Behind the scenes: Filming DREW’s “Tak Sengaja” Music Video Using the HTC Desire 816

DREW_Tak Sengaja

Don’t let anything limit your creativity. Just like our friends DREW , an Indonesia band that will launch a new album with a new music concept. “We want to be a little bit wilder and, in fact, that’s who we really are,” said Sashi Gandarum. So, the upcoming album—planned to be launched early 2015—will contain more rock than just mellow pop in their first album.

Now, for one of the singles in their new album, they launched a music video for their single “Tak Sengaja,” filmed with our amazing affordable smartphone, the HTC Desire 816 dual sim. The song itself is about a couple that cannot continue their relationship because one of them keeps on breaking promises so the other one “accidentally” falls in love with another.

It all began on social media, about a couple of months ago, when our colleagues at HTC Indonesia tweeted about how amazing the HTC Desire 816 dual sim’s camera is, how it can be used for full-HD video recording, and how HTC BoomSound has the loudest, sharpest audio that sounds clear and crisp. At the same time, DREW talked about their new single. One thing led to another, and we decided to partner on a unique project by collaborating to create a music video filmed with the HTC  Desire 816 dual sim.

We’ve seen music videos filmed using only HTC devices before, but never a music video filmed using one single HTC model. But anyone can film a music video using a smartphone, DREW had something else in mind.

To make it more engaging, the pop rock band invited their fans to submit the script for the music video and the best script would be produced. After reviewing 364 entries, they found a winner – HTC fan, Edo Vedder’s script was chosen! “The script is simple, but it really gets the essence of the songs. Also, we like how one of the lovers really tries to keep the relationship,” Sashi explained on behalf of the band.

We shot the video in a day and the results were beyond our expectation “I underestimated it to be honest. But, the camera is amazing. The color is so vibrant,” said the video director, Adhytia Utama, about using the HTC Desire 816 dual sim.. This was the first time he shot a serious video with a smartphone and he loved using the manual settings on the Desire 816 to produce the video.

What do you think about using smartphones to produce music videos? Do you want to create a video just like this?

  • Srinivas Tummalapalli

    Simply itz Awesome …. i love HTC

    • gadgetsexhibition

      HTC launched a refreshed version of the HTC Desire 816G in India,
      replacing its 1.3GHz quad-core processor MT6582 with an octa-core 1.7GHz processor.
      Performance very good but there is no Gorilla Glass so very expensive with
      their cost.