UltraPixels in Action – Presenting Oneography Taken with the HTC One

With over 100,000 photos taken, tagged, and shared on Instagram using the UltraPixel camera on the HTC One and a very active HTC One users group on Flickr it’s no secret – people love their HTC Ones and sharing the photos they take even more. We scoured the Internet and our favorite subreddit for some of our most loved HTC One-ography and examples of how your the HTC One helps you see the world.

Sunset at Puerto Madero

Aroche_atardecer-en-puerto-madero. Oneography taken with HTC One.

Sunset at Puerto Madero. Photo by Javier Aroche of Guatemala.

Havana Resort

Havannah Resort, Vanuatu, photo by Ajay Parmar, oneography taken with HTC One

Photo by Ajay Parmar of Dunedin, New Zealand.
See more photos from Ajay’s Vanuatu trip taken with the HTC One without any other photo editing apps other than editing done on the HTC One camera app.

Stoop View

Stoop View, Josh Charette, south philly. Oneography taken with HTC One.

Photo by Josh Charette, South Philly, USA.

Jumping In

water splashing in the pool. Oneography taken with HTC One.

Photo by Jeremy S.

Show us your Best Oneography Photos

Have an amazing shot that you took with your HTC One? Share a link to your photo in the comments below, on Instagram by tagging your photo with #Oneography, or leave a link in the Oneography subreddit.

  • Vladislav Shumkin

    I will. As soon as my HTC One returns from service due to faulty camera module that added puprple hue to my photos.

  • Patrick

    A hidden message here? Double vision, the sun is set, a close pair, and making a splash. Double vision is set to have a close pair make a splash. 🙂 Ideas of a dual Ultra pixel set-up are intriguing. I can only hope to try something like that.

  • Navin Hotwani
  • http://www.mobilehotspot.ca MobileHotspot.ca

    It’s unfortunate our HTC One has a major camera defect. The infamous “purple haze” looms over low-light shots. Day time shots look alright though.

  • Ankur Lekhi

    Please repair the camera… help me on this now as its now 5 months with faulty camera 🙁

  • Priya

    I love my HTC One! But like others i too have a problem with the camera. The purple tint. At times it gives a nice touch but a purple tint in every pic spoils it.