The HTC Vive World Tour is Here


If you keep up with tech news you’ve probably heard about the sudden rise of virtual reality in the last year or so. More and more, companies are investing in developing the hardware and software to create compelling virtual reality experiences that even the most skeptical of people can get into.

HTC is one of those companies that believes in the possibilities of virtual reality, and we’ve invested in it by partnering with Valve Corporation to create the HTC Vive. The Vive is one of the latest editions coming to our product line, and to show the world the wonder of this technology, we’re taking it on the road.

The HTC Vive World Tour kicked off on July 9th in San Diego, CA, and will proceed across the U.S. and into Europe in the coming months.

Tour stops currently include:

  • July 9-12, Island St & 6th Ave, San Diego, CA, USA
  • July 17-19, Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY, USA
  • July 22-23, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA
  • July 25-26, North Shore Beach, Chicago, IL, USA
  • August 3-8, The International, Seattle, WA, USA *All demo slots are full for this stop. Meet us back in Seattle at the end of the month for PAX Prime, where more slots will be available!*
  • August 5-9, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany
  • August 15-16, The Dogpatch District, Pier 70, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • August 21-23, MusicfestNW, Portland, OR, USA
  • August 28-31, PAX Prime, Seattle, WA, USA
  • September 4-9, IFA, Berlin, Germany
  • September 8, Life & Tech Wearable event, Toronto, Canada
  • September 18-20, Boston, MA, USA
  • September 25-27, Washington, DC, USA
  • October 9-11, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • October 16-18, Nashville, TN, USA
  • October 22-23, Big Android BBQ, Hurst, TX, USA
  • October 24-25, Dallas, TX, USA
  • October 28-November 1, Paris Games Week, Paris, France
  • November 3-8, Austin, TX, USA *Nov 3-5, Austin Film Festival*
  • November 13-15, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • November 20-22, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • December 4-6, San Diego, CA, USA
  • December 11-13, Orange County, CA, USA

Please note that tour dates and locations are subject to change, so we will provide updated information in this post throughout the length of the tour. We’ll also be sharing photos, video, and stories from the road right here on the blog, as well as on our social media channels (which now include @HTCVive) using the hashtag #HTCViveLive.

We’re looking forward to showing you what Vive can do. Hope to see you on the road!

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  • Joe Bazaar

    Too much to ask for a single East Coast date?

    • John Daily Jr


      • Peter Alewine


        • Jake Maymar


  • Chippxero

    A world tour that comprises of 3 countries. I hope they add a few more destinations to this.

  • Jim Bond

    Only one stop within 500 miles of my home and it’s invite only.

  • Ben

    Why don’t you come to Canada!?

    • DougP

      Seattle is very close to BC’s major population centers.

  • al .

    The UK is quite nice around summer time as well 🙂

  • Alfonso M. Camacho

    PLEASE include Mexico City in your tour!

  • ChrisLoos

    No stops in LA? Don’t worry guys its not like its the 2nd largest city in the country or anything.

    • dissentist

      Just drive down to San Diego then.

    • DougP

      Could also complain about Toronto & Mexico City – also in the “Top 4” largest in all of North America.

  • CortexReaver

    I hope you will visit Russia too.

  • Youonlylive420x

    No times given?

  • Karl

    I’m pretty sure 3 countries doesn’t qualify to be called a “world tour”.

    • DougP

      So how many is required?
      A majority? … that would be about 100 countries – quite expensive & complex to arrange. 🙂

      • Karl

        Maybe more than 2 continents. Maybe more than a seventh of the way around the world in 1 direction.

        • DougP

          Sounds like since we don’t have a definition of “world tour”, you might be alright with calling this – “Multi Country Tour”?

  • skyrimer

    Really sad that it’s not coming to Spain, I was hoping we would get to see it in the Madrid Games Week 1-4 October, last year attended 55.000 people, so I was really hoping I would get to try it there 🙁

  • Kwadwo Boadu

    Really thought London would definitely be on the list….

  • http://erhanaltay.com Erhan Altay

    This is actually high on my list of things I’m excited about seeing at TI5! I’ve never tried any VR headset before!

  • Aaron Couser

    Go Royals!!!!

  • magic3383

    How does one go about getting an invite to the Louisville event?

    • Amanda

      No invite needed, just a ticket to Forecastle Festival

  • http://www.stephenturley.com/ Stephen Turley

    Come to Columbus OH!

  • Leigh

    Sydney, Australia please.

  • David Haas

    How about a visit in Switzerland, like some time after Gamescome. Would be interesting to see you at the Streetparade in Zurich at 29. Aug 🙂

  • Kenny

    Last time I checked there were around 200 countries in the world.

    Going to ~1.5% of the world does not count as a world tour.

  • Hamish Kato Ogilvy

    Come to EB Expo in Sydney in October

  • Maurice Moss

    World tour… I guess Canada isn’t in “the world”

    • DougP

      To be fair, if you leave in BC – Seattle is a short jaunt from the major population centers.

      • Maurice Moss

        Sure. Except Canada is bigger than BC :p

        • DougP

          Of course. I just found it funny some people complaining it’s not coming to Vancouver when they can drive easily from there. Similar to Los Angeles complaints when they can drive to San Diego.

          For another major Canadian population center, say Toronto, Chicago’s like 7.5hr drive…too long for a “day trip”, but still drive’able. Over-night stays can be nice & cheap w/AirBnB instead of hotels (& less booked-up around these events).

          We’re driving from Vancouver island to Seattle & making a weekend of it.
          Here’s hoping the lines aren’t too long. 🙂

          • Maurice Moss

            Haha. Well I hope you have fun!

          • DougP

            Maurice – hope the tour makes it nearer your location! Also that the expand it & make it across our border. 🙂
            Will reply back with observations after the thread, hoping it’s as good as I’ve heard…and comparing it to my little Google Cardboard I’ve impressed family/friends with.

            Re: Vive
            I think that movement & tracking the arms (things you’re holding) is going to take the sense of immersion to a new level for VR. Already planning to build a new theatre room in basement where I can slide seating out of way to make room for “VR time”. 🙂


          • Maurice Moss

            Can’t wait to read your impressions!

          • http://call2action.ca Stephan

            Please come to Toronto Canada!!!

            TorontoVR will help you host if that helps. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and has tons of VR designers / developers and enthusiast who would line up around the street to get a chance to try the Vive hands on!

  • Tom Kelsall

    Jesus you people… have you been following HTC’s fortunes lately?! I’m surprised they can even afford this limited tour!

  • grindking

    Any updates on the Kansas City location?

    • no one you would know

      It looks like the Kansas City visit has been canceled. What a huge letdown.

      • grindking

        Yep, I’m seeing that now. That’s pretty ridiculous although it says locations may change. Thanks for nothing HTC.

  • Mark Allan …

    Please set something up in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, maybe at the Minnesota State Fair, August 27 – September 7. One of the largest state fairs and festivals in the USA. With over a million people attending from around the upper Midwest. The twin cities is a technology savvy area.

    • Richard B

      And Best Buy HQ…

  • Robert Davis

    Just wanted to drop by to shout a big, “Forget you TOO!!!” for canceling Kansas City just to spend another couple days in Chicago…

  • Bob

    A visit to Raleigh, NC would have been nice 🙁

    • Joshua Lebeda

      Hit Miami, Raleigh, and New York City for east coast

  • AlexM


  • lance vance

    The HTC Vive website says Coventry, UK as a tour date but it’s missing on this page : /

  • DougP

    Re: Seattle – The International (KeyArena) Aug2-8?

    Schedule shows Aug 2-8.
    Dota2 event is Aug 3-8.

    Anyone know if the HTC demo is for certain on the 2nd? If so…what time it starts on the mornings (Aug 2nd & 3rd)?

  • http://call2action.ca Stephan

    Please come to Toronto Canada, TorontoVR will help you host. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and has tons of VR designers / developers and enthusiast who would line up around the street to get a chance to try the Vive hands on!

  • BetaDays

    “World” tour. No love for Kazakhstan then? 😉

  • R6ex

    Come to Singapore!

  • Atlas998

    Come to the Madrid Games Week please!

  • DougP

    Re-post – question about dates/times

    Really hoping someone has an answer here.
    Above, and posted elsewhere – date shows Aug 2-8 for The International (Seattle)

    The International show starts on Aug 3.
    Question – Date:
    Is HTC demo going to be setup on Aug 2 or 3?
    Question – Time:
    Starting at 10am ( as I recall Chicago posted ) on Aug *2 & 3?
    ( *IF demo on Aug 2)

    Really appreciate if anyone knows.

    Making travel plans, coming from quite a ways away, booking hotel stays. Knowing whether need to be there the morning of the 2nd or the morning of the 3rd will really help.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    Will the Seattle dates actually be inside the International. I mean, will I need tickets to the event?

  • Prabhith Premkumar

    I want it in India..!!
    Why you people doesn’t consider India??