How to Create Animated GIFs on the HTC One M8

Create a GIF on an HTC One (M8) Android smartphone

GIFs, what? The web is exploding with animated GIFs, and there’s good reason for it. These short animations are fun and easy to share. And now that you can embed and play GIFs natively on Twitter, the limits of creating and sharing your GIFs are limitless. Here’s how to use your HTC One M8 to create your first animated GIF.

The Idea

Start with a simple idea, such as a quick scene or a facial expression. Think in terms of the frames – or the series of photos – you need.

For example, let’s capture funny faces. Find someone who’s up for wacky poses. If you want to push yourself a little bit further, set up a smartphone tripod and prepare some props.

Camera settings

Launch the Camera app. You should be in “Camera” mode with “Auto” scene selected. Now, tap the menu button and then the settings button > “Continuous shooting.” Be sure that “Continuous shooting” is selected and “Limit to 20 frames” is OFF.

(Note: You can also create GIFs with just 20 frames or the burst shots you capture using the Zoe camera mode, but you’ll have fewer frames to work with.)


Ready to shoot?

Press and hold the camera button and do all actions you need in less than 99 frames. Don’t worry if your hand is showing in a few frames or if your star is in between poses. You can delete some frames anyway.

When you see “Saving photos” on the viewfinder screen, it means you’ve reached the maximum number of frames for continuous shooting. You’re then prompted to choose your best shot. Press the back button to keep all your frames for now.

GIF Creator

Step-by-step instructions on how to capture and edit an image to create a GIF on an HTC One (M8) Android smartphone

Open the Gallery app and view your batch photo in full screen. Tap the screen to see the options for editing, sharing, or deleting. Tap “Edit” > “GIF Creator.” You can choose to trim your GIF to the length you want, and then tap “Next.” Tap “Frames,” select the unwanted frames to delete, and then tap “Done.”

Other GIF options include filters, speed, and looping. Experiment with these settings and choose which one suits your animation. Tap “Save,” choose an image quality (GIF files will have the three overlapping frames icon), and share them to your social networks like Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and Reddit.

It’s the GIF that keeps on giffing!

Step-by-step instructions on how to capture and edit an image to create a GIF on an HTC One (M8) Android smartphone

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