Top 5 Games for the HTC One, Chosen by You

Grand Theft Auto on the HTC One

Some people go old school with Tetris. Some people have a sweet tooth for Candy Crush. Some people steal cars and others are mad about birds. Last month, we wanted to know what your must-download apps are for the HTC One. And this month, we wanted to find out what games you play on your One:

You tweeted back, commented, and replied with hundreds of responses; and we learned that you have excellent taste. For your (and our) enjoyment, we have compiled your top five favorite mobile games to play on your HTC One. So if you don’t like this list, you have only yourself to blame.

5. Angry Birds

Top Games-Angry Birds

With up to 500 million downloads from the Google Play store, it’s no wonder this was your top-five choice. Fire up your slingshot and dish out revenge on those greedy pigs. No shame in being addicted, we all are.

4. Ingress

Top Games-RealRacing, NSS, Ingress

The power of mind control is up for grabs and the battle plays out on an Intelligence Map that spans the globe. Join The Enlightened or The Resistance, turn strangers into allies and maybe shed a couple pounds looking for energy locations. This game’s a trip.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Top Games-Asphalt

Strap yourselves in for this octane-fueled stunt ride around the world through new and exotic locations. Perform aerial stunts; uncover shortcuts and master barrel rolls in your choice of 48 of the fastest cars on the planet including the Ferrari FXX, Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Veneno. Fasten your seat belts,

2. Real Racing 3

real racing

Drive like Ryan Gosling around real-world tracks including Laguna Seca and Silverstone while taking on players from around the world anytime, anywhere, thanks to Time Shifter Multiplayer technology. With over 50 cars you wish were in your garage and a bigger 22-car grid, Real Racing 3 gets two thumbs up from us. Another excellent choice by our HTC community.

1. Grand Theft Auto

Top Games-GTA

OK, we get it. You like fast cars and mischief. Grand Theft Auto also comes with some compelling life lessons: manage your money well, have entrepreneurial ambition, and when your El Camino catches on fire, run.

Stay tuned for more informal surveys from your connected friends at HTC. What’s your must-download game for the HTC One?

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    I don’t have HTC One so I didn’t participate on twitter and on facebook.. haha >..<