Tech Trends at CES

This is a guest post written by Amy Barseghian, a blogger and a member of HTC elevate.

Tech Trends at CES

Tech enthusiasts from around the world took to Las Vegas last week for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With over 3,200 exhibitors and 150,000 people in attendance, this was the largest show in CES history.

The week kicked off in complete HTC style with a private party on Monday night. With events and parties scheduled each night, HTC’s party was my favorite event of the show. Upon entrance into the Surrender Nightclub, it was clear that as with everything they do, HTC knows how to put on a good time. Oxygen bars and massage stations awaited guests in the “Unplug” area, complete with headphones and your very own HTC One to listen to.

I also found my next television as I sipped a cocktail and watched Monday Night Football on a giant HTC One screen. The Black Crowes took to the stage at the end of the night for a private concert lasting just over an hour. I have always appreciated that HTC knows their customers and I don’t know that a better band could have been chosen for the evening; fans, many of whom were strangers, united as we rocked out.


Audio at Every Turn

A clear trend at CES extending audio and music into every nook and cranny of our day. Bluetooth speakers were everywhere as we walked the show floor, covering home audio for everyone from children to adults. Exhibitors left and right all claimed to have the “best of” audio solution for portability, weather resistance, size and design. Whether we want to enhance our listening experience in our cars, through sound bars at home, or through the best-sounding headphones, CES shows us that we can be selective with the brands we use as there was ample competition in this space.

Wearable Tech Meets Fitness

Walking through the doors of CES, we expected to see wearable tech, as well as the connection between wearable tech and fitness. Gone are the days of simply counting steps; consumers want consistent feedback on what to eat, when to eat, how long they slept, and summaries of their fitness levels. With so many companies in the market, iFit stood out with their ease of compatibility and integration with Google maps. Walking the streets of Italy with live maps of the area is a reality as is doing an outdoor run and bringing that same run indoors to my treadmill if I can’t get outside.

Tech Trends at CES_wearable tech_blog

Ease of Mobility

It’s no secret that people depend on their smartphones. The thousands of exhibitors at CES showed everyone that we have yet to realize true mobility. Accessibility through apps, cloud storage, keyboards and accessories were around every corner, meaning users can clearly expect more from their devices and how they make everyday tasks easier.

Good thing I had my HTC One max by my side to embody the tech trends of CES in real time.

About the author: Amy Barseghian has been a social media influencer and writer since 2008; after spending most of her life in the Midwest and a four-year stay in Arizona, Amy and her family now call Orange County, California home. Amy is a social media community manager at Social Halo Media and freelance writer at OC Mentor and She Buys Cars. With a special fondness for 140 characters or less; she couldn’t imagine doing it all without her trusty HTC devices by her side. Check out her customer spotlight profile to learn more about Amy.

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    Very nice impressions, and I agree with, big time,
    Wearables have taken a whole big chunk of CES 2014, as most of the parties covering the event dedicated special episodes for wearables,
    Have you been to Pebble’s, Amy?
    Thank you.

  • Patrick

    Nice write up! It’s a dream off mine to get to that show one day. That would be my ultimate Kid-in-a-Candy-Store experience. A giant HTC One screen would be an interesting thing to hang on my wall… I wonder what happens to those now that the show is over… Well thanks for sharing your experience with us. Glad to see you had a great time.

  • Craig Fish

    Great post Amy, I would love to go to one of these giant tech shows one day, love seeing the latest trends in gadgetry. Nice to see HTC threw a party and that it was enjoyed so much, have to say again after seeing it on Instagram already, I really want a giant HTC One television!!!