Introducing the HTC One E8: Meet the Shape of Innovation

From design awards to critical acclaim, the HTC One smartphone family continues to innovate the smartphone industry. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest addition to the HTC One family, the HTC One E8.

HTC One (E8) live phone photo

Built for the fashion-conscious, the HTC One E8 features a design aesthetic that redefines functional style. Its dual curve, ergonomic shape naturally fits in the hand no matter how it’s held.

“The HTC One M8 sets a new smartphone standard and now we’re taking it in another exciting direction,” reports HTC’s CEO Peter Chou. “Combining style and substance, the HTC One E8 represents the incredible experience people expect from an HTC One device with a look and feel that’s unlike anything else out there today. If you’re looking for the best flagship smartphone experience, but want to stand out from the crowd, this is the phone for you.”

The E8 represents a slight departure from other HTC One family smartphones while retaining their sleek, ergonomic design and striking appearance. Constructed of a polycarbonate unibody frame, the E8 comes in four colors: Polar White, Electric Crimson, Maldives Blue, and Misty Gray.


When it comes to performance features, the HTC One (E8) doesn’t disappoint. It packs many of the same experiences as its predecessor, the HTC One M8:

  • Motion Launch™: Intuitive gesture response that gives you control to shortcuts without turning on your phone. Answer incoming call by raising your E8 to your ear, or activate your camera mode by picking up your phone and tapping the volume rocker.
  • HTC BoomSound™: Our legendary dual front-facing stereo speakers with built-in amps and balancing software that auto corrects bass-to-treble levels for true-to-life sound.

The HTC One E8 brings a few new things of its own, too:

  • Dual Curve Design: An ergonomic masterpiece, the E8 fits naturally in your hand in virtually any position.
  • Selfie Perfection: Complementing its 13MP main camera is a 5MP front facing wide-angle camera, complete with a screen side countdown timer so you won’t miss a pose. Built-in Touch Up software balances skin tones while retaining your genuine look. With the HTC One E8’s generous 5” display as your selfie viewfinder, every side will be your good side!
  • Dual SIM card holders: Access multiple mobile accounts and switch on the go. With 16GB of onboard memory and expandable SD storage capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for photos, apps, games, and more. The Dual SIM version of the HTC One E8 will be available in select regions only.

With its own line of stylish Dot View™ cases, a 2,600 mAh battery and HTC Sense 6 features, the HTC One E8 is a perfect match for those ready to embrace bold change matched with fashion-forward innovation. It’s slated for an early June release in select markets, so stay tuned!

From the original HTC One’s 4.7” screen size and chamfered edges, to the HTC One M8’s wraparound edges and 5” display, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of design innovation. With the dual curves of the HTC One E8, what do you think our next smartphone design should be?

  • Tagont

    How about a removable battery and 32GB on board storage. A 3000mAh + battery and then you will have my full undivided attention.

    • Sujjaad Rashid

      Ive got the HTC One M8 and 3000mAH+ is not needed. I get through the day easily now whereas with previous phones it was never possible. Must be something to do with the processor but the battery is definitely good enough now. Because of that plus with all these portable battery chargers I really dont think removable battery is needed.
      32GB i do agree with you on though.

      • Tagont

        I don’t work in an office Sujjaad Rashid So removable battery is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to carry a portable battery charger which is massive in comparison to carrying a spare battery. So for now I am sticking with Samsung but the LG G3 has certainly spiked my interest.

        • neoLiberal

          Remember though, most consumers are near a charging point 90% of the time so device makers are primarily designing for their majority target audience.

    • neoLiberal

      I get 2 days from my HTC One, the average consumer just needs to get through a day and charge it overnight. Of course, longer lasting capacity is always welcome but the average consumer no longer needs removable battery.

      • Demetrius Beasley

        What he said also unlike Samsung phones htc phones start at 32GB, the SD card slot needs to go there is really no need.

        • neoLiberal

          SD card is still useful for carrying movies and TV shows or long flights. In flight wi-fi can’t support streaming and no one can afford it either.

          • Demetrius Beasley

            How long of a flight is this that 20+GB isn’t enough.

          • neoLiberal

            22 hours long haul. That was merely one use case. Not everyone uses their storage just for music and video, people also store other data. I have a 64GB microSD card and 15GB is non-multimedia files.

    • Flamso

      At least a bigger battery. I feel that my HTC One M7 is a bit too thin without a case so extra battery for a couple of millimeters thicker phone is a great “compromise”. Removable battery is probably not coming back anytime soon though because of the comprises needed for it.

      • Tagont

        If the removable battery isn’t coming back anytime soon I feel that HTC good sales figures won’t be either.

        • Flamso

          I’m pretty sure that’s not really something people need. Sure, a few people have use for it but not most people.

          • Tagont

            LG have got the right idea with the G3.

    • http://allandelacruz.com Xacto01

      I used to swear by removable battery, but with batteries really large now, its no longer a problem. I now have shifted to design over plastic removable batteries. (as long as batteries are larger than 3000mAh of course)

  • Ahmed A

    If the camera is actually good, you should be crying that you didn’t put it in the original M8.

    • neoLiberal

      It’s not an UltraPixel, sadly.

      • David Bugyi

        Frankly, I’d get a 13Mpix f/2.2 and an app which can save to TIFF for day shots than a 4.0 Mpix “Ultrapixel” for night shots.
        I barely saw the advantages so far of it. But that’s just me

        • neoLiberal

          Personally I prefer the UltraPixel, the extra low light sensitivity is more useful to me. And I have no need to crop or zoom.

          • maclifer

            I agree, same here. I also saw a camera shootout on Pocketnow between the 13mp and the 4mp UltraPixel and the UP ended up looking much nicer. I also have little to no need for cropping.

          • Ahmed A

            The Mini’s camera sucks, compare it to an actual good high megapixel camera.

          • http://twentyfirsttech.com/ Shikhar Gupta

            Dude, the noise in the night shots of the M8 is ridiculous. The S5 and Z2 are miles ahead.

          • neoLiberal

            I have very little noise in the images I’ve captured. You’ll get noise if you just open the app and start snapping, but use the settings correctly and you’ll capture great pics with the UltraPixel. It’s not for everyone.

  • David Hughes

    I bought the M8 on release in the UK. Amazing phone, but now you’ve upgraded already?? I’m tied into a 2 year contract thinking it would stand the test of time, how wrong was I. Very disappointed customer right here 🙁

    • http://www.dannyvandijk.com/ Danny van Dijk

      Its not an upgragde… Same phone… only plastic

      • neoLiberal

        …and with a dual-SIM option (yay!)

    • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

      Exactly what Danny said,
      Almost exact same specs as the One M8, but the E8 is in polycarbonate chassis and 13 MP camera, with no depth of field sensor.
      And it looks more like the M7, if you ask me about appearance 🙂

      • neoLiberal

        I quite like the look of it. Polycarbonate is a nice material and very light. At least people now have a choice between UltraPixel and regular pixel cameras. The only item missing from the E8 seems to be the IR blaster.

  • neoLiberal

    Finally! Thank you for dual SIM.

    • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

      Read the warning: “The Dual SIM version of the HTC One (E8) will be available in select regions only.” (usually that means China exclusive).

      • neoLiberal

        HTC also sells dual SIM versions in Europe, directly via online store. I have the UK version of the M7 dual SIM. It’s usually the USA carriers that object to dual SIM devices.

        • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

          woah I didn’t know that, thanx!!

  • cybernet2u

    E8 is the backup plan / there were to many negative reviews about the camera, that’s why they release a new One with 13 MP 🙂

  • So7t

    Does it have NFC and Infrared ?? Thats a cool features!! 🙂

    • neoLiberal

      No infrared, NFC yes.

  • neoLiberal

    If it’s like the M7 dual SIM then yes it will be dual active.

  • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

    That front facing camera is better than my rear facing camera on my Galaxy Nexus. May need to get this come September for my upgrade. I hope it’s only 50$ for upgrades and new contracts as it seems to be a budget version of the HTC One M8. It’d be nice to go back to HTC, my first smartphone was the HTC Droid Incredible.

  • Kim Friis

    It would be very nice to know what selected areas that will be recieving the dual sim option, and how the setup of the dual sim will be. (If there will be 4G option for both sim cards eg.)

  • Elizabeth

    I have the HTC one max, and I think it’s the best phone ever had, well every HTC I had was awesome, also the LG G2 & the LG optimus g pro!!

  • Việt Hà Nguyễn

    Great phone but I have some questions:
    Does E8 have Zoe mode in camera. Is there the ImageChip onboard?
    I also want to know if E8 has Gorilla Glass or not.

  • Anindya Champati

    I want to know about the selected markets where this magnificent phone will be launched?

  • Jack

    please tell me that the “select markets” includes the UK

  • Jack

    please tell me that the “select markets” includes the UK

  • Charles

    I’d just like to know the chances of this showing up in the states. I’m shopping for a new carrier, and having this phone would likely play into my choice

  • SunderT

    Any tentative date for “E8” availability in India?

  • sumitghai1

    Bring the m8 max with at least 10 UltraPixel camera, wateproof, atleast 3000mah battery and more colours themes. Also why not take ur BlinkFeed to the next level by making it like a social networking app in which u can read the comments of all HTC users on the latest news and to be able to connect with them???

  • Roland Bachmann

    Does have the E8 DUAL SIM Version LTE (4G) Support?? And when will be Aviable to Buy? Where can i Order this Phone?
    Thank you

  • Roland Bachmann

    Does have the E8 DUAL SIM Version LTE (4G) Support?? And when will be Aviable to Buy? Where can i Order this Phone?
    Thank you

  • Rahul R

    Dual Sim with 4G LTE Connectivity, 5inch 1080p display(QHD is of no use, 441ppi is more than enough), 2GB RAM, 16/32GB ROM with expandable memory slot, USB OTG, An Ultrapixel depth sensor camera with good noise reduction and image stabilization capabilities, 0 lag performance guaranteed chipset and UI, 3000mAH battery, lesser SAR value, And other features such as IR Blaster, NFC At a decent price point..

  • Rahul R

    What about Indian launch of HTC ONE E8??.. I was about to buy desire 816, but saw this one.. I didnt want a 5.5inch phone. Eagerly waiting for this one..

  • Sunny

    Any news about HTC One E8 launch in India

  • bhavya

    when this will be available in inda to buy just give us a hint

  • Rahul R

    Please release this one in India.. I want to buy it..

  • Double_B

    Bring this to the United States… sell it off contract… $350-450 if it’s truly half the price of the M8. I’d buy this in a heart beat before the Fire Phone/iPhone 5s/M8/Galaxy S5. The 13mp camera and all the other specs have me sold. Unlike other phone-fanatics a camera is my first priority… as a world traveller lugging my full size DSLR or my four-thirds cameras around is getting old. I keep those in the studio now. I like the plastic back… i’m cool with that… I hate the 2 bands and the vertical band on the M8 metal backing, bad id, should of kept it cleaner looking.

  • Wadimator

    Когда будет в России?

  • Moreno

    When will the HTC One E8 be available in the United States?

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    When will this be available with US_compatible frequencies?

  • Tonardus

    The ideal phone for me is; The dual sim E8 with internal 32Gb and an sd
    card for all my docs, company videos, catalogs and some of my music when
    on the move. Also removable battery is a must because they are thin and
    easy to slip in your jacket or back, and if the battery gives up what
    they do sometimes too early or when they are at their end of life you
    just change it and continue. Why is it so difficult for companies to
    understand that their are users out there looking for these already
    invented necessities. At last I stopped to purchase Samsung because like so many brands, after you buy there expensive phone
    they think they still owe it and kidnap the phone by installing over 50
    programs of which I only need a few but can not delete the ones I
    definitely not want to occupy my precious space. This is the wrong way
    of doing smart business. And what I read on the internet there are more
    tired users out there. So now after 6 Samsung phones and tablets in our
    home we got enough. My last purchase a Chinese dual sim phone HTL T200
    and YES it works great with no bloatware annoying me all the time.
    Gentlemen of smart phone company managers wake up, customers are awake already.

  • Apurv

    When it will available n India ?