Handmade Cases for your HTC from Etsy: Part One

The HTC One has been roundly praised for its beautiful design. So, it is a sad day when you have to buy a bland case to protect the handsome aluminum from the rough and tumble world. Fortunately, unique and beautiful cases for your HTC are only a click away on Etsy, the world’s marketplace for handmade goods.

Here is the first set of our favorites:

Handmade Sophistication with the Leather Wallet

If you’re seeking some refinement in your case, hand and hide‘s all-leather HTC One wallet might be the one for you. Handmade in a Portland, Oregon studio, this artfully stitched case includes several card slots and can be monogrammed or laser-etched with custom designs.

Etsy Case - Wallet

It was in a small leather shop in Marrakesh, Morocco where Hand and Hide’s Jeffrey Amrhein was inspired to start a new career working with leather. Over the next several years, he traveled across North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, watching the practiced hands of craftsmen and learning from their experience —and you can feel it in his work.

Bringing the Bling with the Hello Kitty Case

Want to get your phone noticed? There’s no better way to turn some heads than with Belladara‘s blinged-out Hello Kitty case from Romania.

Etsy Case - Hello Kitty

Anca Dragoe, who makes the cases, got the idea while living in China. Originally from Romania, she started learning Chinese and eventually received a scholarship to go study there. While working as an English teacher in a private school, she noticed her student’s mothers sporting blinged-out cases like this one. After making them for fun, then for her friends, she started selling them on Etsy.

The BoomSound Sleeve

To appreciate the quality of HTC BoomSound, you really have to hear it. But with CrankCasesRetro Boom Box sleeve, you can at least give a hint of the power within.

Etsy Case - BoomSound

Having started more than three years ago, CrankCases has made quite a stir, getting their bespoke cases featured on Gizmodo, CNET, Vogue, and a number of other prominent outlets. From start to finish, they make all of their cases in jolly old Britain (and with sleeves featuring everything from a London police box to Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street address, it shows!).

Next week we’ll have another batch of cases for you, including an all-metal case for your all-metal HTC One.

  • Patrick

    That boombox pouch is perfect! The leather one has a good look too, but I dot get the crazy bedazzled cases. Probably because I’m a dude. LOL. I’m sure someone would like it.

  • Frettfreak

    Maybe its cause i am not a chick, but these are HORRIBLE.

  • ECLIPSE9519

    I really like that boombox pouch!

  • n0th1ng_r3al

    fugly cases

  • Michael Sharpe

    Hello Kitty case is not available for the HTC One only for the HTC One X and One S