HTC Creative Labs Welcomes You to Zoe (Beta) – Life, Remixed!


HTC is filled with talented, creative and passionate people who are empowered to imagine how they can make your life easier, richer and simply more beautiful. Just hold an HTC One in your hand for a few moments, and you’re instantly reminded of how good it feels to know that the team behind all that goodness is constantly working on more ways to surprise you.

Today, we are very excited to announce the formation of HTC Creative Labs, HTC’s internal innovation engine, along with the release of a brand new application for Android 4.4 users called Zoe–a beautifully designed, collaborative video editing application that lets you create, share and remix professional-quality highlight videos with your friends.

Zoe (Beta) Google Play Launcher

New group and new Android app? Where did this come from?

HTC Creative Labs is the team behind some of HTC’s most significant product design work, including the Sense 6 user experience with gesture control, BlinkFeed and more. This cross-functional, cross-cultural group, with team members in Seattle, San Francisco and Taipei, is responsible for crafting the user experience across HTC’s entire product portfolio.

One of HTC Creative Labs’ most beloved innovations for the HTC One (M7) was Video Highlights. We quickly noticed that people often used Video Highlights to capture and share group experiences at family gatherings, music festivals, sporting events and more. With your feedback, and a large dose of inspiration, HTC Creative Labs reimagined Video Highlights into a cross-device platform for sharing and remixing great experiences with your friends.

How does Zoe work?

Let’s say you went to a music festival, like Coachella, with your friends, and you took some great photos and videos. With Zoe and a few simple taps, you can easily create a slick highlight video that has a theme and a mood-setting soundtrack of your choice, then share it with your friends in the Zoe community. Even more importantly, now you and your friends can access each others’ highlight videos, then remix and share them, just as easily as the first time you created a Zoe.

Create Zoe

A community effort.

The truly collaborative nature of Zoe makes this the perfect time to invite you to help us make it better. Anyone using devices from HTC, Samsung and LG (including the Nexus 5) running Android 4.4 or later can go to Google Play, download the Zoe public beta and start creating with it now.

Please note that Zoe (Beta) is pre-release software. If you’re not comfortable running into bugs and the inevitable hiccups that come with early software, we strongly suggest waiting for Zoe to reach version 1.0 later this year.

We are absolutely committed to improving the experience over time, with the community as an active partner in making Zoe great, and we can’t wait to start getting real-time feedback from the community throughout the summer. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll tell you more about our plans for HTC Creative Labs and Zoe 1.0, including some blow-away new features and integrations. Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out an early look at what we’re building by checking out and downloading the app. We can’t wait to see all of the great ways you’ll create, share and remix life’s most precious moments.

14 Responses to “HTC Creative Labs Welcomes You to Zoe (Beta) – Life, Remixed!”

  1. avatar Dominic Powell says:

    You guys need to add the Motorola devices on 4.4 plus to this list as well.

  2. avatar м ч × Φ м α † ● s ı s says:

    I’m so excited! I love to see so much happening in htc, both creatively and technologically (+integrating both).. I hope I can keep up with all these thrilling news & developments!

  3. avatar Krzysztof Bieniek says:

    What about Sony Z2?

  4. avatar Ricky Marin says:

    How about my LG Volt that has 4.4.2? Incompatible

    • The initial release
      of Zoe (Beta) supports the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 and Note 3, as well as the LG
      G Pro 2 and Google Nexus 5, as long as the devices are running Android 4.4.
      This release also supports other HTC devices with the
      Sense 6 update.

      • avatar Sree Own says:

        Hi LauraI,

        can’t able to open zoe Beta in my HTC one m8. It is vanishes once I press on CHECK IT OUT button in first page. Please help me on this

  5. avatar Ron Keiper says:

    Downloaded on my M8, just can’t post new Zoe to server yet, looks like it might be fun though.. :)

  6. avatar John Raplee Jr says:

    That’s awesome. My Zoe app on my M8 still doesn’t work at all.

  7. avatar Sree Own says:

    I can’t able to open zoe Beta in my HTC one m8. It is vanishes once I press on CHECK IT OUT button in first page. Please help me on this

  8. avatar marcin says:

    hi, it wont download to LG G2 running Android 4.4.2

  9. avatar Dumitru Ionut Valentin says:

    Hy ! I got one problem with Zoe on my HTC M8 ,i cant create a video with bigger

    length. Maxim lenght for my video´s are 8 sec no matter haw i cut the song …Pls Help !:) ty

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