Introducing the HTC Desire 820


HTC Desire 820

The newest addition to the HTC Desire family has the velocity, visuals and volume you’re looking for in a mid-range smartphone. Please get to know the HTC Desire 820, unveiled today at IFA in Berlin.

The camera you desire: Setting a new standard for selfies, the HTC Desire 820 packs an 8MP front-facing camera to capture solo poses and group shots effortlessly. Beyond the amazing camera, we have included software that will elevate your photo experience:

  • A new feature that allows you to merge your features with a friend’s or celebrity’s for a modern mashup.
  • Live Makeup lets you preview the image you just took and set the desired level of skin smoothing before taking the photo.
  • Photo Booth is a new feature where you can capture several moments in a single image.

The HTC Desire 820′s rear camera is just as powerful, with f/2.2 aperture and a 13MP BSI sensor, your photos burst with detail in daylight and low light. You can even play-it-safe and hold the shutter for rapid-fire shooting – perfect for fast-moving objects or selecting your best shot later.

The speed you desire: Streaming, downloading, juggling multiple apps – the experience couldn’t be smoother on the HTC Desire 820:

  • Lightning-fast 4G connectvity (up to 150mbps).
  • The latest Qualcomm Octa-Core 64-bit processor with integrated LTE modem.
  • Separate Performance and Low Power clusters within the processor for longer battery life.

The content you desire: Immerse yourself in the content you crave. Whether it’s gaming, TV, breakthrough photo and video creations with Zoe™ Highlights – your experience is heightened by:

  • The rich, clear sound pumping from the front-facing stereo speakers and two powerful, dedicated amplifiers of HTC BoomSound™.
  • The vivid, 5.5″ high definition display will put a big smile on your face as it puts big-screen entertainment front and center.

The style you desire: Bold, bright and sleek, this mighty addition to the HTC Desire family boasts:

  • HTC’s double shot color technology, creating a two-tone color unibody that’s perfect for reflecting personality and style. This also improves device quality, strength and tolerance.
  • Featuring HTC’s iconic unibody design and available in an array of colors, the robust polycarbonate device is stylish and boasts the excellent build quality that has become synonymous with HTC.

The HTC Desire 820 will ship with the latest HTC software and will be available later this fall, with availability varying by country and region. Stay tuned for more information.

30 Responses to “Introducing the HTC Desire 820”

  1. avatar Andrés García says:

    Stunning Design as always …

  2. avatar KID ANDROID says:

    Those are the cameras the M8 should have had, why put better camera’s on a mid range device than a supreme flagship?

  3. avatar Brian Stewart says:

    looking good

  4. avatar RosynaKeller says:

    Does it come with any 64-bit software?

    • avatar Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla says:

      Android will support 64 bits natively until android L, so you won’t get 64 bit applications until then, but there’s no damage on getting a phone for it when it’s actually planned to be presented soon :)

      • avatar RosynaKeller says:

        I wonder how that’s going to work. Apple’s the only consumer company that has done a major ISA/Processor/ISA transition *without* requiring a complete wipe and reinstall of all the software. If HTC releases this phone with 32-bit software, how will they handle the upgrade?

        • avatar Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla says:

          Android usually handles all of the updates via OTA, I wouldn’t expect them to do different this time, however I’ve never been in a major android release update so time will tell :)

      • avatar Agbo Princewill says:

        Do you think HTC Desire 816 will get the android L update? cus it’s good mid range smartphone.

    • avatar nathan carter says:

      You’re really smart aren’t you?

  5. avatar nathan carter says:

    Hey! stop being so hard on em guys. your prize is coming soon….

  6. avatar nathan carter says:

    Make it a 13 ultrapixel and an 8 ultrapixel camera on that thing, then add full hd and the one would be done.

  7. avatar OMFCody says:

    If this releases before the Ascend Mate 7, it will replace my M8.

  8. avatar Hey Hey It;s Tom says:

    Yum Yum

  9. avatar wingerotw says:

    I wanted the phone until I saw that awful advert. Now I just feel like I’d be part of their stomach-churning clique if I owned one.

  10. avatar Agbo Princewill says:

    Do you think HTC Desire 816 and 820 will get the android L update? cus it’s good mid range smartphone.

  11. avatar OMFCody says:

    I’m hoping the M9 has a dual mp/up setup where you can choose 16mp or 8(probably 4 again) up. And I won’t be surprised to see a 12mp on the front!

  12. avatar appy says:

    M planing to buy ths phone in india so can u plz tell me tht does ths phone hs move to sdcard feature..imean can i move games and apps to sdcard offcorse the apps and games whc support ths option so plz can u tell rly thankfull…appy

    • avatar appy says:

      Today HTC has launched the octa-core HTC Desire 820 in India, alongside the quad-core HTC Desire 820q. The two smartphones will be made available in the market from early-November, and no pricing has yet been revealed. Also launched at the event was a dual-SIM version of the HTC Desire 816, called the Desire 816G, priced at Rs. 18,990 and due to hit the market in early-October..Still various websites says 820 will priced at 25 to 26000 rupees..!

  13. avatar Chin2 says:

    Can any body tell me please…
    How much price in india market…???

  14. avatar The Calm Critic says:

    Someone mind clarifying what the hell does this mean?

    “HTC’s double shot color technology, creating a two-tone color unibody that’s perfect for reflecting personality and style. This also improves device quality, strength and tolerance.”

    Because the last thing anyone would want is for some kind of those 90s era color kit going on?

  15. avatar Vikram says:

    I guess they release this soon may be starting Oct or end . As in India Its Festival season. or else its difficult to capture the market.

  16. avatar R Twister says:

    Would this phone carry by T- Mobile?

  17. avatar Ramnath says:

    Unfortunately, I have had a very bad experience with the camera on HTC One Dual sim released last year. It has had camera purple tinge, then touchscreen failure and then Motherboard failure. Add to that poor service from HTC”s service center in India.

    Despite so many problems, they insist to try and repair – not replace, and a long waiting period.

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