It’s About Time…to Start Tracking Santa!

We usually reserve our app recommendations for Fridays, but we’re sneaking this one in in the spirit of the holidays. ‘Tis the season for eggnog, twinkling lights, quality time with our families and…really fun holiday apps! In particular, Google’s Santa Tracker app. What’s not to love about an app that celebrates the whimsy of the Christmas season?

What I enjoy most about this app is that while it definitely tracks Santa, it’s full of kid-friendly games and videos to make it relevant throughout the season, not just on Christmas Eve. In fact, you can’t “unlock” the Santa Tracker portion of the app until December 24th. The top of the app shows a countdown clock that counts down seconds, minutes, hours and days.


Santa Tracker’s games include a simple pinball-like game called Gumball; Christmas-themed Memory; Elf Jetpack, where you snatch up candies while flying around as an elf on a jetpack; and a handful more (that I’m fairly terrible at, too!). They’re all quite fun and, with very simple premises, are easy enough for your kids to play. Of course, you can sign into Google Play Games to unlock achievements and share your score with friends.


The videos are short but cute, and there’s one locked video that I imagine unlocks after Christmas – we’ll have to wait and see! Google has also put together a beautiful website built like an advent calendar that offers even more to explore (including some features that support charitable causes).


This app is everything you’d want that combines the wonder of tech with the spirit and fun of the holiday season. To those who are celebrating, happy holidays!

Please note, while HTC does work closely with Google, this app was independently reviewed in fun by the blog team.