Movember & HTC: Donate Your Upper Lip for #HairsToChange

HTC celebrates Movember

Each year in November, men and women around the world rally around the same cause – growing mustaches for Movember. But it’s more than just a fashion statement or “no shave November,” it’s about raising funds and awareness for men’s health through the power of the ‘stache.

Here at HTC, we are getting our Mo’ on. Starting this Friday, November 1, HTC will donate one dollar for every photo you post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that features you, your ‘stache, and the hashtag #HairsToChange, for a total of up to $25,000 USD. All of the money raised will go to Movember and it’s open to our community all over the world.

Are you ready to get your ‘stache on?

Calling all Mo Bros (men) and Mo Sistas (women) around the world, here’s how you can help:

  1. Take a photo of you and your ‘stache
  2. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram using the hashtag #HairsToChange
  3. Get your friends to do it too!

The photo must feature you and your mustache (or a version of a mustache). So whether you rock a “handlebar” or a “pencil,” we want to see those cookie brooms! Grow a moustache, take a selfie, and help us raise money for Movember and their amazing cause.

This isn’t just for the guys, either. All you ladies can help raise money, too. Draw, clip, or just pretend that you have your own caterpillar on your face and post a pic. The more photos you take and share, the more money we’ll raise!

Posting more than once a month is HIGHLY encouraged! Post once a week, once a day, once an hour – just make sure to use the hashtag, #HairsToChange!

Want to do more than just post a photo?

For more information about Movember and how to get involved check out these sites:

  1. Register for Movember and join Team HTC
  2. Donate to Movember
  3. Grow your ‘stache and get the word out!

Good luck and happy growing!

  • Patrick

    I’m going to try to make a shot for the next 30 days to show the progression. Hope I can make it.

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    I’m on it 🙂

  • Iris

    Why I can’t upload my picture ><

  • Aleksandar Petrović

    I’m doing it 😀 I am getting better every day, but it’s hard to make that look on camera

  • Joshua Jackson

    Well so far #HairsToChange has been really growing on me!