Testing Promotions in BlinkFeed: What You Need to Know

Today we’re beginning to roll out an update to our BlinkFeed app that will test the displaying of a limited number of promotions to users in a limited number of markets, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Taiwan, and China. Below are some key details you need to know about this rollout.

How will it look?

BlinkFeed MonetizationIf you’re a BlinkFeed user located in one of the markets named above, you’ll begin to see a limited number of native, relevant promotions of sponsored apps from AdNetworks partners such as Yahoo, Twitter, and Appia, as well as HTC auto promotions for new accessories or devices. Because these are native ads, they will appear like a typical BlinkFeed post rather than as a pop-up or banner ad.

We will be implementing a way for you to opt out of receiving these promotions, but we hope that displaying native and limited promotions in this way will help you discover new and useful apps and/or products and services.

It’s important to note that this roll-out is a pilot, so right now we’re only testing and analyzing the effectiveness of this particular native format implementation. It’s too soon for us to say when or if these promotions will be rolled out to additional markets. Of course, we’ll keep you updated as this pilot develops.

Please let us know what you think as you experience these new native promotions in BlinkFeed.

  • sinaasappel

    No thank you.

  • Danny

    Well…I paid a lot of money to be a HTC user…. I think it is a ridiculous and disrespectful move to your customers to implement ads in a paid feature of your phone. Us costumers should be asked if we want this on…. not having to turn it off when we don’t want these adds… Didn’t you make enough money when I paid my phone?

    • DDroid45

      You can opt out, enough said

      • Phelonious Monk

        No you cant. They claim they will eventually let ypu opt out. Currently there is no way to do so. And the ads use your location information, and they eat up your data plan.

        • DDroid45

          The ads haven’t even started yet

          • Vzguy

            you can disable the ads first go to blink feed go to blink feed settings go to ad settings and opt out

          • DDroid45

            Don’t tell me, I know, I’m trying to tell them that

          • Vzguy

            I’m sorry i meant to respond to the other guys

          • Aceracer21

            Your missing the point. People that don’t work for HTC don’t want ads on their blink feed, its totally inappropriate, and is a very dumb idea that is pissing people off. Consider the complaints as a big middle finger to ads on blink feed.

          • Vzguy

            One I don’t work for htc two I have mine disabled and I haven’t seen any ads besides the ones that come though my social networks

          • Phelonious Monk

            Its not true. Opting out doesnt completely eliminate the ads. I opted out a couple of days ago and am still seeing them. not as many, but theyre still there.

          • Phelonious Monk

            You can opt out of ‘interest based ads’. It doeant get rid of them all. Ive been trying to find a way for days now.please stop spreading misinformation.

          • Phelonious Monk

            I’ve had ads on my phone for weeks now. I may not be in your market yet, but I’ve been dealing with this for nearly a month.

          • DDroid45

            Dam , I hope the fix come before it hit our market

  • Kernafval

    I’ve been happy with my M7 for over two years now. Before that I had a Desire Z, with which I was very content as well (even after 4 years its still working perfecly). You could say I’m a fan of HTC. The M9 was a bit disappointing, so I decided to wait for the M10, though I won’t as soon as I get adds in my Blinkfeed. Don’t try to make money of people who already paid (a lot) for your product. Making good phones and providing good customerservice is what will pay out, since people like me tell friends about how satisfied I am owning an HTC. Don’t implement these ‘promotions’, you will lose a lot of satisfied customers, including me.

  • pytajnik

    I don’t buy a phone to enjoy my amazing ads, if you want me to view your stupid ads then give me your phone for free. I’ll never, ever buy an HTC product, you are pathetic. Glad you’re dying.

  • pytajnik

    and this is just the first step to make your phone a portable ad viewer, in the second one they’ll force you to watch ads in the menu, and there will be no third step because there will be no HTC anymore.

  • http://www.nieuwemobiel.nl/ NieuweMobiel.NL

    How does BlinkFeed know when ads are “relevant”. Is data like personal data being send to AdNetworkds?

    • Mathias Cronqvist

      No ad is ever relevant. If you’re looking to buy something, you actually go look for it yourself.
      This is just marketing-speak.

    • Phelonious Monk

      It feeds you yelp ads based on your gps locations. Even if you dont have yelp installed. So gross.

      And keep in mind its chewing up your data plan to do so, as it is, you currently cannot opt out.

      Hope they fire whomever came up with this desperate attempt at a cash grab. Way to squander your brand credibility.

  • Timothy Rhoads

    I like Blinkfeed because it gives me the news without the ads or popups. I spent alot of money to get my M9 and one of the reasons was the Blinkfeed. But if you’re going to be putting ads in then I’ll have to look for some other phone when I update my phone in the future. This will also have the effect that I’ll quit using the service. I’ll just start using my laptop to get my news as I can stop ads on it.

  • godutch

    this is the end of htc, this will anger so many of your customers, this will put of so many potential customers.

    • tomascooper

      *put off. Anyhow yes, I agree with you, ads in our highend smartphones is just pure disrespectful.

  • Moonchild

    OMG. Paid a lot of money for my One Mini 2, what i get now, after 2 months: broken promises regarding updates to 5.0 or higher and now ads.
    Summary: old OS Kitkat but actual ads… It was the first Non-Samsung device for me, but i am sure its the last HTC device for me…

    • tomascooper

      hate it or not, only samsung and Apple can provide best customer service in the long run, Why? they are the top dogs, and can afford to not get tempted by revenues from ads.

  • Kwadwo Boadu

    Some of the comments here are ridiculous! Using the same logic, I guess these users are complaining about ads from Google services like Google Now,Google maps, Google Playstore, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. BlinkFeed is a service offered by HTC, having non-intrusive ads that won’t pop up but simply appear in the feed is nothing to cry and winge about! All sorts of companies use ads as a means of either making or supplementing profit, if commenters here had a bit more commercial awareness they would probably say why didn’t HTC start this last year, rather than saying it is the worst idea ever!

    • Moonchild

      Never saw any ads on any branding-free devices before. Not on Samsung S 2, 3, 4, and there are no ads at Apple devices.
      Blinkfeed, Touchwiz, dont know much about other similar feeds or SW from other brands like LG, Motorola etc… Can’t find of them with ads, ridiculous? F. E.:its the same if you pay for an app in Playstore for an ad free (pop up ads) version and after payment you get ads in another format but in the same app…nice. 🙁

      • Kwadwo Boadu

        If you read my comment you would realise that when you buy an Android device that has Google Play Services, you have ads on almost all those Google apps. So based on your logic, Nexus users should complain about having to see all those ads that they do? (rhetorical question) Thing is all OEMs that use Google Play Services have to pay Google a hefty licence fee and yet we still get ads!

        In respect of other phones, I have only heard of rumours of Samsung’s Milk service going to add ads or some kind of paid subscription. Nonetheless, the thing is most operating systems do not have services like BlinkFeed or even the Zoe app, that could have unobtrusive ads. Also it’s not like when HTC sells the device they said all the apps will be ad free, so the analogy you have used would not be accurate, as when some apps get popular enough (and bear in mind BlinkFeed has entered its third year so is very mature and had a lot of R&D ploughed into it) they can choose to add ads.

        • pytajnik

          your logic makes no sense at all. I have no problem with google ads, google provide their services for FREE. If htc wants me to view their ads then give me the phone for free. this company is done, and I feel great about it. You’re either an HTC employee or just a troll.

          • Kwadwo Boadu

            My logic makes no sense, could you explain how please? Also have you read what you just wrote? You just equated getting free apps with getting a free phone! Like I have already said, people who buy Nexus phones mainly get it for the pure stock experience and the Google apps and they get ads, do they expect their phone to be free… NO.

            You said you have no problem with google ads because they provide their services for free. Well unless I missed something, BlinkFeed shall continue to be a free service so what is your issue with the ads?

            And for your information I am neither a HTC employee or a troll. If anything it would appear that you are the troll, as you just want to see HTC go down, so why you are concerned about the inclusion of ads is perplexing.

            My reason for commenting is very simple. If people are consistent with their “hatred” of HTC including ads (at least on the mobile side of things), then also complain to Google, etc. Who all use ads for the services they provide for smartphone apps!

          • pytajnik

            they get Nexus for pure android experience and… they know what they are paying for. Why is that so hard to understand for you? the difference is that HTC suddenly implemented ads AFTER people got it.
            Anyhow, Blinkfeed is an integral part of their SENSE UI, which you already spent money on, or you’re trying to tell me that their system is free? You bought blinkfeed which means that you paid for viewing ads, I can’t put it any simpler.

            They are looking for additional profits because they know that they’re making bad phones, that’s all. From your post history we can clearly see that you’re just an HTC fanboy, I’m done talking with you because you’re blind to the arguments.

          • Kwadwo Boadu

            You do realize that when services/apps like Google Now were first introduced they did not have ads…. So the argument that HTC did not tell their customers that there would later be ads is moot.

            By the way, I do understand what you are saying I just don’t understand why it is an issue, just like no one has seen ads on other services we indirectly pay for as an issue. But HTC does it and there’s an uproar.

            And indeed it could be said that I am a HTC fanboy, but whether it be through disqus, Youtube or on Google+, I simply try and call people out for being inconsistent. And lately it seems people, including journalists, have been more inconsistent and negative with HTC. However, if something incorrect is said about Google (for example in respect of privacy issues) or LG, etc I likewise do the same and comment. For example, HTC only slightly changed the design for the One M9 and got blasted for it, LG slightly changes the design for the G4 but adds a leather back for some models and gets praised. It’s those kind of inconsistencies I seek to call people out for.

          • Barleysoda

            Its real simple why no one has responded in support of this. WE DONT WANT Ad’s!!! Nobody wants ads in anything ever. We only deal with it when we have to. I record TV shows so that I can fast forward through the commercials. I don’t care for your reasoning about Google having ad’s, I don’t like their ads either and it don’t justify adding MORE ad’s to my phone. I can barely surf the internet any longer because of the constant ad pop ups. Its getting ridiculous!!! I cant remember ever purchasing a product because a annoying ad popped up. No I just remember getting pissed off.
            HTC this is the final straw. You have only a loyal following left and now you want to push them away as well. You think this will help resolve your financial wows because of all your past horrible decisions? No this is only a temp source of revenue that will actually backfire just as soon as you push away what could have been next years revenue. Another horrible decision.
            Its real simple HTC! Its not a fricken Rubics cube or a Math test. You fix the damn camera on the phone for next year. Make sure its just like all the others and has image stabilization and it can actually take a focused picture for crying out loud! You change the design this time around, I don’t care mix it up a bit. Maybe a metal frame with a carbon fiber inlay in the back that looks something like the Sprigen hybrid case. I would say have the inlays interchangeable for others like leather or wood but Motorola and LG already doing that. Then you keep going the way you were with Sense keeping it slim and tidy. You forget about the stupid ad’s in blinkfeed and you fire the guy that came up with it. Keep the dual speakers on the front but always push to make them smaller and louder. Also see if you can get better antennae reception out of the next model as well. The next phone will also have to be a 2k screen maybe at 5.2 so you can squeeze in a bigger battery. Oh and lose the HTC black band on the front and don’t feed us with excuses just make it happen. Keep the SD card too. There now you have the perfect phone and sales will boom if you fire your current sales team and learn how to make a decent commercial… I said decent not weird so leave Ironman at home and quit over thinking it.

          • Kwadwo Boadu

            I can respect most of what you have said as you have been consistent. I think I have a more love/hate relationship with ads. Sometimes when I am actually looking at various products, some have been very helpful in enabling me to get a cheaper product. However, the majority of the time they are useless. However, I don’t see this as too bad, because it won’t pop up or be a banner, but will be in the feed, and will only really come up if you press it. That’s why I am less critical of it, because it will help bring in some needed revenue, and be relatively unobtrusive.

            I also agree with some of your comments for the One M10, it will most likely be the device I upgrade to next year so I am hoping the criticism they have got this year really makes them step things up next year in the camera department. Hopefully they put in some plastic inserts or carbon fibre like you have said so that they can add features like wireless charging. And hey why not throw in a free class 10 Micro SD card, and differentiate further.

          • Marc Hanson

            I paid for my phone with blinkfeed included as a feature, not an optional free service. That is the difference between Blinkfeed and Google services etc., not sure how you don’t see that.

          • Marc Hanson

            I paid for my phone with blinkfeed included as a feature, not an optional free service. That is the difference between Blinkfeed and Google services etc., not sure how you don’t see that. Unless you’re being paid not to…

    • Paul

      BlinkFeed is a feature of the phone and one of the reasons the phone was appealing.

      That feature is now being changed and is no longer appealing.

      This blog is asking for our opinion. People are providing their opinion. Whether you agree or not does not change or invalidate the opinions.

      HTC needs to decide if they want to attract or deter people from buying and using there products and services. The ball is in their court.

      • Kwadwo Boadu

        Quote from the blog: “Please let us know what you think as you experience these new native promotions in BlinkFeed.” I don’t think most people have even began to experience the ads before providing their opinion.

        But in any case, you are of course entitled to your opinion, I just think it is quite silly to think that because some of the links in the feed will be ads, BlinkFeed is no longer appealing….

        • Paul

          Why is there even a debate/argument about people’s opinion?

          HTC needs to listen to them…. Not argue with them.

          The continued sales decline of HTC should be proof enough that their strategy is not working. The HTC One M7 was a great phone. The additional changes to the software, as well as hardware changes in the M8 and M9, have often diminished the phone. Read the reviews in the play store.

          People are speaking. Listen to them and do something about it. Or prepare for continued sales decline.

        • Advenger Fivezeroone

          There is a game of war ad in my blinkfeed. Blinkfeed is dead to me.

        • Barleysoda

          Ads are not appealing. Blinkfeed may still be appealing but with ad’s it will be LESS appealing. You act like HTC providing ad’s to us is for OUR benefit. No if HTC took a poll regarding peoples opinions on ad’s in general you will find that more people find ad’s less appealing and that they prefer no ads. So HTC is adding ad’s not for our benefit but theirs. HTC is adding ad’s to increase revenue. HTC has to increase revenue because of all the bad decisions they previously made. They will eventually find this decision to put ad’s in blinkfeed to be another horrible decision and will be in even further debt because of it. At that point they will have to lay off workers…maybe even you and at that point you may finally agree with us that ad’s in blinkfeed was a very stupid idea.
          I also don’t need to test or try out the experience of having a sharp stick stuck in my eye. I no without a doubt it would suck just based on common sense. Ad’s are just like sharp sticks in our eyes, Unless they are pizza deal coupons…They always suck!!

        • Paul

          They have provided screen shots and descriptions showing us what it looks like. Guess what? We’ve experienced it now

        • tomascooper

          Just maybe when they start to put in some video ads in blinkfeed and start eating up your data, it will be too late by then.

          • Kwadwo Boadu

            First there has been no mention of video ads, and I highly doubt looking at the model they have put forward that there will be video ads. Second, BlinkFeed refreshes either when you go on to the feed or refresh it yourself, so there is no data usage issue, just like a weather indicator you can choose when and how it syncs.

            Please get your facts straight, it really is not hard to use Google search and work things out.

          • tomascooper

            They did not mention there will be ads in BlinkFeed too, but look whats happening now? Plus “they did not mention” doesn’t mean they WON’T include. Video ads are still ads, and they can include if they want too.

            Great that you brought it up, since it refreshes once in a while, the inclusion of pictures or videos ads will be even worse than before.

            Now they not only refresh the contents that the readers want/ interested to read, but refreshes contents that the readers don’t want too. How thoughtful of you HTC.

        • Marc Hanson

          I HAVE experienced it. I do not like it at all. Please do not call me “silly” or “ridiculous” just because I don’t like spam. I paid for my phone with blinkfeed included as a feature, not an optional free service. That is the difference between Blinkfeed and Google services etc., not sure how you don’t see that.

          You claim if commenters here had more “commercial awareness”, we would be happy with it.. clearly the OVERWHELMING opinion here is that you are dead wrong. Commercial awareness.. lol.. I’m guessing you are somehow involved with this fiasco. If so, I suggest you get your resume sharpened up buddy, you’re going to need it real soon. Good luck.

      • Barleysoda

        Everything this man said is Spot On!!!!

    • Phelonious Monk

      If my internet was based on a limited and expensive data plan, then hell yes Id be as upset about it.

      Also, the ads currently utilize your gps location to target yelp ads into blinkfeed, even if you dont have yelp installed on your device. Its ludicrous and disrespectful to your consumer to try and monetize their paid LTE data plan to sell you ads while also disclosing your location to 3rd parties without your consent or an option to opt out.

    • tomascooper

      Don’t forget, Google provides these services for FREE even FB and twitter are free of charge too! Ads in these apps/ pages are reasonable, but we paid a PREMIUM price for a HTC device.

      Not to mention if they ever gonna include videos as an ad in BlinkFeed, that will definitely eat up your data.

      Its ok if HTC messed up with their hardware this year with the m9, and now they are even trying to mess up with their software too? Good luck with your future purchase of HTC phones then.

      • Kwadwo Boadu

        You are clearly ignorant of how Google’s FREE apps are indirectly paid for, so let me educate you. OEMs pay Google a hefty licence fee to use Google Play services and also add Google apps into their operating systems. Whether you buy a HTC, Samsung, LG etc, OEMs factor in the price they pay for the licence into the price you pay for the handset. Exactly the same applies for buying a Nexus, you pay Google for both the hardware and software, and guess what you still get ads. Either be consistent and also say you don’t like Google adding ads or just stop using unsound arguments to say what HTC are doing is equivalent to messing with their software.

        • Marc Hanson

          I paid for my phone with blinkfeed included as a feature, and it is specific to HTC, not an optional free service anyone can use if they don’t mind ads. That is the difference between Blinkfeed and Google services etc., not sure how you don’t see that.

  • Paul

    What do I think?
    1. I will stop using BlinkFeed
    2. I will never buy another HTC phone again
    3. I will advise everyone I know to never buy an HTC phone and warn them of your (a)/forced ads and (b) horrible software updates that remove features and force using HTC social website

    Go ahead… Give us more reasons to dislike the future direction of HTC and not buy your products

    • DDroid45

      Really dude, if you can out of out… That means choose not to receive, what the heck is the big deal, and HTC software is amongst THE BEST out thea, FOH

      • Phelonious Monk

        Not yet you can’t. I’ll believe it when I see it. Still not trusting this company ever again

      • Aceracer21

        Anyone that thinks this isn’t a big deal works for HTC.

        • DDroid45

          Slap yourself… See, I’m not professional enough to work for HTC

  • That 1 guy peeing in the bush

    I really liked your phones and have exclusively owned 7 of your products starting with the HD2, mainly because I liked the look and feel of HTC Sense. When the M7 was released I was happy to purchase it but wasn’t overly pleased with Blinkfeed and I’ve since made my own roms to remove it (just personal preference). Maybe I don’t have much ground to stand on because of this, maybe I do, but you really need to figure out what direction you should be going before alienating most of your users or fishing for approval.

    It takes 5 minutes to destroy the trust of your users and 5 years to get it back… No matter the product or user base. People are reaching their breaking point when it comes to targeted advertisement and harvesting of personal information, myself included. That being said…

    I get it; you need to be profitable to continue to provide the devices and user experience your customers have come to expect. Perhaps you could do away with paying exorbitant money for celebrity endorsements (Robert Downey Jr.). Maybe use the money saved to pay smaller PR firms who could probably help expand your market share with newer and more innovative ideas, keeping with the business model that HTC is “Quietly Brilliant”, or just “Brilliant” now, I don’t even know anymore… that should be one sign right there. But I guess photo contests for custom etched celebrity autographed phones are the real attention getters. /s

    Your ideas are not all bad, but your implementation is horrible. There is serious room to be a major innovator if you properly advertised and drew attention to your excellent products! Instead however, you fish for our response to horrible ideas such as this, why?!
    To gauge interest and direction?
    To better understand your users?
    No, you should have a fairly good grasp of what your user base is… You are not a new young
    company. You gained traction by innovating with the HD2 and released a product that was a great rival to the original iPhone. You attracted users who craved usability and customizability. You semi-embraced the development scene and that – in and of itself – is pretty incredible! Soooo, why the sudden confusion and step backwards in the last few years?

    Despite my rambling; user input is important and I am glad you are still making an attempt to listen. So I guess not all is lost, but this definitely should not be a question you should EVER ask your user base, you already know you’re going to get 80-90% opposition. This is just one man’s opinion and perception, so take that as you will… and I can only speak for myself. Maybe none of what I said truly reflects user input, but what I can say with 100% truth… I will strongly be looking at switching brands for my next phone.

    • Aceracer21

      Very well said.

  • Bobinette24

    Just don’t, please don’t…
    I realy love HTC’s phones but I was realy disapointed by the M9 annoncement so if you want me to continue bying your phones you must step back on this and give us a very good M20.

  • Thorsten Wolf

    Don’t do it, HTC…. !!! We have 3 HTC ONEs in my family and I’m gonna make sure we won’t buy more HTC if you keep up with this….

  • Lee

    HTC what the heck?, I loved you Phones right up to the point where you start advertising on my phone, why o why would you do that. I will never buy another HTC again if this is what you intend to do, i spent alot of money on my phone and DON’T expect to have you adverts rammed down my throat

  • Tom Cutler

    Not sure what you’re up to here HTC, I don’t think many of your loyal customers will be happy with this. I’m certainly not. There really won’t be much left to dissuade me from buying a nexus or, God forbid, an iPhone next time I upgrade. Especially after the disappointing M9 and the frustration of not getting the M9 plus (would have been hands down the best handset this year, by the way) in the UK.
    Who is making all these awful decisions?

  • mdusen1216

    Paid a lot of money for my Current M9 and that included ad free blinkfeed. I am now disabling Blinkfeed and will not use it again as long as it is displaying ads. Also I will never buy another HTC product. You have betrayed the trust of your customers with this decision. Enjoy your descent into obscurity HTC. No one will even remember your name in a few years.

  • Michael Froomkin

    Having content I don’t choose to have totally changes the experience. In fact it destroys it.

    Rolling out this change with no warning on the handset was low. Doing it with opt-out to come some vague and unspecified time in the future was lower.

    I was not aware that HTC had so many customers that it could afford to anger the loyal ones. My M8 was my second HTC phone. If this is how you treat me, when renewal time comes along, I’ll look for a company with a little less propensity to treat users like this.

  • ash

    this will only be ok if the users get the ad revenue or the devices come with a significant discount talking the price gap between the oneplus one and the big name phones.

  • Harold Goldner

    I think this is a significant blunder and poorly timed. First of all, you shouldn’t unleash this on the public until you have integrated an opt-out methodology. For instance, as I have repeatedly discussed with R&D, your repeated “meal reminders” are offensive to folks who either cannot afford or do not want to tempt themselves with meals out due to dietary restrictions, etc. (or alcohol, etc.)

    Secondly, unlike many streaming providers like Facebook and Twitter, which embed promotional information, those have both opt-out or controlling settings (and can be turned off altogether except when someone is on wifi, so as to avoid the use of limited data that most accounts have).

    Thirdly, Blinkfeed is embedded in the Sense OS, so instead of releasing this as part of a Blinkfeed update, you have “snuck” it into the Sense Home update. That’s not just dishonest, it’s unethical.

    If you had enabled opt-out from the get-go, nobody could criticize your efforts to monetize Blinkfeed. Lord knows HTC has the right to make money (when it isn’t busy shooting itself in the foot with insipid video advertisements — what was that Robert Downey nonsense all about anyway — or obsessing on the “quality” of its ultrapixel cameras — there’s an oxymoron for you). But not this way.

    Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.” Perhaps HTC could learn a thing or two.

    • tomascooper

      not to mention both facebook and twitter are providing free services, so ads are reasonable, but HTC phones are not.

  • http://www.instagram.com/to4kata to4kata

    f dat shhh…

  • Nick White

    I believe others below summarize my feeling as an HTC owner since the TYTN II hit the market.
    A. I don’t like blinkfeed to begin with.
    B. I have enough HTC and at&t crap on my M9

  • Phelonious Monk

    You can opt out of having ads on your home screen, not blinkfeed. Got a link that proves otherwise? Evsn HTC themselves says you will be able to opt out, not that you currently can.

  • Phelonious Monk

    Not for me, bud. Maybe there’s an update that enables ad blocking? I dont have it yet.

  • godutch

    You go wash your mouth first before I want to discus anything with you

  • Phelonious Monk

    Said the loser with nothing better to do than lurk the htc blog comments section in the middle of the night.

  • Moonchild

    Lol, f&%$#@! N%$# 🙂

  • pytajnik

    htc is dead 🙂

  • Paul

    Read the article. It states “We will be implementing” which is future state.

    Regardless stop arguing with people’s opinions. There are not going to change.

  • Paul

    You miss the point. The point is that they are adding ads and people don’t want them, regardless if there is going to be someday some way ot turn them off.

    • Phelonious Monk

      Hes flat out wrong anyway. Opted out and still getting ads over here.

  • Paul

    Resorting to name calling will do nothing to sell your opinion – it will just diminish your credibility.

  • Phelonious Monk

    So I’ve been on here complaining about the lack of an ‘opt out’ option for blinkfeed ads. Well, power cycled my phone and received a Sense update, now I can see an option to opt out of ‘interest based ads’ in blinkfeed, I’ve selected it, but I am still seeing ads from yelp and for mobile games. Tell me there is going to be a real opt out option please… this is painfully unacceptable.

  • Marc Hanson

    I’ve noticed the ads the last couple of days and I am not happy about it. I see in the comments here there is a way to opt out (blinkfeed > settings > manage ads > turn off ads) – thanks for posting it – but HTC should have asked first, or at least given clear notice on my device how to opt out when the ads started.

    I am up for a new phone in August (2 year contract), and I’ve been tossing up between HTC M9 or the LG G4; this bs has certainly not helped push me towards HTC. I have been using HTC phones for years, and admittedly, blinkfeed is one of my favorite features, but if this is the future of blinkfeed, I am going with LG.

    Incredibly stupid move of HTC, whoever made the decision to force ads without any warning or request to the user, that person needs to be fired.

    For the one shill who has been posting here in favor of ads and ridiculing everyone else for having a different opinion; I paid for my phone with blinkfeed included as a feature, not an optional free service. That is the difference between Blinkfeed having ads as opposed to Google services etc., and that is why HTC owners are angered at this move.

    Btw, I just went to disable ads, and I see this message: “Don’t show ads from HTC in Sense Home. This choice doesn’t block ads that aren’t delivered by HTC” …so expect more ads is how I’m reading that.

    If you click ‘read more’ the first paragraph says “WITH YOUR CONSENT, HTC Sense Home may use or provide to 3rd parties certain usage and location data to deliver interest-based advertising as part of your blinkfeed experience..” REALLY??? I don’t recall giving my consent to start with the current ads..that just made up my mind. Come August, I’m switching to LG G4 (primarily for the camera).

    Although I will miss Blinkfeed (as it was), it’s goodbye to you HTC. Thanks for the memories.


  • Aceracer21

    LOL, left HTC because they tried to build another iPhone. Bringing back SD card storage on the M8 restored just a bit of credibility but now this! They think people are just going to accept this and get away with it? The person behind this idea should be locked up in the loony bin. Pathetic.

  • J Smith

    I came to this forum very angry after I found two ads in my feed this morning, but after reading I found that when I went to the BlinkFeed settings and select Manage Ads, you ARE given the opportunity to opt out of ads that HTC thinks would “interest you”. It also states that they provide the opportunity for sources that you “subscribe” to their feeds to send you their own ads. I opted out of HTCs ads and the two ads that were previously in my feed disappeared. That would lead me to believe that people who are still getting ads are subscribed to feeds that are including their own ads. Those feeds (which are trying to make the money) are your issue. So either remove those feeds and don’t read their stories or allow them to try and make a living from the content you obviously deem is worth reading. But stop bashing HTC, they have done their part. Now the choice is yours.

    I for one applaud HTC, because there is no law, no contract agreement — nothing that forces them to let you opt out of their ads, other than integrity. I am glad they chose the right path.

  • Scott Mooncatt Monroe

    I don’t use Blinkfeed, plus refusing to update the Home and Lock Screen apps (or rather, “downgrade” in this case) until ads are removed or at least made an opt-in service. Ads are fine on free products and understandable. I paid good money for the M8 and loved everything about it until recently. I know what I want and like, and anytime some computer thinks it knows me better than I know myself turns out dead wrong. These ads disguised as suggestions are useless to me.

    Factor in removal of the HTC Sense TV app, ads on the Lock Screen, and recent changes to the gallery app making things overly complicated, and I’m starting to lose faith in the software developers and marketers for HTC. If this keeps up, I’ll start looking at other brands of phones. As great as front facing stereo speakers and avoiding AMOLED screens are, it won’t make up for turning the software to junk.

  • TheRevP

    I will not be purchasing another HTC device following this roll out. Poorly communicated with no user choice is not how to treat your customers. We are not simply consumers to be force fed marketing rubbish, there is a huge amount of choice on the market for mobile phones, and we will happily go else where when treated as a commodity by any supplier.