From the UK to Russia and the US: One man’s hunt to collect HTC phones


Rox Nuttycombe started with the HTC Hero, a simple phone purchase for everyday use. However, one HTC phone wasn’t enough. Soon, one became two. Two became five. Five became 50.

Rox is a longtime HTC customer and member of HTC elevate, a global community for HTC’s most passionate fans and supporters. We recently learned about Rox’s extensive collection and are impressed by his passion.

“I didn’t start out with the idea of collecting a lot of phones,” Rox says. “I saw that many innovations in the mobile world were made by HTC, so I decided to try and collect those – the first 3G, the first 4G, etc. – and it just snowballed from there.”

Collection of HTC phones from around the globe

The London, England native created his wish list of must-haves after watching an HTC product timeline video. But the hunt hasn’t always been easy.One of the hardest devices to find was the HTC Kangaroo, one of the first devices HTC created. Another was the Dev Phone 1, which Rox found for sale online, complete with the plastic cover on its screen. The catch, though, was shipping the device. The seller was in the United States.

Buying the Dev Phone 1 wasn’t the only time that Rox has had to look outside the United Kingdom for the phones necessary to grow his collection. Currently, he’s awaiting a shipment from Russia that contains the world’s first 4G handset: the HTC Max 4G.

“My holy grail is the HTC EXCA 300,” he adds. “It is basically the phone used to write Android. Needless to say they are extremely hard to find, but one day I will have one.”

Rox isn’t just an HTC collector. He’s a creator as well.

When he’s not working as a technology technician and instructor, Rox enjoys crafting things out of wood and copper. Wood is one of his favorite materials, he says, because no two pieces are the same in terms of grain and pattern. He also loves wood’s feel when a natural finish is used.

HTC Explorer case made from wood by Rox

One of his creations is a wooden case for one of his HTC Explorer phones. His inspiration was the Touch Wood SH-08C – a Japanese phone made by NTT DoCoMo. The Touch Wood has a purely wooden case and is shaped like a bean. Only 15,000 units of the Japanese phone were made.

“I see this as my ‘proof of concept’ case,” Rox says of his HTC Explorer case.

The collector continues building his trove of HTC devices, checking off a must-have here and there from his wish list. He’s also eyeing another trip to the woodshop.

Says Rox: “The next [creation] will be [for] a bigger phone.”

What’s your HTC collection like? Which of your collection’s devices is your prized possession? Share in the comments section below!

11 Responses to “From the UK to Russia and the US: One man’s hunt to collect HTC phones”

  1. avatar Ankit Khandelwal says:

    What an amazing passion! Loved the collection.

  2. avatar N345H says:

    Superb collection of HTC devices. Certainly something to treasure in years to come

  3. avatar Mohit Singh Shekhawat says:

    But there is no M7

  4. avatar rcasmus says:

    I don’t see the Rezound or the DNA. Still got more shopping to do I guess lol

  5. avatar Dee Uzoka says:

    Great collection Rox. I recognise many of devices having owned many myself, over the last nearly 10 years. I used to sell my devices on but I currently have at least 5 HTC devices in my collection which is unheard of (for me).

    I am the proud owner of the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 (my daily drivers). My youngest has my HTC One X+ (still a totally awesome phone). It was supposed to be a temporary loan but it looks as though she’s keeping it :-s I also have a HTC 8S Windows Phone and an HTC S710.

    Keep expanding your collection. You are HTC’s unofficial curator!

  6. avatar Timur Kurunbaev says:

    I also didn’t see touch diamond 2, anyone did?

  7. avatar TheTamuza says:

    His collection Rox!

  8. avatar Cape Jason says:

    i have used some of the HTC displayed my latest is now M8 so beautiful to own one.

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