Why Selfies?

What is the first thing you think of when hearing the word, ‘selfie’? Is it a preteen showing off the duck face or a typical mirror-at-the-gym shot? One thing I’ve noticed is most people hear the word ‘selfie’ and cringe. But why? Why and when did ‘selfies’ get such a bad rep?

On their own, selfies are seen of as a vain and conceited way to promote oneself. But isn’t that the point?

We live in a world where we connect with each other almost entirely on social media. First there was MySpace, now there’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On each one of these networks, we have a profile—a page on the Internet dedicated to ourselves and our life. We’re okay with profile pages, so why are we so against others who post photos of themselves?

Selfies taken with HTC One

I look at selfies as photos of others sharing a specific moment in time. It’s a message that is more personal than a candid shot that someone else takes of them.  When I see a selfie, I immediately know who took the photograph and over time, I focus on the moment that person presents to me in their selfie.

Part of the reason why selfies have such a bad reputation is they’re so new. Never before have we been able to take a photo of ourselves and share it immediately with people all around the world. Not to mention the front facing camera on the HTC One makes it really easy to snap a selfie and share it.

If selfies make you more comfortable with yourself and you figure out who you are, then by all means, DO IT! Post as many as you want to and if people don’t want to see them, they can unfollow you or your post.

Before you go crazy with the seflies, to understand the three unspoken rules of taking a selfie:

  1. OWN IT. When taking a selfie, be confident; people will notice.
  2. Ask yourself the question: Is it worth sharing? (You don’t want to end up on one of these lists.)
  3. HAVE FUN. This is you. This is your life. Have fun with yourself.

Selfies are becoming a social norm, and soon social channels will be onto something new! So enjoy the trend while it lasts.

Also, since it’s November, embrace the selfie and take one with a purposeHTC is donating $1 to Movember for every selfie you take and tag with #HairsToChange. Snap a shot and tag it with #hairstochange!

HairsToChange HTC Selfies for Movember

What do you think about selfies?

  • Patrick

    Nice write up. Movember has really amped up my selfies activity. It’s good confidence booster too.