone may be the key (and it can be educational too, but don’t tell your kids that!).

Adding a child to HTC Kid ModeSet up a free Kid Mode account

The first thing to do is to set up a free Kid Mode account and then customize the app for your kids. Open the Kid Mode app, tap “Get Started”, and then tap “Create an account”. Enter your email account and a password and tap “Save”. Your account will be created. The app will then ask you to add a child to the account. Type a nickname and select the birth month and year so that Kid Mode can choose age-appropriate activities for your kid. Tap “Done” to finish or tap “Add Another” to add another child to the account.

Protect your stuff from small hands

After you’ve added your kids to the account, you may be prompted to turn on the Child Lock feature. This allows your kid access to only those apps on your phone that you choose. This prevents your kid from accidentally deleting important documents or files, or having access to other apps and data. Simply tap “Turn on Child Lock” and follow the instructions on the screen. When the Child Lock is on, the Home button is disabled, so you will also be prompted to choose an action, such as writing a “Z”, to be used to exit Kid Mode.

You can enable or disable the Child Lock in the Parent Dashboard. You’ll learn how to access the Parent Dashboard a little lower down.

Add your child’s favorite phone apps to Kid Mode

After you’ve set up the kids’ accounts, you may want to allow them access to some of the apps on the phone.
On the Zoodles main screen, tap the Parent Dashboard link. You’ll be prompted to use the action that you created for the Child Lock to access the Parent Dashboard.

Tap the “Apps” icon and if you have more than one child account, tap the account you want to add apps to. You will see a list of apps that you can enable for your kid’s account. Select which apps you will allow your kid to use and tap “Save”.

Let them play

When your kids tap their profile on the Zoodles main screen, they’ll be able to play games, listen to recorded storybooks, and more. You can even see some of your kid’s stuff on your phone’s BlinkFeed panel. Just make sure you have Kid Mode enabled in your BlinkFeed Topics and services.

The main applications in HTC Kid Mode

Parent dashboard in HTC Kid Mode

You can access the Parent Dashboard from the Zoodles main screen, the apps list, or in “Settings” > “Security” > “Kid Mode”.

Use the Parent Dashboard to configure program settings, change the Child Lock action, add more accounts, and more.

If you want to block incoming calls while Kid Mode is active, tap “Settings” and then de-select or clear the “Allow incoming calls” option.

Leaving Kid Mode

On the Zoodles main screen, tap the “X” and confirm you want to leave with your Child Lock setting. With that, you should have Kid Mode configured in no time, keeping Junior amused and your personal data secure.