App of the Week: Readly


Quite a few of us commute to work each day on mass transit, and we often spend that time with headphones on, digging into a good book, catching up on saved articles, or reading our favorite magazines. But who actually carries magazines around anymore? Definitely a few of us still, but if you’re looking to get away from the tangible magazine habit but still want to read the magazines you love, take a look at the Readly app.

Readly offers a comprehensive magazine library that you can access on your phone or tablet and it’s available around the world. You pay a monthly membership fee for unlimited access to Readly’s library, and with more than 1,000 magazines currently available, you won’t be short on things to read.


The Readly app interface is easy to use, with your main navigation points living at the top of the screen. Tap the globe icon to select multiple regions and languages to refine your magazine search. With the list icon you can select a variety of magazine topics including Art & Design, Automotive, Business & Finance, Comics, Health & Fitness and Hobbies (this is definitely not a comprehensive list of all the topics available!), and back issues are available for all titles.

Flipping through a magazine is as simple as, well, flipping through a magazine. Scroll left and right to flip or span pages. Use the typical zoom gesture to zoom in on individual sections. Within each magazine you can also change your reading view; bookmark pages; share or print pages; and search for titles, authors, or specific text.


You can stream in real time or download issues to read later, and in the app’s settings you can change the number of magazines your device can download before it starts deleting old issues, to help save space. You can also choose whether or not to download over a cell network, which will help limit your use of data. In your profile you can select to receive notifications when a new issue or magazine title is released to keep up to date with available content.


This app is perfect for long commutes or really any situation when you’re craving a good magazine to read. It’s a small investment and I believe the cost is worth it for the amount of content you gain access to and for the incredibly smooth reading experience. You can also connect up to five devices to one account, so the whole family can benefit. Give it a try!

The App of the Week is a series in which the blog team will try out apps and share their thoughts on those that catch their eye. If any partner apps are showcased, we’ll be sure to let you know!