Introducing Power To Give – Use your Smartphone to Change The World

From eradicating disease, to mapping the universe, to bringing clean water to every child – these are some of the world’s foremost challenges that researchers are working to solve right now.

But with each research project comes an analysis of massive amounts of data that can only be processed by one of the handful of supercomputers that exist in the world. And not every research project has access to those supercomputers, or the time to crunch their enormous amounts of data.

With over one billion smartphones in use today, we have an opportunity to combine their processing power to help revolutionize scientific research and make a profound and lasting contribution to humanity, if we all work together.

Introducing HTC Power To Give

Introducing HTC Power To Give, an initiative that empowers you to dedicate a small proportion of the unused processing power of your Android smartphone to computing some of the data necessary to solve the world’s deepest challenges. With Power To Give, you can help process the data that might lead to the next cure for cancer, help understand climate change, or find the next clean energy project – all in the downtime when you’re not actively using your Android device.

We teamed with Dr. David Anderson, one of the founders and leaders of the early volunteer computing initiatives for PCs, to develop a volunteer computing platform for Android smartphones based on the BOINC PC platform, a project at University of California-Berkeley. By partnering with BOINC, the middleware platform that is used by a host of different research organizations, you have the opportunity to support crucial research across the fields of medicine, science and the environment and choose which projects you support.

How Power To Give Works

HTC Power To Give acts as middleware to connect a smartphone to different research projects, enabling the applications from supported projects to run and communicate with their central servers.

Research problems are broken down into many small tasks and distributed across the network of smartphones. When the app runs, it downloads the required project software which then manages the calculations required to process the individual tasks provided. Once complete, the results are uploaded to the central project team servers and a new task is allocated.

By downloading the HTC Power To Give app, plugging in your phone and connecting to Wi-Fi, your spare computing power will become part of an enormous grid, providing processing power to a project you’ve selected from a range across the world. Medical, environmental, scientific and many other projects will benefit. Projects that could otherwise take hundreds of years could be executed in a drastically shorter time.

How You Can Help

You can play an active role in finding solutions to the world’s toughest problems today. Find out more about Power To Give or if you have a smartphone with Android 4.3 or higher, download the beta version of the app and start changing the world.

Join us. Download HTC’s Power to Give and be a part of the future. 

  • Guest

    Make it available for PCs. Wonderful idea! Well done HTC!

  • Jon

    There needs to be a “sign in with Google” option. Way too many accounts to register for. Other than that, its a great idea. Credit to HTC

  • abdulkerim adem

    Benim telde cihazınız desteklemiyor diyor. Ne yapmam gerek

  • Igor Kruglov

    The App is not compatible with your unit (HTC One Dual SIM) ????!!!!!!