2013, The Year of the HTC One


HTC One product photo

We set out to change what’s possible when we released the HTC One earlier this year and as we approach 2014, we’re reflecting on the tremendous response we’ve received from some of most respected minds in technology.

Whether it was your reaction was to the all-metal design, front facing stereo speaker or our re-imagined Sense experience, we thank you and all our supporters this past year.  We’re excited for 2014 and the innovations the new year will bring!

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7 Responses to “2013, The Year of the HTC One”

  1. avatar rafo boss says:

    Really the best…

  2. avatar Albert Vidya says:

    I’m really proud as an owner of HTC One

  3. avatar Rolf Brandser says:

    It’s simply brilliant.

  4. avatar James Booker says:

    Best handset I’ve ever owned!

  5. avatar yoma says:

    Really the best

  6. avatar yoma says:

    HTC products are awesome.

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