Five Favorite Transit Apps on Android

You’re at Point A (congrats!), but you’re supposed to be at Point B.

Whether playing tourist in a new city or embarking on your daily commute, nothing’s got your urban-navigating back like your trusty smartphone and it’s wide array of travel-assisting applications.

Before diving headlong into the infinity of code and color that is the Google Play Store, try out a few of our favorite Transit Apps, all wonderfully engineered to help you find your way.   

The Transit App

It would seem a bit odd to not top our list with the most aptly named Transit App, The Transit App. Montréal to Milwaukee, Paris to Portland—no matter where you find (or have lost) yourself, click on Transit to quickly find out all of the upcoming departures for the public transit routes nearby. This App also features a Trip Planner element to help chart your path to righteousness.

The Transit App on Android


If you haven’t hailed a hipster cab yet, now’s the time to give Uber a try. 50 cities and 20 countries worth of private taxis and drivers awaits with most arriving to your exact spot before your matcha latte can begin to de-foam. Gone are the days of long taxi lines and rushing busy streets to wave your arm at a sea of yellow motors. Plus, link it to your Google Wallet account for a quick, cash- and card-less payment option for your ride.

Uber App on Android


We had to give the local upstarts a nod. Faithfully aiding our daily Seattle bus rides is the quick and reliable OneBusAway App. You enter a bus stop that you’re looking to get to, and OBA shows you what buses are coming and when. Simple, right? For time-crunched Northwest commuters, it’s pretty much a must-have.  Now available in four regions in the US: Atlanta, New York, Puget Sound (Seattle), and Tampa.

OneBusAway App on Android


If there’s one thing we learned growing up, it’s to always hop into a car with a mustache. Lyft’s trademark pink mustache over the front grills may look a bit funny, but from your very first ride, you’ll be amazed at the ease, quickness and incredibly friendly nature of the trip, captained by some truly welcoming and funny folks in your city. Local, peer-to-peer based transit is on the rise, and Lyft is leading the way towards a happier, speedier, furrier future for your voyages. You can hop in a Lyft car in nineteen cities across the US.

Lyft Android App

Google Maps

Don’t leave home without it. Pre-installed on all HTC devices, Google Maps is the fastest and easiest way to get your fine-looking backside from Point A to Point B (and maybe even a quick dip over to Point Z). Whether sitting in your car, cruising on your bicycle, or grooving along by the count of your pedometer, tell Google Maps where you want to go, and it will get you there. To top it off, the turn-by-turn directions are the best we’ve seen (…Re-Calculating…).

Google Maps Android App

What are your favorite transit apps?