HTC Advantage – Our Commitment to Google’s Android L Release


HTC Advantage updating software in 90 days

At HTC, our customers come first. That’s why the HTC Advantage pledge includes software updates for all of our devices for up to two years after their launch date. We are also one of the quickest to incorporate new Android updates into devices, and are also the most transparent OEM when it comes to keeping customers updated about rollout progress. We take pride in being an industry leader when it comes to keeping our devices current, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best smartphone experience in the world.

Our approach will be the same with the Android L release from Google. This release promises to bring new features and tools to Android and we are excited to bring it to you and your HTC. As part of our HTC Advantage commitment globally, we pledge to update all of our HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) smartphones within 90 days of receiving final software from Google. 

Even though we’re still in the early phases of this release, we invite you to check our software updates page for the latest news, changes, and updates.

At this moment, we are in the Pre-Evaluation Phase, or before we even enter Phase 0, of the software update process. While Google has announced some high level features, they have not yet provided the official software to OEMs or Chipset manufacturers to begin work on release software. The software update timeline will begin once we receive the final software from Google and device updates will vary based on device, region, and carrier.

We can’t wait to see what the L release will bring to your HTC devices!

UPDATE: 4 November 2014: HTC has received final Android Lollipop code from Google and the clock starts now! HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will be updated within 90 days from today. More product updates to be announced soon!

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  1. avatar Patrick says:

    HTC is the best! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. avatar Clinton Jeff says:

    Hooray! I’m so excited :D

  3. avatar maclifer says:

    Way to go HTC – keep up the great work with the updates!

  4. avatar Ron Lunsford says:

    Sweet! Thanks for keeping up with Google and their crazy update schedule!

  5. avatar MayorofOsgiliath says:

    I wish you would release some updates for One V. Is it too much to ask for?
    Having a higher version of Sense would be great.

    • avatar Jason Dunn says:

      The One V was released over 2.5 years ago…I don’t think that’s going to happen.

      • avatar MayorofOsgiliath says:

        “At HTC, our customers come first.”
        This sentence made me think that. And I always believed that someday HTC will achieve a difference and serve to people who owns lower price or older model. We are followers of HTC too. Not only M8/M7 owners.

        • avatar Jason Dunn says:

          So you think it makes sense for HTC to spend resources updating software on a device that old? What about a four year old device? Five? Where would it end? Every engineer working on software for an old device is an engineer NOT working on software for a new device. HTC doesn’t have unlimited resources, they need to make smart decisions about how far they can reach.

          That HTC has committed to releasing software for two years for their flagship devices is great. Your phone does everything just as well today as it did when you bought it. If you want the latest and greatest software, time to buy a new device.

          • avatar MayorofOsgiliath says:

            Of course I can’t want that. I can’t ask for the best, but maybe Sense 4+. Or a couple of visual changes. And if it won’t happen, I can use my phone for 2-3 more years. Thank you for explanation.

          • avatar fergy82 says:

            How much does it cost? If you sold millions of m7 at $600 dollars I would guess you can take a tiny part of that and reserve it for updates.
            Keep in mind that you just give Android pure as a choice. I don’t _have_ to have the newest Sense after 2 years.

  6. avatar bkas says:

    But please can we have the purple camera fix update first…???

    • avatar Strkz Saravana Gandhi says:

      Dude, get your mobile to CC asap
      Even I had same probe
      Now all done n dusted
      Now, I’m Using What Is The Real 4 UP Camera Is :-)
      U ll get your mobile back in 7-15days

  7. avatar bkas says:

    But please release the update for purple camera fix first..

  8. avatar b1acktiger says:

    HTC is playing some awesome job in software and hardware front as well. Now others will follow the same trend. HTC Is the trendsetter. Proud to be a HTCian.

  9. avatar Jason Dunn says:

    This is great news, I’m excited to see the improvements Google has brought to the table (even if some of them remind me a lot of Sense…hrm…)

  10. avatar Lokansh Gupta says:

    Will I get latest android ‘L’ update on HTC Desire 816 as it is just launched in india??

  11. avatar Lokansh Gupta says:

    Well I get latest android ‘L’ update on my HTC Desire 816 as it has been just launched in india?

  12. avatar Nilesh Pawar says:

    I’m using HTC Desire S.
    On your website its showing that updates of OS till ice-cream sandwich are available but i’m unable to update. Message is displayed as no phone updates available.

    • avatar Jason Dunn says:

      You should look for an RUU. It will wipe out your device, so back up everything first, but it’s the only real way to get an update on there when the automatic methods don’t work.

  13. avatar MohaNad says:

    great but what about other devices which have latest android 4.4.2 kitkat like desire 816 (my phone) will it has the update too ?

  14. avatar MohaNad says:

    great ! but will it be available in other devices like desire 816 dualsim which has android 4.4.2 kitkat version ?

    • avatar Jason Dunn says:

      Desire phones tend to get one major update, but usually not much more. Remember they’re the “budget” line of phones and aren’t covered by the HTC Advantage promise of 2 years of software updates.

  15. avatar Black Pepper says:

    I met with HTC when getting my HTC One M7. I have been in love ever since.

  16. avatar eric7325 says:

    Mmmm, just like you promissed with the Desire HD ??

    • avatar Jason Dunn says:

      Believe it or not, the poor decision on Desire HD software, and the resulting blowback from customers (all of it quite deserved), was part of what led to the creation of HTC Advantage and the commitment to providing two years of software updates for flagship devices.

      • avatar eric7325 says:

        ok , let’s hope HTC will continue like you say …i believe with the DHD debacle HTC lost 100,000′s of customers. i am one of them. after the DHD i began using Samsung phones. i use the DHD, with android kitkat!, as my second phone. works perfect with Kitkat. maybe i return to HTC when HTC has a nice 6-inch+ phablet… maybe the htc one max v2 ????? i have a samsung mega 6.3 right now ……

        • avatar Jason Dunn says:

          Yes, indeed, HTC made a lot of customers made with the Desire HD disaster. There were a lot of us internally making the case to release the software, but the people in charge of the decision didn’t understand the damage they were going to do to HTC. We lost of lot of customers when that happened.

  17. avatar Paul Southwood says:

    Great news, I cant wait to see what it brings to the M8

  18. avatar Tushar Gaikwad says:

    will htc desire 816 get the Android L update?

  19. avatar Симеон says:

    It’s a good news. M7 is the best phone I’ve ever had :)

  20. avatar manolos says:

    I live in Panama and got my HTC One X with cable and wireless just 3months ago. Now HTC said they won’t update myphone anymore. They are only interested people buy the last phones. It is unfair with people who don’t have those devices. Totally disappointed

    • avatar Jason Dunn says:

      Unfortunately you bought a 2012 phone in 2014. It has 2012 software on it, and will do everything it was designed to do in 2012. It received several updates over 2012 and I think in early 2013. Expecting a late 2014 OS for a 2012 phone is unrealistic.

  21. avatar Peter Schnelle says:

    You guys rock! Seriously, I feel like this is the first phone I’ve bought where the manufacturer helps me use it. All of the others seem to be obsessed with bloatware, locking down features and leaning on planned obsolescence.

    Oh, and plus you make the most beautiful phone ever made (my M8)

  22. avatar Aarij Tanveer says:

    Will HTC One x be getting the Android L update ???

  23. avatar werdnaeel says:

    This is one of the reasons why I choose and recommend HTC. They deliver on updates unlike other OEMS.
    Im just eager to get Android L and all its perks. Google certainly made it BIG on UI overhaul when it comes to Material Design. Probably the best Android UI out there right now – Super elegant yet simple, light in resources and buttery smooth.
    Let’s see if OEMS can step up their design game. If not, stock android is still probably the best choice right now after seeing what transpired at Google I/O. :)

  24. avatar Ankit Das says:

    Please get us kitkat on HTC One X international

  25. avatar Darrell Berry says:

    This is one of the things I adore about HTC. You guys are committed to your customers. Thank you!

  26. avatar rnb_001 says:

    Great news! The HTC One (M8) will be mine in a couple of months. Still don’t know which one I’ll choose between the Gunmetal Grey and the Glacial Silver…

  27. avatar Dylan Taylor says:

    You guys are awesome. I almost regret buying my Galaxy S4. Next phone will definitely be the HTC One M8 (or M9 by then). Keep up the good work. :-)

  28. avatar Jason Dunn says:

    Sounds frustrating! Definitely contact HTC support again – ask for a escalation if the tech you’re speaking with can’t assist you.

  29. avatar Jason Dunn says:

    It’s unlikely. The Desire line is the budget line of phones, and they usually get one major update, but I doubt they’ll get the “L” update. I could be wrong though. :-)

    • avatar YKV says:

      What about Desire 816? It just got released in India , i.e About a month back ! I think according to the HTC Advantage , it should receive the update till 2 years , as there ain’t nowhere written that only Flagship phones will get updates till 2 years , besides 816 is a Mid-Range Flagship phone !

  30. avatar Mohammed Tajammul Hussain says:

    What about HTC ONE MAX updated

  31. avatar Mohammed Tajammul Hussain says:

    Nice HTC., I need to know about HTC ONE MAX New updates

  32. avatar 3R1KU54J says:

    Does Launch date equal Announcement date or Release date?

    How about HTC ONE SV (LTE)
    - Released 2013, January.
    - Announced date: 2012, November

    Be more specific and provide approximate release plans, including availability to actual customers based on region / mobile provider.

  33. avatar Kevin says:

    Hopefully HTC can add all the cool features in android l to their phones. Such as improved battery life and the new notification system.

  34. avatar Udhayakumar says:

    Shall i get update for my HTC Desire 816 dual?

  35. avatar Salvatore Passero says:

    HTC sei unico ma migliorabile meno cornice alla schermata

  36. avatar Salvo08 says:

    Guys you are only talking about M7 and M8, will E8 also get Android L within 90 of launch?

  37. avatar Shivaprasad Pm says:

    One important software like Notes is missing. Notes was good and was getting synced with evernote. They should release Notes which syncs with exchange email

  38. avatar Shivaprasad Pm says:

    I had similar issue with my old HTC one M7, Handover the phone repair centre they will replace the camera

  39. avatar Amit says:

    Flagships which are release 2 year back like HTC One X+ are totally ignored for the updates. NVidia is not supporting for the updates is not a excuse for not giving the updates. Please consider these phones also at least for Kitkat. People out there, please consider before buying any off beat hardware technology like NVidia, stick to Snapdragon.

    I am using my 3rd HTC make phone, but henceforth I will think twice before going for HTC. Prefer buying AOSP based google phones instead.

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