Supersizing the One With the HTC One Max


First there was the HTC One. Then came the HTC One mini. And now, we are super-sizing our premium smartphone experience with the HTC One max.


All the killer features you’ve grown to love in your HTC are here — BlinkFeed homescreen, the UltraPixel camera, and powerful BoomSound audio — on a bigger-than-ever, gorgeous 5.9” screen wrapped in our dazzling all-metal design.

On top of that, the One max also includes a fingerprint scanner for easy unlocking of the device, an updated Sense experience that delivers even more BlinkFeed content and imaging functionality, and it packs a huge battery to last you even longer.

The arrival of the One max rounds out the One family, offering something for those who want more out of their smartphone. Look for the One max to start hitting stores worldwide later this month and in November.

Is this the phone for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

5 Responses to “Supersizing the One With the HTC One Max”

  1. avatar captainkirk says:

    When can I order an unlocked Max directly from HTC?

  2. avatar ISH-3000 says:

    I have always loved this BRAND from the TYTN and P3400 all the way down to the SENSATION XE .. Can’t wait to OWN the ONE MAX

  3. avatar HTC Rip Off says:

    my experience with HTC One has been most disappointing!! they gave me a faulty phone from day one but refused an exchange

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