Here’s To Confirmation

If there’s one way we’d describe today’s news from our competitor, it would be, “Here’s To Confirmation”. Confirmation of the experiences that HTC has pioneered, from the camera, to hardware design and the use of metal, to the user experience and more. Instead of witnessing a game-changer, you saw what happens when a supposed market leader decides to follow.

At HTC, change is who we are. Change is what we do. We even put it in our name by embracing the mantra “Here’s To Change”. By constantly questioning the status quo, we’re proving that true innovation is still possible in an industry dominated by a duopoly that is simply running out of ideas.

HTC has a proud history of breakthroughs and firsts. Earlier this year we changed the industry yet again with the acclaimed HTC One. The HTC One delivered true breakthroughs in sound, photography, and how you use your phone, all wrapped in jaw-dropping metal design that has caused more than a few iFans to do a double-take. And of course, experiences like front-facing stereo speakers with HTC BoomSound and a dynamic personal home screen with HTC BlinkFeed are still unique to HTC.

The new HTC One

Compare the HTC One that to what you saw today. An iPhone 5 that looks the same as the one before it, and the one before that. But it’s made out of metal! It features a camera with bigger pixels! And there’s a second line of phones made with colored plastic unibodies! Sound familiar?

We’re not pretending we have all the answers. We’re just saying that if you’re going to change, why not go big? Why not choose real change and offer a genuinely new experience? Check out our program that lets you swap your iPhone for credit towards a new HTC One. Join all the others who have been Happy To Change.

  • equanimous

    “looks the same’. Is that how deep your analysis runs?

  • Mohammed Hijazi

    I’m a die hard fan of HTC, i spend my days arguing with people about how amazing HTC is, but honestly i would really appreciate if HTC stays out of this “Dirty war” no need to point out the flaws of the iPhone, you guys should just be confident of the amazing handsets you’re making, and really target the the filthy competitors like Samsung, your should be aimed to conquer the Android market because its easier to convince an android user to switch to HTC because its also android, while its hard to convince users from other OS’s that are already used to their systems, HTC is the best to ever do it, you should pay more attention to your marketing, after-sale services & Hardware quality….. HTC <3

    • Mahesh Murali

      also sd card slot and removable battery 😀

  • hostile_17

    As long as you benchmark yourself against them, you’ll be in their shadow.

    Be different. Don’t acknowledge them, if they are inferior to you.

  • fei

    People are badmouthing his discussion/opinion, but I welcome it! Steve Jobs did the same sh(t every day! He badmouthed android on stage multiple times and was quite frankly a bit of a c)nt in real life too

  • Luisito Mercado

    Forever HTC!! I’ll never leave HTC, I’m a fanboy and have no shame to admit it! Only thing I do miss is SD Card support, but I’ll never consider the competition! HTC-4-Life 😀

    • Jad

      Thanks for your support. Much appreciated!

  • Barbara Cotter

    HTC allow me to test one in my field. Education

  • Al Ramsawi

    I’m very pleased to read this article and all comments, but I have a question about the HTC website. . I think the devices ranges are not updated to the latest launched ones, as in UAE market we have suppliers selling both HTC ONE DUAL SIM (which is fantastic having sdc) and the HTC ONE MINI. The same info and reviews of both devices available in GSMARENA.COM
    Is there a reason for not updating the same in HTC website? And should we fear of buying any of those devices from those suppliers?

  • James

    seeing as my last comment was not approved given that it didn’t agree with the above post, am I allowed to comment that HTC has a Gold HTC One in the works .. “what happens when a supposed market leader decides to follow” … Heres To Change

  • equanimous

    Thanks for answering my rhetorical question.

  • Max Lim

    HTC ONE has made some impression, DO NOT BE CONTEND !
    Please keep up the momentum, be alert and look around what’s still happening….

    HTC ONE is hardware stuff, DON’T forget the software too !
    They coexist and must integrate beautifully like HTC ONE


    I have already recommended 5 to the change to HTC and yes it was easy convincing them.Your design simply blows them away even the die hard Sammy fan boy. Service and customer reach is all what you have to work out if u guys really want to hit hard on the developing countries like china and India plus put some more entry level and mid range to choose from.