Five Favourite Photography Apps for the HTC One

This is a guest post written by Andrew Dean, a member of HTC elevate, which is our VIP community for HTC’s top fans from around the world.

So you’ve got your HTC One and you’ve taken some brilliant pictures with the outstanding UltraPixel camera, but what apps should you use to edit those photos and upload them whilst on the move? Here’s my roundup of my favourite photography apps for the HTC One!


Snapseed is a great free photo editing app by Google that gives you a wealth of editing options behind a great UI.

snapseed for android on htc one

Snapseed allows you to quickly adjust the brightness, contrast, white balance and more. You can also crop and straighten images with it.

You can choose from lots of different photo filters and edit all of those filters to fine-tune the look of your photo to just how you want it. The app also saves the photo in its original resolution.

photo taken using htc one edited using snapseed


Now you can’t talk about photography apps for Android without mentioning Instagram!

editing photo taken using the htc one on instagram

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a quick and easy photo editing app that allows you to apply some very nice, vintage-looking filters to photos and then share those photos with everyone on Instagram. If you tag photos that you’ve taken with your HTC One series phone with #HTCOne or whatever one series phone you have and @HTC, your photo might get shared on HTC’s Instagram feed!

before and after photo taken with htc one edited in instagram


Flickr is a brilliant photo sharing community that allows you to share your photos that you’ve taken with your One with a whole community of avid photographers and then they can comment on your work (I’m on there too!).

The Flickr app for Android is brilliant and free! Not only does it allow you to upload up to 1TB of photos for free, but they’ve also incorporated the Aviary image editor for Android in to the app, so you can do some quick retouching before you upload your photo.

Edit and organize photos using flickr for android on htc one

With Flickr and your HTC One, you can store approximately 873,813 full resolution photos that you’ve shot with your One, and you can select the privacy settings of the photos before you upload them, so you can choose who views your photos!

While you’re there, don’t forget to join the HTC One Users Group on Flickr and see the world through other HTC One photographers.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is the touch-screen and optimized-for-phone version of Adobe Photoshop. Its editing powers go far beyond those found in Snapseed, but it takes longer to edit photos in Photoshop Touch than it does Snapseed.

Photoshop Touch

You can change everything from the brightness and contrast of your shot to using the heal tool to get rid of any unwanted things in a photo, like a power pylon or a sign. Photoshop Touch also allows you to work on multiple layers, so you can have greater creative control over your mobile photo editing!

Photoshop Touch Screenshot

Now unlike the other apps that I have featured, sadly Photoshop Touch isn’t free, it’s £2.99 ($4.99), but it’s definitely worth the money!

Google Drive for Photo Backup

Backing your photos up through Google Drive is a great app that comes with your HTC One, One mini, and One max and what it does is backup every photo you take. The backup is accessible via your Google+ and it uses your Google Drive storage. (Hat tip: you get an extra 25GB storage on Google Drive with the One and 50GB with the One max. Here’s how to activate the storage on the HTC One max and all the details on the Google Drive offer for HTC devices.)

G+ Photo Backup

This service is particularly good for those of you who constantly change ROM’s but don’t want to lose your photos, as when you sign in with the Google account that the backup is associated with, you’ll be able to access all you previously backed up photos and will be able to backup any further photos you take.

This app is free, but if it fills up all of your free Google Drive space, you’ll have to start paying for extra storage.

These are my favourite photography apps that I use on my HTC One. What are your favourite photography apps?

All photos in this post are taken on the HTC One.

  • Patrick

    Snapseed has become a powerful favorite of mine, I also use pixler express, touch retouch, pro hdr camera, afterfocus pro, pic say pro, … Just to name a few. I am nuts about creating photos with my HTC One and it is limitless with all the apps out there. It’s actually become amusing that I’m told, “you didn’t use a HTC One to take that…” LOL you bet I did. And I have the EXIF to prove it.

    • infodroidnow

      I also find myself creating more and more photos, editing them and just having fun.
      One is amazing at taking photos, and if a person gets just little interested in photography results can be amazing.

  • infodroidnow

    My favorites are Snapseed, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic. I also use Instagram, but sometimes I edit photos before I publish them on Instagram.
    It’s amazing to take and edit pictures on HTC One. 🙂

  • Rafał Żółkiewicz

    Most frequently I use the standard app from HTC but sometimes I use Pixlr
    Express,Snapseed,Camera MX,Instagram,PhotoFunia,Photo Editor by Aviary.

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    Thank you Andrew for the great collection of photo editing tools,
    I have instagram and Google Drive Gallery App installed,
    I’m discovering Snapseed, after reading your article, as it seems to have more to offer than the others,
    Thanks again for the great article,

    • infodroidnow

      Try it and you will love it.
      For quick touch up you can use auto enhance. It’s quick and easy if everything else looks intimidating at the beginning.

      • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

        I’m loving it, already!
        The selective areas adjustment is very very powerful !

        • http://www.droid-now.com/ Ivan Bandić

          If you are taking a sunset or sunrise you can use Ambiance to enhance the picture. Results are amazing.

          • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

            Definitely going to try it,
            Thanks for the tip 🙂

          • http://www.droid-now.com/ Ivan Bandić

            Be sure to send me a pic if it’s taken at Great Pyramid of Giza.
            I know my wife would love it. 😀
            You can see some pics I edited with Snapseed on my profile.

          • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

            I have an epic one, taken with my HTC One X, at the Pyramids of Giza,
            I’m not in the photo, but the Sphinx is there, and who am I to appear next to the guardian of the kings 🙂
            Two photos on my profile 🙂

  • ricktakagi

    Great writeup on your favorite photo apps Andrew!

  • i7

    Snapseed is very well made.. I like it

  • Samyak Ranjan

    I love Camera Awesome! 😀
    And after that Snapseed and Pixlr Express.

  • b1acktiger

    Thanks Andrew for this photography tips. Already using Instagram and Google Photo backup and I found Pixlr pretty good for editing pics. Need to look at the Snapseed app now. Heard a lot of positive reviews for Snapseed, But didn’t tried though.

  • VoodooDroid

    First, if the author new his apps, he would know that storage is NOT an issue. One app he suggests, Flickr, offers 1 TB of free storage including instant uploads from every device, the ability to sort to albums, edit, share, etc. So the 25 GB on drive is NOT an issue…….also, unless something has recently changed, it’s far more useful to have the 25 GB of Dropbox my HTC One came with……hope that hasn’t changed. Don’t need more GDrive space………and Dropbox makes it easy to get additional free space. The other apps he does mention are good but nothing new or creative……..how about HTC’s own rec’d photo apps? Like Aviary? Great App…….all these are about equal. GDrive adds nothing to the conversation……….And 1 TB on Flickr gets you covered on space……just sayin……

  • Ian McKeown

    Snapseed i had forgotten about it
    Super app

  • cmattick

    Picsay Pro … simple app for simple tasks.