Keep Your Memories Close with Sense 7


Our phones serve as our very own portable memory storage device, containing all our pictures, phone numbers and interactions with our friends.

Sense 7 offers a lot of great features that help you keep the things that matter to you close.

All your images in one place

One gallery pulls in all your photos from online and social to create a universal gallery. View all your stored photos by time, album, or location.


No more hunting through your phone for that amazing selfie you took the other day – all these are stored in their very own selfie album. Now the only difficult part is choosing your favourite!


Customise which albums you see, within settings – simply select the ones you want in view and de-select any that you want to be hidden.


Find images with ease

Search within gallery for that special image using text search or image match.

Text search will find images tagged with a specified keyword, whilst image match will use facial recognition technology to detect a persons face and find all available images of that person.

To find an image using text search go into gallery > click the search icon > type a keyword to find images tagged with that word.


Use image match to uncover photos of a certain someone from within the depths of your gallery. Open gallery > click the search icon >tap image match > select a photo that is visually similar to what you want to find.


To refine the results, select suitable images and click continue. Save the images you want to a new album for easy recollection.



Capture all your memories in one mini movie with HTC Zoe. Select the photos or videos you want in your mini movie, pick a theme and choose a soundtrack and you are done!


Smart Contacts

Smart contacts combine all your interactions with a contact in one place. See your text/call/email history with a certain person and even their recent social media updates all from within the phonebook.


How do you use Sense 7 to keep track of your favorite photos and videos?

*This post contributed by HTC UK intern Zoey O’Brien