UEFA Tech Talk: The Stadium Goes Social

As the Group Stages of the 2013 UEFA Champions League are in full swing, we conducted a unique study into how fans watching matches from the stands engage with social media differently than those watching on TV. The results are fascinating. It turns out that fans in stadiums are almost 10 times as talkative as those at home, producing around one third of the total social media conversation about the game.

One of the reasons for this huge volume of chatter was that fans watching matches in person love to share their ‘I was there’ moments (as well as talking about the action on the pitch). This includes plenty of selfies as well as thousands of mentions of their experience from inside the stadium. The study also discovered that – despite a reputation as a relatively quiet home crowd – Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge were the noisiest on social media, while Italian fans watching AC Milan at San Siro were perhaps too wrapped up in the dramatic action on the pitch to turn to their phones.

The infographic below shows more details from the games studied – from which clubs were the most talkative, to what the hottest topics of conversation were – including which fans are chanting the loudest online via #hashtags!

UEFA Tech Talk Infographic showing what fans talked about on Twitter during the 2013 UEFA Champions League matches