The HTC One mini by David Koma

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, designer David Koma moved to London 12 years ago to pursue his career in fashion. Today Koma, is one of British culture’s ‘ChangeMakers’, pushing creative boundaries and inspiring others to do the same. His creations have been worn by stars including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Rihanna and his shows have become one of the most highly-anticipated events of London Fashion Week.

David Komi

We are proud to announce our collaboration with David Koma to create an exclusive special edition of the new HTC One mini ahead of Fashion Week. The #HTCKoma campaign celebrates creativity and the pursuit of design perfection. (If you are in the UK, you could even win one.)

We caught up with Koma himself to talk about this partnership.

Tell us a bit more about your collaboration with HTC.

When I was approached by HTC to collaborate I was really excited about as it was a very interesting project. I have an HTC One myself and I love the phone so you know it was meant to be! The designs I’ve created for this special edition of the HTC One mini mirror the transition in style from my previous season’s collection to my upcoming one which will be presented during London Fashion Week.

Pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques play a huge part in how I bring a collection together – taking part in this project has been a very exciting experience for me and an opportunity to find inspiration from working with new materials.

What were the inspirations behind the designs?

We had the theme of ‘Change’ to work with and from there we went through several interesting developments and finally came up with two additional concepts for the designs. One of them was inspired by music and vinyl records. The design has a curvy pattern which is quite graphic bold and organic at the same time. The second designed was inspired by the collection I will be presenting at London Fashion Week which is based on Japanese archery, the design represent these lines of arrows and tribal shapes.

Komi HTC One

Since fashion is an industry that renews itself every 6 months and it’s constantly changing. What does change mean to you?

As a creator I love experimenting and always try something and bold basically. Change makes you evolve as an artist. This designs as well as this collection meant a change in the previous artistic direction. You have to be able to come up new ideas and create new concepts quite fast. Change is something we have to get used to as an artist and I pretty enjoy it. ‘Change’ is definitely part of my job.

Besides ‘Change’, Your new collection has been a big influence on the designs you created for this collaboration, what can we expect from your new collection?

There are some signature details and structures within the garments. The ‘David Koma DNA’ will still be there but we have added new techniques and new ways of embroidery and cutting patterns into the dresses. I am very excited about this collection!

You have done very successful collaborations in the past with other artists such as jewellery designer Sarah Angold and renowned retailer, Topshop; how was working with a tech company like HTC?

Yes, I have done some collaborations in the past but I have been very selective with who I work with. When I do a collaboration it needs to fit my aesthetics and come really natural. I don’t like when it looks forced, it is not my style.

I always wanted to collaborate with a tech company. I like seeing my designs on different types of products, it is a really exciting thing for me. That’s why I love this collaboration!

As a designer you need to be in contact with your world, how does the phone helps you keep up with your busy life.

I am a big fan of the camera. I like to take pictures of my work in progress and the camera in the HTC One is great for that. I love the quality of the pictures and HTC Zoe, they are a big help for me when I am working.

What do you use your phone for?

I use my phone mainly to communicate with people; call, texts and emails. Besides that, I use the camera a lot and sometimes listen to music – with headphones! No BoomSound [Laughs]

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