These Are a Few of Our Favorite Themes

The first thing I do when I get a new phone, tablet, or laptop is personalize it, and I bet you do the same. I change the wallpaper and icon color scheme where possible, remove apps or shortcuts I don’t need, and really make this stock piece of technology I just purchased feel like it’s mine.

You can do some of that aesthetic personalizing on your HTC phone with HTC Themes. When you apply a theme, you not only change the wallpaper of your phone, but the font, color scheme, and icons as well. And each element is customizable, so while you might like one theme’s wallpaper and icons but not the font, you can still apply that theme and change the font separately. Whether you choose to make your own or search the numerous designs in the Themes app, there really are endless options for jazzing up your mobile.

The community of users who submit fun and unique theme designs makes this feature of HTC Sense one of my favorites. Below are five user-designed themes that caught my eye!

To wonder at the beauty of our universe, check out Algarve:


For a little bit of bright and geometric fun, enjoy Bittersweet Tangerine:

Bittersweet Tangerine

For that luxury feel, take a look at Full Leather:

Full Leather

For more space with a little whimsy thrown in, check out SiSSE:


For that clean and simple look, consider downloading Turquoise Hello:

Turquoise Hello

I could keep going. There are new themes being uploaded regularly to the HTC Themes app, but if you don’t see any you like, you can create your own. We’ve even got a tutorial on how to use Theme Maker to create and publish your own themes right here.

Hopefully the themes showcased in this post have inspired you to go find or make one that suits just you. And if you’ve already made your own, let us know in the comments!

  • Kwadwo Boadu

    They look really nice. Can’t wait to have Sense 7 on my One M8 to have a more integrated Theme experience!!!

  • satdan

    Too bad there is no way to search for a theme..I spent a few minutes scrolling and nver found the leather one..:(