Handmade Cases for your HTC from Etsy: Part Two

Last week we shared some of our favorite HTC One cases from Etsy, from the sophistication of a handmade leather wallet, the BoomSound sleeve, to bringing the bling with the Hello Kitty case.

This week we have three more cases that provide unique ways to compliment your HTC One.

The Sleek Felt Sleeve

If sleek and simple is your style, then Phocket’s dotted anthracite felt sleeve may be the best fit for your HTC One.

Etsy Case - Felt Sleeve

Phocket, a husband-and-wife team from Germany, seeks to produce cases that are simple and stylish. She does the design, sewing, and packing, while he does the photography (which you can see above) and manages the shop. After finding the perfect material, they’re now able to create one-of-a-kind cases that are the perfect complement to your HTC One.

The All-Metal Case

What better match for the all-metal HTC One than an all-metal case? Plus, if you want to make a statement, it is hard to beat BadassCase Co’s aluminum HTC One case. With custom diamond-cut engraving available, this one can really make an impact.


Travis Taylor originally got his start doing custom pearl inlays and engraving for guitars, using computer-controlled precision equipment to get the perfect look. Travis then brought this technique to the aircraft-grade aluminum cases you see above. Whether a business logo or custom artwork, BadassCase can put it on your case.

The HTC Touch in Leather

It is often the details that really make a design. LederBazi, a shop from Munich, Germany, demonstrates this perfectly with a hand-crafted leather sleeve complete with the HTC logo.

Etsy Case - Leather Sleeve

Gisela Demmel, LederBazi’s owner, has long loved unique, handmade design, particularly when using the rich textures you get from leather, metal, and high quality cloth. Her goal when creating a new design is practicality meshed with beautiful materials, then the addition of something a bit unique, ensuring each one possesses its own personal “note”.

  • TRNR

    Such great cases! I’m torn between the Felt sleeve and the Leather sleeve. Both minimalistic in design, but detailed thanks to their accents and fine details. Another reason why the HTC One (and HTC phones in general) is the best device to date. It just goes to show that when you have a premium device like this, it makes it easy for other hackers/makers and crafts people out there to make great products to suit. Leather and aluminum, what a combo. Lol!

    • htotfalitm

      shill detected

      • TRNR

        Excuse me for having a somewhat (overly) enthusiastic post. No, I’m not trying to promote a product with my comment. Just thought I’d share my likings.

  • auricom

    Phocket operates out of Riga, Latvia not Germany. I bought their dark grey felt as soon as I got my HTC One back in May. Although it’s a little frayed now, it does its job protecting my HTC One wonderfully. Plus, the card pouch up front keeps my RFID pay card and together acts as extra protection.

  • jesr

    I cant find the last sleeve! The link posted in the blog shows us a sleeve with no HTC logo. Can someone post the correct link to the exact sleeve of the pictures?? thanks