In a hurry? Here’s How to Read Later on BlinkFeed

Ever been somewhere—stuck at a stop light, waiting for the bus—flipping through BlinkFeed, catching up on the day’s stories, only to get interrupted as soon as you find a story that you just have to read?

With the introduction of the Read Later feature on HTC devices like the HTC One max with Sense 5.5, you can now save those must-read articles through an integration with Evernote and Pocket. The best part? You can save articles on-the-go and use these apps to view them later on your mobile, desktop, or tablet. It’s easier than ever to read, re-read, and share articles you find on BlinkFeed.

The Read Later function only works on articles and content sources; not services and apps like your social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

How to set up Read Later on BlinkFeed

1.  Download and install one of our Read Later partner apps from the Google Play Store – Evernote or Pocket. You will have to log in to your account or create a new one to use these apps. Both are free services.

2. Swipe to the right so to access your BlinkFeed settings tray.

3. Press the three dots for the BlinkFeed settings drop-down menu and choose Settings.

4. Under Content, choose a default Read Later service: either Evernote or Pocket

5. Jump back to BlinkFeed and find an article that you’d like to read later.

5. Instead of opening the article to read it, press and hold the image until you see an “Actions” box pop up.

7. Select “Read later.” Jump to the instructions below if you use Evernote or Pocket as your reading list.

how to illustrated steps on how to set up Read Later on BlinkFeed with HTC Sense 5.5

evernote_android_app_iconHow to Read Later with Evernote

After you save an article, BlinkFeed will automatically launch Evernote and create a new note for you. This note will automatically include the title of the article as the title of the note and save the URL to the full article.

It will then save your “read later” note in your default notebook inside Evernote. You can then add additional notes, change notebooks, and add tags as you’d normally do in any note that you create in Evernote. When you’re finished, press the “Check” button in the upper left side of the note to save your article to read later.

Voila! You have saved the article to read later in Evernote. You can access your saved articles directly from your HTC by opening up your BlinkFeed Topics Tray and choosing the “Reading list”, which will launch Evernote, or you can launch Evernote directly. You can also access your saved notes on any device, desktop, or web app that you connect to your Evernote account.

Saving articles to read later in Evernote is perfect if you want to make some notes about why you wanted to read that article later or other takeaways.

How to setup evernote to read articles later on blinkfeed on the HTC One with Sense 5.5

Pocket_AndroidLauncher_512_v1How to Read Later with Pocket

After you save an article using Pocket, you can quickly add tags to your saved article in Pocket or send it to a friend via email.

The full article, including images, will be saved in your Pocket app that you can access anywhere, like with Evernote.

You can access your saved articles directly from your HTC by opening up your BlinkFeed Topics Tray and choosing the “Reading list.” This will launch the Pocket app and take you to your list of saved articles, videos, images, and content that’s been shared with you. It’s a very visual interface. As with Evernote, you can access saved articles on any device or web app that you connect to your Pocket account.

How to setup Pocket as your reader to read articles later on blinkfeed on the HTC One with Sense 5.5

Inside the Pocket app, you can mark articles as “read” and that will automatically archive the articles. It’s a great option to make sure your reading list doesn’t turn into an unmanaged inbox.

You can also share saved articles in the same way as you might use the traditional “Share” button that HTC owners love, including saving the full article and images to Evernote.

Pocket Web Screenshot

How do you read articles that you find on BlinkFeed later? Let us know in the comments below.