Great Trios Throughout History

Eight-minute abs, one-man wolfpack, Dynamic Duo; culture is full of all sorts of numerical associations, and Hey, Three’s Cool, too. With that in mind we’ve identified great trios throughout history that made a mark. Sorry Three Musketeers—really there are four of you with D’Artagnan—and the Matrix Trilogy—only the first holds up—you didn’t make the list.


  • reneMAC

    HTC One Mini, HTC One, HTC One Max!

    Heres To Choice!!!!!!™

  • Mathieu van Sluis

    The Three Amigo’s. I really loved that movie back then. 🙂

  • parth doshi

    swedish house mafia
    Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso.

  • radiotrib

    Groucho, Beppo and Harpo

  • dino44

    Jam,roly poly and custard.(Its an English thing !)

  • Eugene Cornelius

    Han, Luke & Leia… the best Star Wars Trio (and awkward love triangle)


    Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter and Jerome Kersey. Portland Trail Blazers

  • hostile_17

    Wow, I didn’t know beheading of innocent women was marketing fodder for HTC. Well done.

    What next? Stonings of women? Hanging of black people? Maybe women being beaten to death by their husbands? The potential is endless!

  • hostile_17

    HTC, if you’re into the murder and abuse of women, why not do a great trio of the three women that were held in that American basement? Why stop at Anne Boleyn’s death?

    The Axis from the second world war could be another great trio… let’s have a comical picture of Hitler to market your products.