Introducing the HTC One M9+

HTC One M9 Plus

HTC’s One family is all about luxury and the continued pursuit of brilliance. The original design of the HTC One was grounded in a philosophy of “simple, crafted, and human,” driven further by our goal of creating the first beautiful, seamless, all-metal phone. This philosophy and our belief in the power of great design have been carried forward in the new HTC One M9 and M9+.

The HTC One M9+, available in China, carries on the legacy of the iconic all-metal body and includes such features as a 5.2” display, HTC BoomSound® with Dolby Audio™ surround sound, and HTC’s improved Duo Cameras.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these new features.


The HTC One M9+ comes with a 5.2” 2K display to give you a more immersive viewing experience without compromising comfort; you can still comfortably hold this phone in the palm of your hand. And the new MediaTek Helio X10 core processor ensures smoother movie playback and sharper photos.

HTC BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™

HTC’s dual front-facing speakers have been combined with 5.1 channel Dolby Audio surround sound simulation to deliver a high-definition, high-quality listening experience.

HTC Duo Cameras

The HTC One M9+ comes with a 20-megapixel Duo Camera to provide a level of detail that even the most avid phoneographers will appreciate. And the HTC UltraPixel™ front-facing camera features dynamic auto-exposure to deliver sharper, more balanced shots no matter the lighting conditions.

HTC Sense 7™

Customizability is the name of the game with HTC’s Sense 7™ technology. Create personalized themes for your phone with HTC Themes and find those hidden Internet gems with an enhanced HTC BlinkFeed™. Sense 7™ also looks at the way you use your phone at home, work, or out and about, and personalizes your home screen to make sure you’re seeing the most relevant apps anytime, anywhere.

Fingerprint Authentication

A new fingerprint sensor, located on the front of the phone for easy access, helps keep your HTC One M9+ secure. Multi-directional sensors make it easy: just place your finger on the sensor in any direction to unlock your phone.

For additional details and specifications about the HTC One M9+, please visit HTC.com.

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  • Ahmad

    a couple of questions on everybody’s mind:

    1.Does it have OIS ? the M9’s camera is not good guys (EIS and DIS if there, they decrease the quality of videos especially, they don’t help here for some reason)
    2.are we gonna see a global roll out soon ?
    and lets hope the MediaTek Helio X10 core processor stack up against the SD 810

  • CSheldon

    Thanks for not releasing this in North America and making my decision to with the Galaxy S6 that much easier. So long HTC, its been fun while it lasted but the M9 is a loser, too little too late, seems like you care more about china that the rest of the world – you can have it.

  • Stavros

    “The One M9+ is not currently planned to be released in North America or Europe..”
    I believe this is because the issues of Snapdragon 810.
    I really want to buy the Htc one M9. I was waiting for this device for long period.. as I wanted to get a phone with the new 64-bit cpu of Qualcomm.
    All the clues in the internet shows that 810 is a problematic soc.
    According to this article http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=el&sl=pl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.pclab.pl%2Fmieszko%2FW.jaki.sposób.HTC.rozwiązało.problem.z.przegrzewaniem.się.One.M9%2C561
    is shown that the cpu doesnt perform as it should.
    The LG will unveil its flagship using the 808 instead of 810 and HTC wont unveil the HTC M9+ with 810..
    It is obvious that something goes wrong with SD 810.. and people wont trust HTC to get the new M9. I know it is not HTC fault, but you need to find a solution. The current update did not solve the issue of 810. Can you provide me any information convince me that you are working on it? Reviewers dont say the best for M9 camera as well..

  • Leroy

    This is the phone I’ve been waiting for! Many thanks to everyone at HTC and a massive round of applause to the designers. You outdid yourselves with the fingerprint scanner!

  • scarshapedstar

    Not for US release?

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Hany

    Just thinking here… Why even release the M9? You should have just released the M9+, because as it stands, you’ve actually offended quite a few people by releasing almost the same product yet a third straight year! Plus, if you want any presence in North America with the competition of the GS6, you’ll want to release this version there as well, hopefully regaining some folks trust. Any way, your phone is much better than the knock off Huawei released in the Mate 7, but you’ve gone and ruined that by first releasing a “cheap” version. Hope this gets to who ever needs to see it, and good luck this quarter guys!

  • jeff

    Well this be available in USA!?

  • http://andrewcpu.net/ Andrew Stein

    Good job HTC, I enjoyed the M8, and the M9, but by far I would LOVE the M9+, it is ridiculous how you’re only releasing it in China, you should have released the M9 and the plugin in the same conference. Because if you thought it through, people are going to buy the M9, not knowing of the M9+ and then theyll be stuck with a phone they dont like, and your M9+ wont get as much money as you hope.I know my opinion isnt much but rethink it? ~The USA and rest of the world.

  • David Horenstein

    So the United States gets the inferior phone? I’ve been an HTC fan since the Mogul. I’ve had the Touch, the Thunderbolt, the DNA, the One M7 Max, and was looking forward to getting the One M9+.

    Instead, my only choice how is the iPhone 6 Plus or a Galaxy S6. I am not getting the M9.

    You lost a long time fan.

  • Mark

    Bring this to North America!!

  • John

    I was going to get the M9, but I’ll be getting this one instead (though not a huge fan of there being a fingerprint scanner).

  • Carmen

    Please release this in North America. I’ve been waiting for this since the original HTC Plus came out. I don’t want to end up buying a Samsung Note.

  • HTC Social Team

    Hi all,

    In response to your questions and comments about availability, we’re excited to be able to bring this phone to China, where we’ve worked closely with mobile operators to create a phone with the right balance of screen size, processor performance, software, and radio network compatibility to meet our customers’ needs. Availability in other markets will be confirmed locally at a later date.

    Currently, there are no plans to release the One M9+ in North America or Europe. We believe our flagship HTC One M9 is the best choice for these areas due to its fast performance, great sound, and network compatibility across the broadest range of operators.

  • Aaron Knupp

    This is really difficult for me to deal with, all ur specs on the M9 plus are better than the Samsung G6… WTF or the same, but yet u don’t offer it in America? As an American I see where ur loyalty is, shame on u HTC, u lose huge this year…
    Sales down another 35% do to being total idiots,
    PS. Fire ur CEO

  • H Tantawi

    One thing to another
    So I liked the M9+ it’s nice change from Butterfly S, I liked the M9 too but many complained about it camera!!
    So the M9+ has many adds to the M9 but the M9 is better for gaming.
    Will I’m not a gamer!!
    Would like to have the M9+ for it’s wonderful style but afraid that it will not be supported in the future
    So lets say that HTC will release it’s new M9+M9 plus= M10 maybe with 3200 mah as well
    maybe I’m dreaming

  • hosebee

    Thanks for NOT releasing the M9+ in the USA. You just made our decision for a lot us here in the USA to buy the LG G4. Who want’s an M8 rehash anyway. I don’t know who’s in charge at HTC , but I guess they don’t like profits.I agree with Aaron Knupp.No more HTC in our family…

  • Rich Howitt

    I WANT THIS PHONE. I live in Canada. Can I buy it from HTC in China? What warranty will apply?

  • Graywolf

    Ok HTC – I’ve been a hardcore HTC customer for years. What will it take to get the M9+ here in the States? Strongly recommend reconsidering your marketing strategy. Increased customer satisfaction, customer base and loyalty – while dramatically improving HTC revenue stream. M9+ is the true successor to the M8.

    • Andrew B

      It is? M9plus and its garbage iphone 5s gpu?

  • Prefer Android

    I’m done with HTC! You release just the subpar M9 in the United States, but the M9 (plus) option only gets offered to your Asia customers?! Really?! Big mistake HTC! You’ve just lost a customer, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Oh well, continue to watch your sales fall drastically. What idiots!

  • Zoltan

    Only way I can see HTC being forgiven for this blunder. HTC comes out “finally” with a new HTC One Max! Same options as M9+ but with a Qualcomm 808/810 SoC and a 5.5in QHD display. HTC might as well put in a bigger battery 3200mah. Consumer of HTC products since the original EVO 4G and a share holder. I am disappointed with HTC market strategy to forego a M9+ launch in North America and European markets (missed opportunity) Still, HTC has no replacement to the aging One Max line. Skip the INK rubbishness and focus properly to what your loyal consumers are telling you.
    M9 is not a propper successor to M8. M9+ would have been reasonable/logical upgrade.

  • Zoltan

    HTC was right there in Phablet market with the One Max, which was first phone with a fingerprint scanner. Instead if improving it, you abandoned it, you were ahead of the game! Phablet size phones are the norm today! You lost a 2yrs of a head start.
    “Then” You slap Europe and North America in the face by presenting your flagship device for 2015 HTC One M9! Only later to be double crossed with the announcement of M9+ for India and China only.
    HTC betrayed loyal fans looking to upgrade from One Max and One M7. Very bad business acumen and to much of a risk HTC has become. I have owned the original EVO, LTE EVO, M7, One Max, M8.
    M9+ would have been perfect upgrade to even M8, but you failed. My shares of 2498.TW, SOLD!
    Cheers M8’s

  • Captain Greenhat

    I have have been an htc fan since the beginning. You have always had the best equipment available and I love sense UI however I feel very let down as a loyal customer. I love taking photos and the lackluster camera was my one and only complaint about the m8. Needless to say when I learned that you would be introducing a new camera on the m9 I was pleased so I started saving so I could buy one. Now here I am about to buy a new phone and get into wearables and you release a crap camera and some fitness band I can’t even remember the name of. I really like the duo setup, it was fun and innovative so seeing it back on the m9+ excites me. It is no surprise your profits are down! Where is the smart watch we all know you will make better than all the others on the market (please for the love of god make it round when you release it) and then there is this!!!! I am lazy, it takes a lot for me to write anything, especially something so long winded. How dare you cut off non Asian consumers?!?!? Are you racist or something? And don’t think I am just jumping off of the deep end. I researched for 4 hours today to verify. You even posted a comment on Facebook that basically said “sorry non Asian markets, settle for a sub par product or go buy another manufacturer’s phone.” And your releasing a plastic version? HELLO NO ONE TOP TIER PHONE IS PLASTIC ANYMORE. Here is the deal, I want to stay loyal.. I really really do but I expect to have my needs met as a customer and I need to get a new phone since I misplaced mine or it got stolen. If the s6 active has an sd card slot I will buy it unless the htc m9+ releases to the united states first. AT&T is already showing s6 actives in there inventory trackers so they exist and you are already selling m9+ in Asia so they exist as well. The race is on, who will get my money? Will you loose yet another customer that would have been loyal for life? Judging by many of the comments I have seen, I am not the only one who feels this way. I really love you HTC and I have faith in you to succeed, YOU CAN DO THIS, now PROVE it!

  • Ntu2ko

    Hahahaha this is unbelievable. What a joke. Who’s responsible for all these dumb decisions?

  • kyle johnson

    I too have been a loyal HTC fan from the beginning from the first evo to the evoLte which I’m still using, never thought of upgrading until I got word of the M9+ which is what I have been waiting for all this time , a device that I just had to have and you choose to only release it in china that’s just crazy to me , you make a quality device that nothing compares to , if you really want to see your profit margin increase you will reconsider releasing the M9+ in the states , I’m totally disappointed with your current decision guess I will keep chugging along with my evoLte cause I refuse to buy a Samsung or just about any other device


    My firts phone..HTC DESIRE….brilliant phone.After this was HTC HD…the third one was HTCONE M7(i give it to my wife),and very soon after i had HTC ONE MAX,later i bought for my cousin HTC ONE M8,now again for my wife HTC ONE M9 and for me i was expecting M9PLUS,because i stiil have my HTC One Max.
    Becuase u lie the customers with your new m9plus which is available only in China IN iNDIA…God knows why,or who is in charge with your sale policies…perhaps u have a spy from Samsung or Xiaomi between you guys(saboteur).
    Anyway i’m looking now to have Samsung edge or im waiting for Note edge 5(September).I will givw you maximum 2-3 years..MAXIMUM and you will close the shop if u still have this rubbish policies regarding the products sales only in a few countrys… this arrogance u cant see it not even to APPLE or Samsung which they can afford this kind of policies if they want…because are selling a lot,too much,but still their products u can find them from North Pole to South Africa….only HTC are selling HTC ONE M9 in China and India…:)))
    Have u asked yourself why your phone sales are the worst in the history????Just a few seconds of thinking..not too much or not too long and you will have the answer(s)…

  • Hal jelikakik

    I have been an htc customer since the EVO came out. I’m really upset with this company for not releasing the m9+ in the US. The would be so competitive with LG, and Samsung if their CEO had half a brain. I refuse to but anything else from them which is a shame because I really like their products…

  • Jj Bizzle

    Thanks HTC the M9+ was the only phone I was looking forward to this year good thing my M8 is still tip top. Samsung nor LG is getting my money, the phones are great and the cameras are top also but the sound quality of either can lick the dust off of my jibblets.