The Final Whistle Has Blown on the 2013-2014 UEFA Season


Technology is changing the game, as well as the way we enjoy it. It has been an exciting second year as the Official Global Smartphone of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. From day one, our mission has been to change the way you experience football and take it to a whole new digital and mobile level. With this in mind—and some creative help—we used the technology we have at hand through our mobile devices to give you a 360° football experience that goes beyond the stadium, both online and offline.

First Half

Through HTChangeTheGame, we gave you a central place within Facebook to find out more information about the next game and a place to win exclusive prizes. Last season, over 50,000 people took part and we gave away hundreds of tickets for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches, as well as multiple HTC One’s and HTC One M8s, UEFA merchandise, and other prizes.


On top of that, we gave you the opportunity to become our HTC Fan Photographer for a day: an unforgettable pre-match experience that gives you exclusive, pitch-side access during warm-ups, the anthem, and kick-off, as well as a new HTC smartphone to capture the best photos and HTC Zoes of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Second Half

2014 saw the birth of the HTC FootballFeed app, the first official UEFA app in partnership with HTC. HTC FootballFeed gives you access to the latest news, up-to-the-minute UEFA-powered statistics, insights, and exclusive content from every match, club, and football player.

Since February 2014, HTC FootballFeed has been downloaded over 130,000 times and received 4.7 out of 5 stars from users in the Google Play Store. Check it out now here, if you haven’t downloaded yet.


Extra Time

To add to the fun, we looked into the relationship between football and technology and we created a series of infographics with unique insights and stats never before revealed. How is football going to be in 150 years? Who’s the smallest player in the league? How many tweets are sent on an average match? You will find out all the answers here, here and here.

We know, we know – that’s plenty of content in the World Wide Web. Fear not, we also created the HTC UEFA Hub where you will find all the content mentioned above plus more!

But enough about us, let’s get down to the most important event of the year, the UEFA Champions League Final.

The Final

The football madness started at the Champions Festival, described by some as the “Disneyland for football fans,” where the HTC Star Photo attracted millions of fans, among them few football legends like Christian Karembeu.

HTC_Star_photo _Christian_Karembeu_and_fans

Talking about legends, we came down to the UEFA “Legends Match” where some of the biggest stars of the game faced each other in a friendly 40-minute match. We were lucky enough to have a chat with the one-and-only Luis Figo and get his autograph on the HTC One (M8). If you want to get your hands on this precious HTC One (M8), keep an eye on this blog as we’ll be letting you know how you can win it soon!



Now, let’s fast-forward to the UCL Final, one of the most exciting matches we have seen in very, very long time.

It started off with Atlético Madrid scoring. Throughout the match, it seemed the underdog was going to raise the UEFA Champions League trophy, but in the 93rd minute – with just two minutes of stoppage time remaining – Sergio Ramos scored for Real Madrid. From there was pretty much downhill for Atlético. In less than 30 minutes, Real Madrid managed to score three more goals, proclaiming them the new Champions of Europe.

Our HTC Fan Photographer captured the euphoria of the Vikings winning their tenth Champions League. It was the first time a non-professional sport photographer was allowed on the pitch to join the UEFA Champions League celebration, but definitely not the last one—and that’s everything we can say for the moment… For more info on how to become our ‘One-ographer,’ visit the HTC UEFA hub.



FP_UCL_4Here are the HTC Zoe highlights from our experience at the UEFA Champions League game in Lisbon (or ‘Madrisbon’ as we’ve renamed it).

We have definitely gone a long way from the beginning of our UEFA partnership, and we still have plenty up our sleeve. So don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine to keep an eye on us as there is more (much more) coming your way.

Thank you for your support and see you next season!

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    Wonderful photos! And I love the Zoe Highlight video. 🙂

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    Amazing video and great shots of this event 🙂 congrats! I really love the HTC One M8! congrats for this well written summary BIANCA SPADA!